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  1. snociloL

    Question X570 Aorus Pro Wifi mobo won't boot with my Ryzen 5 5600 ?

    My PC specs: • Ryzen 5 5600 • X570 Aorus Pro WiFi (Bios F37c - literally the latest) • CM MWE Gold 750W V2 White • Deepcool AK400 WH • PNY XLR8 White 3200Mhz 8GB*2 • Kingston NV2 1TB My friend's PC specs: • Ryzen 9 5900x • Ryzen 5 2400G • Gigabyte B450m Aorus Elite • RTX 2060 • Kingston Fury...
  2. Vule1901

    [SOLVED] Windows 10: Need help reading full memory dump files (2400g machine with issues)

    Hi everyone, since changing my ram from Geil 8gb kit 3000cl16 to Patriot (hynix cjr) 16gb kit 3733cl17 (running stock 2133 and 3200cl14 currently which passed 32 memtest86 and multiple other ram tests) I started having a lot of different issues (mostly video tdr errors with amd notification)...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] DCP Watchdog Violation BSOD after installing new ram into system

    Hi all, Recently I purchased 2x8gb of 3200mhz ram (tforce vulcan z) to install into my PC as an upgrade from one stick of 8gb 2400mhz ram. I have been having frequent bsods, all with the error code DPC_Watchdog_Violation. I have done all the basic things: chkdsk, sfc scan, memory diagnosis...
  4. Mesopotamian_2000

    [SOLVED] Does X570 support ryzen 5 3400g

    Hello guys... I am building my first pc after the 1050ti in my hp omen laptop died (vanished from device manager, drivers no longer install). I do follow tech news from time to time and as far as i know, rtx 3000 series is coming, also amd 4000 series coming (zen 3). Although i feel like now is...
  5. H

    [SOLVED] Best graphics card for Ryzen 2400G

    I've been using the integrated graphics on this APU for about year and now I have 335 dollars to spend on a graphics card. I'm not sure which one to get as I don't want to cause a bottleneck on my PC. I play games like r6s, ark, rust, mc, and more. I would like to run these games with at least...
  6. N

    Question 2400G Overclock ? (With dedicated GPU)

    Hi guys ! Since Im experiencing bottleneck on my current build especially in games like BFV I was thinking of overclocking my Ryzen 2400G to 3.9Ghz. On the AMD page 3.9 is a boost clock wich isnt always active in my games so I was thinking of manually setting that clock speed and maintaining it...
  7. feemonts

    Question Ryzen 5 1600, 2400G and 2600 - 3D app and Gaming

    I'm setting up a 2 new RIGs with AMD and just want to know, wich one will perform better.... I know that R5 2600 it's the killer, but wait... GPU: GTX 550Ti (will be upgrade) RAM: 16GB DDR4 Mobo: ASRock A320M-HD (good enough) Know...to the Thread: For a 3D applications, like AutoCad, Revit and...
  8. L

    Question Problems with ryzen 5 2400g

    Hi, I just bought a new PC with the following things: ASRock B450M-HLD R4.0 (BIOS P1.0) RYZEN 5 2400G 3.9GHz + Radeon Vega 11 AM4 STOCK Cooler (stock settings, XLP profile for RAM, and 2gb allocated graphics memory) 2x8GB RAM Team DDR4 2666MHz T-Force Vulcan Red Power Supply Corsair 450W...
  9. A

    Question R5 2400G VRAM buffer size.

    So, I have the R5 2400G, and when I set the VRAM buffer lower than 1GB, I get blurry textures in some games (Fortnite, COD WW2 etc). Is there a way to fix it?
  10. I

    Question AIO cooler literally won't fit my pc

    I bought the CoolerMaster Seidon 240V as it's AM4 compatible, but upon arrival it seems to just not fit. The 'AM4' fitting method involves hooking the bracket onto a pre-existing mechanism on the mobo, which mine doesn't have. The holes on the mobo are too far for any of the other brackets to...
  11. N

    Question Ryzen 5 2400g overclocking

    Hi guys, i'm building a new pc wondering upto how much frequency can i oc a ryzen 5 2400g on Msi b450m pro-vdh v2 both cpu and igpu with stock cooler. Thanks