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  1. Diego Atlas

    Question AOC G2590PX vs AOC AGON AG241QX

    Hi all, I would like an advise I'm currently using a Philips Brilliance 190CW9 (quite old) 19" monitor with native 1440x900 resolution and 60 hz monitor. I have the chance of getting a new monitor and I'm brainstorming around those 2: AOC G2590PX and AOC AG241QX. The first is a 24,5" FHD...
  2. Ali_uae

    Question Gaming Monitor: 24" / 1080p / 120+hz / under 5ms

    Hi, I need suggestions for a monitor with below specs: 24 inch 1080p 120+hz less than 5ms TN Budget: under $300 Thank you.