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  1. BlueGuyTTV

    Question I think i port forwarded the port 25565 so i can run the MC server, but when testing it says its closed. What do i do ?

    Hi, i have been dealing with a problem lately. I have got myself a TP-LINK Archer C80 and i bought it beacuse the settings seemed easy. They are, but not working? Let me show you my NAT port forward settings: Service name : HTTP IPv4 ADDRESS : External port: 25565 Internal port ...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Can't open any ports, even with DMZ enabled on my modem.

    I am not sure what changed, but for years I was able to host a minecraft server on the port 25565, but now I am unable to open any ports to any services. My current setup is a Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 modem/router acting as a modem, and a Netgear nighthawk R6700v2 router. I have checked my...
  3. J

    No ethernet or wifi after Win 10 upgrade

    After updating to Windows 10, I can't get either wired or wireless internet to work. Sometimes gives a DNS error, others just random errors. I've deleted and reinstalled both devices. I've updated the drivers, and tried rolling them back. I've re-installed WIndows 10. Voodoo didn't work...
  4. M

    AMD Fx 8320 on this PSU

    Hello, i was just wondering if this would work I want to upgrade my pc to a AMD FX 8320 but im not sure if my PSU is up to it My specs are CPU: AMD FX 6300 Mobo: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 GPU: R9 270X 2 gb PSU: CX600 Bronze Edition