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  1. wensoc

    Question PC Display or graphic ard issue: Displayport Signal Loss and Refresh Rate Problems

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my PC and I was hoping someone might be able to help. My PC has the following specifications: Motherboard: Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12 cores RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz C16 Graphics card...
  2. Iver Hicarte

    Question Can Your Refresh Rate Setting for your Monitor affect GPU Temperature?

    Hey guys, All of a sudden I just got curious, so as the title says, can a monitor's refresh rate affect a GPU's temperature? Does it affect it on a huge margin if it's maxed out on 144hz or 240hz etc. for example. And how much of a difference is there on the temperature on each refresh rate...
  3. S

    Question Display Port cable (Samsung BN39-02625A) no longer detecting signal, looking for advice on alternative DP or HDMI cable

    Hi there. I bought a Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor back in November alongside my brand new PC and with it came a Display Port cable (BN39-026225A 2144 GM). The monitor is 27" and has a 1440p resolution with a 240Hz refresh rate. My GPU is an RTX 3080. I've been running at a 240 refresh rate with...
  4. Phelis

    [SOLVED] How do I enable 240hz on a GTX 960 4Gig?

    I know this is stupid, especially at 1440p but I want to at least drag some windows at incredibly high speed to see what my life would look like when I upgrade. But whenever I go into system settings, I only see 60, 120 and 144 options, even though I have a odyssey g7 connected with a DP cable...
  5. A

    Question Pixel line issue appears when refresh-rate is set higher than 144hz ?

    Hello! I have an issue with my monitor, which is a very annoying one. I have investigated it a lot, but still do not understand why it is occurring. The problem is that I am getting a pixel line issue horizontally at a fixed y-position on my monitor (see the pictures), but it only appears...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] I Need Help Deciding on a New 1440p 240Hz Monitor

    I have the eve spectrum preordered but I'm thinking of getting it refunded to go with one of these instead. I'm currently looking at these 3 monitors and am stuck on which to go with. The price difference isn't a big deal to me. I've looked at them but am unsure of the big differences. They all...
  7. gogisurmanidze

    [SOLVED] G-sync causes brightness flickering at 240Hz on Samsung LC27RG50 ?

    Hello there. I experience G-sync brightness flickering in games. It only flickers when G-sync is enabled and refresh rate is set to 240 Hz. It doesn't flicker on desktop, only in the games. Disabling G-sync fixes flickering in the games but the monitor is running at 240 Hz all the time. It...
  8. R

    Build Advice 240hz gaming pc , need help chosing parts!

    Hello everyone, I am looking to build a gaming pc by the end of the month... I want to achieve 240hz @ 1080p in CS:GO , Apex Legends , League of Legends. My budget is around 2000 EUROs. I live in The Netherlands I would maybe overclock the cpu oh and need alot of RGB. I was wondering if an...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] PLEASE help me choose a monitor

    I am from egypt and the only monitors available with 240hz are: benq xl2740, 27 inch msi optix mag251rx asus rog swift pg258q gigabyte aorus kd25f link to display specifications: https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/comparison/a1f115079b All of these monitors are 1080p 240hz, initially I...
  10. pabex

    [SOLVED] Benq xl2546 white lines appearing on the right side of the screen

    So I just got my new monitor and this is happening. White lines go away when I shut off and turn my pc back on. Also white lines went away when I switched DP Cable but it comes back by itself after couple minutes. Before I return it, do you guys have any suggestions? Here is the pic btw
  11. waqas300

    [SOLVED] BenQ Zowie XL2546 240Hz or XL2731 144Hz?

    Primary game is CSGO, Cant decide between BenQ Zowie XL2546 240Hz and XL2731 144Hz. Upgrading from a 60hz display!
  12. D

    Question BenQ XL2540 only 144hz (aiming for 240hz)

    Hello, my BenQ XL2540, which always provided 240hz on 1920x1080 with my current setup, startet to just work with 144hz max. Setup: CPU: i7 9700k Motherboard: Asrock z390 pro4 Ram: 2x 8192MB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 DIMM SSD: Sasmung Evo 970 250 / 500GB - Crucial BX300 500GB GPU...
  13. Srednal

    [SOLVED] What diplay cable/ bandwidth is needed for 2560x1440 @240Hz?

    I have an Asus ROG 2080 Ti Rtx, and a Samsung Odyssey G7 32" monitor (supports 2560x1440 @240hz). When I connect HDMI with an 18Gbps cable, it won't do 240 Hz (stuck at 144Hz). The monitor came with a displayport cable, and initially I hooked that up- it worked at 240 Hz. After restarting the...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] Building a new rig!!! Help needed!

    Hey, I will be building my pc this week. I have decided on a few specs, just need you to check if everything's in place. CPU - i5 10600k (I will overclock it) Motherboard - Auros Z490i Ultra GPU - Auros 2060 Super/2070 Super RAM - Patriot Viper Steel 8x2 4000MHZ (19-19-19-39) Cooler - I'm...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] Laptop and external monitor

    Hello, I have a MSI GS65 9SG Stealth Thin (LINK) that I'm really happy with. At the moment I'm staying a lot more home than I thought... and would like to buy a 24-27inch 240Hz monitor and connect to my laptop. Competition is between LG UltraGear 27GN750 (LINK) or Benq Zowie XL2546 (LINK)...
  16. itz_artemis

    Question Will my MSI GeForce GTX 1070 TI run 240 hz on my new monitor?

    Currently I have the MSI GeForce GTX 1070 TI and purchased a ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q 24.5” from amazon to use as a 2nd monitor. Im unsure if my current GPU will be able to run the new monitor to decent quality. Currently I have a ASUS 60hz POS monitor that can run my PC to max settings on...
  17. hansolavvevling

    Question Low fps in csgo for a high end computer.

    I have a 1080 ti 11gb, an i7-8700K, 16 gigs of ram @2667MHz and a 500 gig ssd @3200mb/s read and 1800mb/s write I thought these components would pair up perfectly with my 240hz monitor in csgo but i barely get enough fps to keep up with the refreshrate. On Mr. uLLeticaL's fps benchmark i only...
  18. K

    Question Can't get my new monitor to 240hz

    Hey, I have a problem with my monitor I bought Zowie XL2546 240hz monitor, but can't get it more than 60HZ. I am using Displayport and I updated all the drivers I also have NVIDIA 1060 6GB and I7-6700. In the NVIDIA control panel I don't have an option to change it to 240HZ but under display...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] I need a HDMI to Displayport cable or adapter that supports 240hz@1080

    there are adapters that are from HDMI to DisplayPort but they don't say that they support 240hz the highest I've seen is 120hz @1080 but the thing is that the adapters should be able to handle it because of the specs of the ports HDMI 2.1 and display port 1.4 and both of them on their own can...
  20. P

    Question Radeon RX 460 240hz (HDMI)

    so I don't really know whats going on but I've been trying to get my Sony 3D Display to output 240hz to use as my monitor. The problem is, is that I have an HDMI 2.0 and a Radeon RX 460, but when I go into my adapter settings, it doesn't show me hz over 60.
  21. 4

    [SOLVED] RTX 2080 super how much ram?

    Hey, My last component i need for my build is my gpu which im ready to order. Ive been gathering parts for awhile now but since then the RTX supers have been released. Im leaning to get the asus strix 2080 super over the 2080 but i read some where that i should have 32gb of ram. Currently i...
  22. R

    Question fixed

    What the title says, yes my cfgs are set to 240hz same with Nvidia control panel. When I get in game csgo/apex the built in display shows its at 144hz, but in cod/ kovvaks it shows its at 240hz
  23. M

    [SOLVED] Need help what CPU to buy? 2070S

    Sup everyone! I’m going to buy a new pc, so far I got only 1tb hdd and 240gb ssd. Really dont know what cpu to choose. I dont want to overlock cuz I dont know anything about it and its expensive. Also I wanted to use it’s stock cooler. So this makes everything complicated. My intel build: GPU...
  24. C

    Question Getting an Elgato HD60 to pass a 1080p 240hz signal through

    So in my current setup I have a desktop and a laptop, I decided to purchase an Elgato HD60 capture card to hopefully get into streaming, but upon setting it up I've come across an issue with the high refresh rate Alienware monitor I use with said desktop. When moving the cursor about on the...
  25. K

    Question Looking for a new monitor

    I'm buying a new monitor for gaming, I have around $300, and I live in Croatia. I'm currently on a 35" Samsung 1080p TV, and I'm looking for a 1080p 144/240Hz monitor to pair with it. I get 240 FPS at every game I play so that isn't an issue, but is it gonna affect my performance if I connect...
  26. H

    Question How does a RTX 2070 preform in 1440p 144hz?

    I'm planning to buy a 1440p 144hz monitor and I have another option for the alienware aw2518hf which one should I go with?
  27. W

    Question 240hz monitor displaying 144 on specific game

    I just got the alienware aw2518hf that it's a 240hz monitor, i mainly play fortnite, and when i set it to fullscreen and activate the gsync the monitor it's capped at 144hz, but if i change it to windowed fullscreen and activate the gsync now the fps are at 240 how they should be. Also this...
  28. S

    Question Apex Legends 240Hz High Fps = Stutter

    SPECS: MOBO - ASROCK Z370 KILLER SLI/AC CPU - I7 8700K (Not OverClocked) CPU COOLER - THERMAL TAKE RIING 360mm GPU - 1070 TI RAM - GSKILL 3200MHZ 32GB PSU - CORSAIR RM1000X SSD - 970 NVME EVO 500GB SECONDARY SSD - 860 EVO 500GB MONITOR - PG258Q 240HZ So, I've been having an issue in Apex...