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  1. githi_g

    [SOLVED] Dumbell hit table hard, now PC is artifacting and then shutting down. What could be wrong?

    I recently started working out from home due to this covid mess and accidentally laid down my weights on the desk a bit hard. Almost immediately my screen lit up with checkerboard pattern artifacts and since then after some time using my PC whenever I knock my elbow on the table even lightly...
  2. V

    Question RTX 2080Ti causing artifacts all over the screen

    So i received a brand new prebuilt system that is quite powerful (i7 9700k/RTX 2080Ti/32 GB of ram), it is indeed a really nice machine. But there is an issue i came across. I connected my pc to a monitor (Asus XG258Q) and there are some sort of lines all over the monitor. They are white, green...
  3. V

    Question Guys is my RTX 2080 TI defective? Help me decide

    My specs Asus Rog RTX 2080 TI 11GB OC I7 9700K Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero Mobo 2*8GB Gskill trident Ram Acer predator 144hz Monitor It has been 7-8 days since i built my brand new Gaming PC. I right away started gaming on it with games like GTA5,Far cry 5,PUBG,Resident evil etc and everything...