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  1. A

    Question B450M PRO VDH is not booting after updating BIOS for a 2200G CPU ?

    After confirming with MSI support that my CPU 2200G would still be compatible after the update, I updated my BIOS from M.60 (7A38vM6) which is a 4yr old one to the latest one MH0 (7A38vMH). What I did: Downloaded and installed all latest drivers. Downloaded BIOS from MSI Formatted pen drive...
  2. J

    Question 2200G

    So I am switching from a i3-10100f to a 2200G because I want to switch to the AMD platform and the cheapest cpu I could find was the 2200G for $80 from a coworker of mine, my question is does the cpu support 3200mhz ram. I am gonna be pairing it with my 1060 6GB.
  3. Vishal_7

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 2200G + RX 570. BSOD issue

    Got a 2200g in 2020 as a starting build . R5 3600 gets released and bought RX 570 along with it. Swapped 2200G with 3600 +570. Never used 2200G+570 combo. Tried today after 1.5yr just to see difference in games and started getting BSOD within 20 seconds of system start.BSOD continues. Getting...
  4. ZimTheGamer

    Discussion My RTX 2070 will not display

    I just purchased the RTX 2070 super, I put it into my motherboard and started it up and there is no display. I am using the PCIe 3.0 x16 slot. Motherboard: MSI B350 PCMATE PSU: 750W CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G
  5. Z

    [SOLVED] GTX 750 TI 2GB Windforce

    Hello, i found a cheap gtx 750ti near me and i wanted to ask if it will be beneficial if combine it with my Ryzen 3 2200G. I have no graphic card installed just the APU itself.
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Upgrade: Ram or GPU? Ryzen 2200g

    Hi, I have a Ryzen 2200g with 2x4gb Vengeance LPX ddr4 memory (2400mhz) and no graphics card at the moment. I can run csgo and rocket league (I mostly play those games) with no issues on low-mid settings. I saved up some money and now I can choose to upgrade to 2x8gb of ram (3000 or 3200mhz) or...
  7. Reilgan

    [SOLVED] Can 500w PSU handle an RX 580 Nitro+?

    Pardon me guys, I would like to ask you about my rig. I have a Ryzen 2200G CPU without ex-GPU and a freesync monitor now Now I'm planing to buy a Sapphire RX 580 4gb Nitro+, but my current PSU is just 500W 80+, I read on the sapphire website that RX 580 Nitro recomended PSU is 500W or greater ...
  8. miskoprotis

    [SOLVED] RX580 on 2200G

    Hello, Recently installed RX580 to my 2200G system. Monitor connected via HDMI on RX580. Everything is ok (i can boot and see screen). Device manager shows 2 Displays adapters with no errors. Radeon settings shows 2 GPU on system also. Vega (integrated) + RX580 (primary/discrete). I have not...
  9. miskoprotis

    [SOLVED] No extra 8 pin power cable for GPU

    Hello, Finally my first post. Today I have bought ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 T8G Gaming Top OC Edition and it appears my PSU do not have extra 8 pin power cable. I have only 5 spare cables from PSU: 2x 4 pin peripheral power cable 2x Serial ATA 1x 4-pin (FDD) (I believe) PC: PSU// PSU...
  10. B

    Question RAM or CPU problem?

    I currently have a Ryzen 5 1400 with 8 gigs of micron ram in an asrock ab350m pro4 motherboard. As I didn't overclock and wanted onboard graphics, I bought myself a Ryzen 3 3200g. The CPU is in the supported list of CPU's of the motherboard in their website so I thought it would be fine. I also...
  11. rookieGamer

    Question overclocking ryzen3 2200G

    ryzen3 2200G stock cooler gigabyte AB350 gaming 3 corsair vengeance 2x8gb 3000mhz corsair VS450 orange samsung evo860 250gb what are some of the same numbers to overclock vega8 with stock cooler? is it possible to keep voltage to auto in bios and still overclock vega8 ? would it be safer to...
  12. N

    Question No signal on monitor / black screen after showing motherboard logo

    Let me explain what happened, I send my monitor for repair in the service center, and I stopped using my PC after week monitor came from the service center then I connected my PC. I hit the start button gigabyte motherboard logo shows...
  13. rookieGamer

    Question overclocking 2200G

    system ryzen 2200G+stock cooler gigabyte AB350 gaming 3 rev1x 2400mhz 2x4gb smasung 860evo corsair VS450 orange so i been thinking of overclocking it a little bit from base clock of 3.5 to 3.6-3.65ghz for CPU and 1100 to 1200-1250 for GPU, while keeping voltage to Auto in bios. i am just...

    Question R3 2200g Ram Question

    Hello all. I'm planning on doing a build for a elderly man who only uses the PC for burning music to CD's and printing CD labels. He wants something better than he already has and will last him a bit longer. I have already parted out a system but my question is... How much RAM will the 2200g...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] Benq XL2411Z - 120/144Hz not working with AsRock AB350M

    Hey guys, after Reddit failed me, I now am desperate to find an answer. The main problem I can't find to solve is that my BenQ Zowie XL2411Z won't work with my mainboard/onboard Graphics correclty and won't display 120/144Hz with ANY cable I used. After trying the DVI-D cable, the HDMI (which...
  16. Zzzyonix

    [SOLVED] Cpu running 100% with nothing running. Help

    I was just messing around the voltages to get lower temperatures with stability and I found a stable voltage. But then, my cpu usage went 100% on the home screen running nothing. Did changing the voltage affect this? Hardware Specs: Cpu: Ryzen 2200g OC - 3.90Ghz - 1.3125V Gpu: Vega 8 OC -...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Unable to save BIOS settings on 3 new computers

    Yesterday, I had three computers built with the following components: Processor: Ryzen 2200g Motherboard: MSI B450M Pro VDH Plus Power Supply: 450v RAM: Adata XPG Gammix D30 8GB DDR4 3000MHz SSD: Western Digital Green 240GB They seemed to work fine at first. I was able to install Windows 10...
  18. FlamingoMan

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 2200G vs Ryzen 1600

    I'm trying to decide between the Ryzen 2200G and the 1600. The 2200G has 4 cores but 3.5 GHz core clock. The 1600 has 6 cores but a 3.2 GHz. (I will have a graphics card so the onboard graphics for the 2200G does not matter) -The 2200G costs 92 USD -The 1600 costs 115 USD I'm also planning to...