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  1. slickshady12

    Question PC needs to restart on BIOS otherwise it runs slow.

    Hello there asking for your help with a very weird problem I am encountering. Whenever I turn on my PC, for some very weird reasons, starts very slow. Any apps that I try to run becomes very slow and the OS startup itself becomes affected. Now the solution that I have strangely discovered is to...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] 3 pins on cpu broke off. Will it still work?

    Recently bought a ryzen 5 2600 with 3 broken pins. One of the pin is a grounding pin which is redundant. The other two are MB_DATA pins for memory i think. Is it possible that the cpu will run fine?
  3. M

    [SOLVED] 2600K Upgrade Suggestion

    hi there. i have i7 2600 32gb ddr3 and gtx 1050ti system and i am doing editing work. unfortunatelly davinci, premiere etc programs cant play 4k video in edit relaxly, a lot of stuttering, freezing issue. as i know in this programs only processor working for playback videos. do you have any...
  4. T

    Question Ryzen 7 3700X not booting

    Hello all! Decided to upgrade my CPU from a Ryzen 5 2600 to a Ryzen 7 3700X. Updated the BIOS to the most recent one and ensured compatibility between all my parts. After swapping CPUs, the 3700 would not boot, it would not even get into displaying anything. When I swap back to the 2600...
  5. pmg225

    [SOLVED] disappointing performance

    Good afternoon! 6 months ago I received my 3070 and I feel that something wrong is not right. I'm not getting the performance I expected or believed I would. Before the 3070 I had a 1660 ti where the performance was equal or even better in certain games. My build consists of: Processor: AMD...
  6. F

    [SOLVED] PPT, TDC AND EDC 99% when stress testing.

    In ryzen master PPT AND TDC go to 99% when strees testings my ryzen 2600 (stock 3.4ghz). Precision Boost Overdrive is set to auto in Bios, can i modify these values manually to prevent them go to 99%, obviously if there´s not risk or something since i dont know what these values are. PPT 99%...
  7. Z

    [SOLVED] AMD RX 5600XT System Restarts Randomly While Gaming

    Lately, I've been having a little issue with some games crashing my system. Sometimes the game just freezes and force-quits, and sometimes the whole system freezes up and restarts. This was never an issue with my older cards. I have only noticed a difference with my new card, which is an Asus...
  8. Kemetblk

    [SOLVED] Upgrade after 10 years (i7 2600)

    Hello all, I am looking to finally upgrade my ancient Core i7 2600 (non K) based system. I have wanted to do this for a few years now, but always put it off and end up piecing together small upgrades instead (increased RAM from 8GB of 1333 to 16GB of 1600, moved from Radeon 6670 to GTX 970, HDD...
  9. Meshkius3000

    [SOLVED] Help to decide between 2 setups.

    Hello everyone, i know we are all facing problems with shortage of pc parts, especially GPUs. I wanted to build something in between 500-700eur, but right now this is impossible. Yes, i tried looking on ebay (please keep in mind i'm from EU), but the prices even for second hand GPU's are so...
  10. F

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3100 or Ryzen 2600 at this moment?

    im building my next pc, im upgrading from a fx 6300 ddr3 system, i already bought my b450 and 16 gb ddr4 3200mhz about a month ago , didnt buy the cpu yet because i was waiting for the new gen zen 3 comes out, and get a zen 2 like the 3600 which i thought the price will drop but now 5000 series...
  11. RoKu94

    [SOLVED] My CPU is Ryzen 5 2600 and I use a 1440p 170hz monitor will my cpu bottleneck 3080?

    My CPU is Ryzen 5 2600 and I use a 1440p 170hz monitor will my cpu bottleneck 3080? System unit: Ryzen 5 2600 stock cooler 16gb 3200 TUF T-Force Asus TUF B450m Plus Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080ti (current gpu) Cooler Master 650w bronze Monitor: Asus TUF VG27AQL1A
  12. F

    [SOLVED] First build - not sure about compatibility - is no aftermarket cooler okay?

    Hi, I am building my first PC for uni and this is what I have come up with. I am pretty sure it's all compatible, but I would really appreciate it if someone could double check this for me as I don't trust myself or pcpartpicker! Aside from that I have a couple questions: Is the PSU good...
  13. [SOLVED] What games does ryzen 5 2600 (w/o added gpu) might run?

    What games does ryzen 5 2600 (w/o added gpu) might run? I also have 8gb or ram.
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 2600 105$ AliExpress

    I would like to know if i can trust and buy a ryzen 2600 on aliexpress for 105$, seller is top brand, 4.9 stars, 512 reviews, 1869 purchases. 5 stars 96% 4 stars 3% 3 stars 1%. i`ve talked with him and he said the cpu is brand new but it comes without cooler, Should i trust in this website...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2600 vs Ryzen 5 1600x with an RX 580? (144hz)

    Hello PC Gods, Should i get a Ryzen 2600 or Ryzen 5 1600x? I'm buying an RX 580 with 16GB 3200mhz RAM in a B450 TUF. Ryzen 5 2600 is 140$ while the 1600x is 90$. Please help me, this will be my second build. Thank you :D
  16. T

    [SOLVED] Overclocking ryzen 5 2600

    Hello all Thank you in advance. I just got a ryzen 5 2600 and a b450 tomahawk. I am considering overclocking it. I have the stock cooler. I read some reviews online that said I shouldn’t overclock it because there is no point. First question: should I overclock it? What is the maximum speeds and...
  17. V

    [SOLVED] New PC build

    Hey, I'm planing to buy a new pc! First of all i would like to say that I will buy used parts from aliexpress, and my local market. And some things new from stores I live in Lithuania so there isn't much used amd Ryzen o intel 8+ gen deals going on. My budget is around 400 euro or 450 usd...
  18. E

    Question Aorus B450i no video output, one beep, fan spin normal

    Good evening, I just received an Aorus b450i pro wifi from a friend, who had it running for the past year in his own pc (so i know it's working). No matter what, i couldn't get any video output through either the onboard or GPU outputs. The motherboard apparently POSTs because there's the...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] Are the plastic plates around the AM4 socket needed?

    Removed them when I installed my Ryzen 3 2300X, I assumed I'd never need them. I got my Ryzen 3 2300X because a store in my country (Bulgaria) was selling them for like 70$. When I first installed it I thought the cooler, since it was meant only for OEM, didn't use what I presumed were...
  20. T

    Question Possible bad psu + cpu

    My pc has had a slew of issues form the moment I built it over a year ago. Form the vega 56 dying a week after installation to having to constantly rma parts for troubleshooting, it's hard to feel like I've just got bad luck. Now, after 2 cpu replacements in a week (dead 2600 -> 3000g -> now...
  21. Brutenis

    [SOLVED] Motherboard/PSU Recommendation

    Hey guys, My recent attempt to build a computer had a very frustrating outcome - no video, no beeps, even though the fans were spinning. PSU was connected to hard drives, as well as the CPU, GPU, motherboard, so was the speaker hooked on the header. Tried 2 different brands of RAM in different...
  22. cbob74

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3600 with AIO High Idle Temps

    I have a brand new, Ryzen 3600 and Ryzen Master is reading 48c-56c on idle temps. I have a Corsair H115i Pro RGB though. Is this normal? I'm coming from an FX-9590 where the same cooler yielded 18c-25c. SPECs: MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC 16gb Trident Z RGB GTX 1660 Super 500gb SSD 2TB HDD and...
  23. R

    [SOLVED] Build comment/advice: £500/USD600 build for light gaming

    I'm building a pc for my gf, budget of about £500/USD600 (+-100). She'll mainly be using it for light gaming (Sims, Civ 6 etc), browsing and work. I've got this planned so far, wondering if people have any comments or would like to even propose an entirely new build for me, I'm all ears. Much...
  24. ceejay7

    Question 3600, 3600x or 2700x? (upgrade from 2600)

    Hello. I only need some advices on upgrading my cpu. What is more worth it as the title says. Or is it worth it in the first place? I'm only a casual gamer who plays some story mode games such as metro exodus and sometimes racing and simulation games too. I am aware that my cpu is...
  25. J

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2600 overheating and running constantly at 3.4 for no reason

    I won't go into full specs, most importantly I have ryzen 5 2600 and msi b450 a pro motherboard. I have not yet flashed new bios, although current one supports this ryzen cpu, its post march version. So generally cpu overheats constantly, temperatures hover around 80-100 degrees. Its clock...
  26. P

    [SOLVED] I7 2600 vs i7 2600k

    Im wondering if i7 2600k is better than i7 2600 if you dont over clock it (stock) or are they the same at stock?
  27. H

    Question Would A Thermaltake smart 500watt Psu be enough for my new setup?

    Build Monitor: 1x 27" 60hz 1080p CPU: Ryzen 2600 GPU: Radeon 5700 MOBO: B450 Aorus Ram: 2x8 sticks Storage : 1x500gb HDD, 1x240gb SSD 6 Case fans I bought all these parts thinking i had a 600 from my old build but it turned out to be a 500 i already went over budget so im hoping this can last...
  28. MxzsyXII

    Question Ryzen 2600 overclock not downclocking

    I'm new to ryzen and overclocking, there are a few things that have me confused. First thing first, the motherboard I'm using is the MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX on the latest bios (v34). Now, down to the actual concerns. I want to overclock my ryzen 2600 to just get the most out of it. I bought...
  29. E

    [SOLVED] Can I upgrade from a Ryzen 3 1200 to a Ryzen 5 2600 without any motherboard changes ?

    I currently have the Gigabyte A320M-DS2 and the Ryzen 3 1200 but I want to upgrade to a Ryzen 2600. To do this do I need to upgrade my motherboard or do any sort of software updates before putting the new processor in ?
  30. K

    Question Ryzen 2600 and RX 590 psu

    So i have Ryzen 2600, GTX 1050 Ti, 8 GB RAM and 500w PSU (LEPA MX-F1- 80 Plus Bronze). And now i am thinking to upgrade GPU to RX 590 . SO question is is 500w enough or do i need to get new PSU? psu calculator says i need ~430w . So maby i can try and use the 500w psu?? I use pc for gaming...
  31. T

    Question amd ryzen 2600 config

    Hi im building a new pc and I just wanted to know if this config is ok with the ryzen 2600 for now as I will change some parts later as it is out of my budget to do so now my config: ryzen 5 2600 2x crucial 2133mhz 4gb ram lc power bronze 350 watt psu Gigabyte B450M DS3H stock cooler gt 730 gpu...
  32. Ntragas

    [SOLVED] 2600 or 3600?

    I am about to upgrade my old 2500k Intel i5 as it has started to slow down my gaming system and it has some lag spykes here and there. I currently use an ATI rx 580 which I will replace with a Nvidia 2060 in the next month too play games in max settings in a 1080p monitor . So my question here...
  33. N

    [SOLVED] what is the problem with ryzen 2600?

    my pc configuration : psu cooler master 550watts mobo - asus ex a320m cpu - ryzen 2600 ram- 16gb ram 2400mhz(3000 oc) graphics - gtx 1060 6gb i bought the processor around 2-3 months ago and when it was new, it was very speed and boot was fast and i din have to load if i open any app like say...
  34. B

    Question MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon compatible with 3200mhz aorus ram (GP-AR32C16S8K2HU416R)? (ryzen 5 2600)

    Does anyone has experience with this combo? I'm planning to buy these but i can't find in the memory support list the aorus ram (GP-AR32C16S8K2HU416R). Should I trust in that it is going to work? I would use it with a ryzen 5 2600 (later i'll upgrade to zen2) Thanks
  35. C

    [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Suggestion for inexpensive B450 board to support 2600 and a 3600 in the near future

    Looking for a solid board to install my recently bought (used) 2600. The same board might accomodate a 3600 in the coming 3 months, as well. I'm not looking for wifi, leds and all that gimmicks. Just good VRMs and a decent price. Size preference is toward mATX, but ATX is ok for my box as well...
  36. Penrose

    [SOLVED] Does increasing CPU voltage reduce lifespan?

    The title is a pretty common question, but in my case, I have an R5 2600 and was using the Ryzen Master Utility to overclock it. I increased it to 4GHz and increased the voltage to 1.4v. I then clicked "Apply and Test" via the Ryzen Master utility and it was successful. The temp went to about 69...
  37. feemonts

    Question Ryzen 5 1600, 2400G and 2600 - 3D app and Gaming

    I'm setting up a 2 new RIGs with AMD and just want to know, wich one will perform better.... I know that R5 2600 it's the killer, but wait... GPU: GTX 550Ti (will be upgrade) RAM: 16GB DDR4 Mobo: ASRock A320M-HD (good enough) Know...to the Thread: For a 3D applications, like AutoCad, Revit and...
  38. T

    Build Advice Looking for advice on this build ryzen 2600 + rtx 2060

    Hello, I'm putting together a pc for my brother. Will be used for gaming on ultra settings on games like BF5, Squad with a 1080p 144hz monitor. We are upgrading his PC because 4 cores doesn't cut it anymore on the new titles as well as his gpu the radeon 9 200 series (equivalent of the gtx...
  39. S

    Question CPU high idle spikes, min-40, max-60.

    I have an Ryzen 2600 with a ASRock B450 PRO4 OC at 4ghz with 1.35v, cooling it with an close to stock cooler. I have a Thermaltake Versa H26 with 1 fan on each side, front-in, top-in, back-out, all of them at full speed, there not that loud. The story is that my cpu all the time is idle at...
  40. M

    Question Ryzen 5 2600 and msi a320m bazooka

    I’m having trouble getting to the bios menu to flash the bios update for the processor. All my fans and lights turn on. The cpu debug led is on witch I would expect without the update. I just want to find a way that doesn’t involve getting another cpu to do the update on.