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    Question 3600 mhz ram is running at 2133 with XMP 2.0 enabled

    In an CPUz bench I noticed that my ram speeds were far slower than they should be here is what it said btw... Frequency 1796.4 MHz (DDR4-3592) - Ratio 3:54 Slot #1 Module G.Skill 8192 MB (DDR4-2133) - XMP 2.0 - P/N: F4-3600C18-8GTZRX Slot #2 Module G.Skill 8192 MB (DDR4-2133) - XMP 2.0 - P/N...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Could a 2133mhz RAM run at 2666mhz with the same timings of a non OC 2666mhz?

    Basically i have three sticks of ram, 2 sticks with 4GB 2133mhz 14-14-14-35-50 and 1 stick with 8GB 2666mhz 16-18-18-39-61. My high IQ idea is to match the 2133mhz timings and frequencies to the 2666mhz. So in the end it would be 3 sticks with 2666mhz 16-18-18-39-61 (16GB total). My voltage now...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] OC 2133 to 2666

    Greetings, so basically I'm new to ram overclocking and just wanted to some questions before I do so, I was wondering how does one overclock 2133mhz to 2666mhz, is it even hard to do it, and are there some things I should know before I do so is there like an auto overclock feature on my...
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    Question [HELP] Corsair RAM DRR4 3200 running at 2133. Tried updating BIOS and XMP profile.

    Hello guys and girls, i ll start by first listing out my specs: and ryzen 5 2600x corsair vengeance lpx b450-a pro (supports 3200) rtx 2070 650w power supply On the ram I can see 16-18-18-36 which I guess are the XMP profile settings needed. It also mentions 1.36V Backstory: I noticed my pc...
  5. H

    [SOLVED] 3600 memory showing up as 2133

    Hi all, I just built my first PC, I'm a complete beginner at this. I have an AMD 3 3200G processor, an ASRock B550M Pro4 motherboard, and have TridentZ Neo DDR4-3600 (8GBx2) sticks installed in my A2 and B2 slots (which I'm told is correct). Problem is, when I run BIOS, my memory shows up as...
  6. X

    [SOLVED] Motherboard wont Underclock 2400Mhz ram to 2133Mhz

    Hi, So I have a Asus b150 plus Motherboard which supports up to 2133Mhz, I didn't know that and i accidentaly bought a second ram which was 2400Mhz, I put it in and it just didn't read the RAM, Later I asked a friend and told me you can't run 2400Mhz on B150 Plus which has a maximum of 2133Mhz...
  7. E

    Question Motherboard only supports upto 2133 Mhz DDR4 RAM. Can I install a 3200 MHZ stick to make it dual channel?

    I'm currently using a motherboard that only supports upto DDR4 2133 Mhz memory. I have one 8Gb 2133 stick in single channel installed. I'm experiencing severe stutter issues in multiple games. I was told that using dual channel ram would get rid of the stuttering by a friend who had the same...
  8. O

    Question Need advice for laptop ram upgrade.

    I have an hp pavilion x360 14-dh0047tu (Maintenance and Service Guide). It came with Samsung M471A5244CB0-CTD memory module (4GB DDR4-2666Mhz, CL 19), but the laptop has a limit of 2400Mhz. The laptops guide only states DDR4-2400 dual channel support and so does the processor (i3 8145u). I'm...
  9. M

    Question Ryzen, Asus and Ram no post/black screen/yellow light error on motherboard. How I fixed it.

    If anyone is running into trouble with a new Ryzen build that won't post and gives a DRAM error (yellow led on mobo) on the first startup with no post/black screen. Might have a solution for you. I got my Strix B450F mobo yesterday with 2x8gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 3200 ram and Ryzen 5 3600. All...
  10. K

    Question RAM stick 2133Mhz CL14 with 2400 Mhz CL15

    Hi, I have an 8GB RAM module at 2133 Mhz CL14 and I wanted to buy another to have 16GB. The problem is that they are no longer sold and those that I find are very expensive. I wanted to know if I can use a module of the same brand and everything but at 2400 Mhz CL15. In case I need to do...
  11. M

    No signal needs holding power button for 30 sec

    Hi guys I'm having weird problems with my computer; since a week ago I've been receiving "no signal" messages on my monitor when trying to boot up my PC and, after searching the web, the only solution that seems to work is to unplug the power chord, hold down the power button for 30 seconds and...
  12. 1

    How do you enable the boost clock for a GPU? (Zotac 980 Ti Amp! Extreme)

    I have SLI of these cards and I'm wondering how I enable the boost clock on them. I don't see that option in Firestorm. It is a switch on the card itself? Do I have to OC to that point manually?
  13. I

    I need help ! Sli ASAP

    Hi there, I was wondering is I could put a EVGA GTX 950 SC+ with a EVGA GTX 950 SCC in sli ? My specs Cpu amd fx 8530 Mobo msi 970 gaming yes it supports sli Gpu gtx 950 sc+ And 4 gigs of ripjaws ddr3
  14. W

    irql_not_less_or_equal ntoskrnl.exe BSOD screen on win10 x64

    Hi all, I got my first BSOD on windows 10 and cant seem to find out why so i try this with the community. first eng is not my native and i have spellings issues so that sad off to go lol. any of u can point me in a direction to look for i have made a mini dump of the BSOD but for me it seems...
  15. P

    If i were to upgrade a part in my gaming pc... What would it be?

    specs:intel pentium g3258 3.3 gigahz Nvidia geforce gtx 960 4gb supersuperclocked 8gb ram 400w power supply I built my self so no strings attached and this is a budget pc as you can tell so reasonable prices please.. Thank you:) Ps I dont want more ram or a better video card
  16. A

    Is the R9 285 too much for the FX 6350 ?

    Hello! I am planning on making a Gamimg AMD build, and I don't know if the R9 285 is too powerful for the FX 6350 3.9GHz with stock cooling. I would like to know if ill had to overclock the CPU or not, so please let me know. I am planning on playing games at 1080p max
  17. F

    Asus r9 270 not working on Asrock h81-hds

    Hi when i'm pluging the hdmi on the card it only says on the screen hdmi not detected but the on board intel hd works? Please help me this is my first custom pc:(
  18. foofaraw

    Gaming mouse similar to G400

    Hi. I've had my logitech g400 for a while now but it finally broke up. I really like the shape of it and how comfortable it was for me to handle but the reason why I don't want to buy another one is USB connection. Mouse is in a really good shape but wire disconnects it randomly and I can't use...
  19. Suget419

    In need of a REALLY cheap test bench / DIY test bench from a old case

    So I went all out and bought a bunch of components, not thinking of their actual sizes, and literally nothing fits, like at all. I have my PSU, Watercooling radiator, and a hard drive sitting outside the case, resting on boxes to prop them up. It's this biggest eyesore ever. EVER. Not to mention...
  20. A

    Can't answer or make the first skype call

    I have a similar problem with skype. When I open the laptop usually the first call I will be not able to answer. I click to answer but nothing happens. I just have to wait till the call ends. The interesting thins is that the skype doesn't freez, I can even go to settings or writing messages...
  21. I

    My windows always shows blue screen after boot logo, and start up repair won't fix it.

    I was trying to optimize my laptop for performance. I stopped a lot of processes (in msconfig), and I disabled UAC. When I restarted my laptop, it kept showing the blue screen, and startup repair won't fix it.
  22. B

    I have 16GB RAM, Only half being used.

    Hi all. I built and have been running this system without an issue for about a year. Recently, I've noticed that when I open task manager, and look at my resources, Windows is only showing a maximum of 8GB of RAM. I have 16GB (4x4GB)of Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz installed. On my last thread...
  23. Blubberykollis

    When does the Broadwell CPU's come?

    I have plans on getting a Broadwell CPU.. But no idea when they will come.
  24. D

    Retrieving Data from old harddrive

    Hello! My parents old laptop died a while ago and I have the hard drive. I have hooked up the laptop drive in my desktop with the power and SATA cables. I booted from my standard drive. Going to computer management from the control panel, the computer recognizes that a new hard drive is...
  25. C

    i5-4670K or an AMD cpu? which is better?

    just wondering what was better, i5-4670k or an AMD cpu around the same price range. Not sure which is better because i see some 8 core amd cpu's out there for very cheap money, but they might be low quality compared to a intel cpu.
  26. B

    Razer Mamba Configurator

    I downloaded Synapse 2.0 and it didn't detect my Razer mamba, i said ok and i used Synapse for my keyboard. The point being that i downloaded the drivers (version 1.7) for my Mamba and it just says Mamba not detected, application will close when i start the configurator. I have a Razer Mamba...