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    Question Best 4k monitor at a reasonable price?

    Hello everyone, I am upgrading my PC, and I managed to secure a RTX 3080 and a Ryzen 7 5800x. I am looking for a 4k monitor to play all my single player games on (Cyberpunk, Farcry 6) and watch movies on. 60hz is fine, and I want it around 27". I also want it to have VESA support, as I am...
  2. [SOLVED] HDR(Play HDR games and apps) keeps toggling off

    Unable to turn on HDR tried with 2160 and 1080 on both 60hz and 30hz it keeps toggling back off instantly. Windows 10 Build 1903(18362.449) Display- TCL iFFALCON 55K2A(I can play HDR10 videos via pendrive directly on the TV and it looks great) PC(RX580 Red Devil Golden Sample 8GB) to Display(TCL...
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    Is there something wrong with my Motherboard?

    I am now attempting to run 2 r9 270x in crossfire, but I can't enable crossfire because the AMD CrossfireX tab does not appear in my control center. I am running the system with a 970A-G46, does it have anything to do with the motherboard?