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  1. D

    Question Network detection and detection of mapped drives is slow ?

    I've installed Windows 10 21H2. it takes 12 seconds to detect the network. It takes a further 4 seconds to detect network drives. On my 1809 LTSC installation network detection is almost instant, as is mapped drive detection and opening of network files. All Infrastructure is 10G I've done all...
  2. X

    Question Windows Unable to Update

    Following a clean reinstall of windows on my machine, windows installed my system reserved partition on Disk 0 which is one of my HDD drives while the OS was installed on disk 3 (C) on my SSD. This rendered my drive and made it unusable. In order to format and make the drive usable, I moved the...
  3. [SOLVED] Windows Defender is taking a lot of RAM than it used to!?

    It used to take around 100MB or less, now after the recent updates that I received on 30th/29th of Jan, this started happening. I dont mind the app using a little bit more but this is a lot. Following are my update history. New OS install on 29th Jan. I've tried the sfc /scannow and it...
  4. TopHatterCT

    [SOLVED] Is it time to update to 21H2??

    As asked above. I'd like to know if 21H2 is now stable and free of any problems first before I go and download the update. I'm currently on 20H2 if you also need to know that. Thanks a a lot. :)
  5. asem1123

    [SOLVED] Will Windows 10 21H2 be able to customize wallpapers for different virtual desktops?

    If I'm being honest, applying different wallpapers for different virtual desktops is probably the feature that I like the most about Windows 11, but the inconveniences of that OS outweigh the advantages for now. So I thought about waiting until this feature, which was teased several months ago...