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  1. S

    Question AMD Ryzen 5 5600X not posting on Gigabyte X570 Gaming X (Possibly BIOS problem)

    Hello, I hope you can help me solve this issue since I can't understand why is this happening. Context: I have an R5 2600X with a Gigabyte X570 Gaming X motherboard I have used this combo for a little over a year now and I upgraded to a 5600X. I updated the BIOS to the latest version possible...
  2. bazzingabear

    [SOLVED] Is it worth jumping from 2600X to 5600X right now?

    Hey all. I recently got the itch to upgrade my GTX 1070 + Ryzen 5 2600X setup to something more recent, and would love some input since I've been completely oblivious to the hardware scene for the past 4-5 years. I'm not even sure if this is a good time to pull the trigger, or if I should wait...
  3. bazzingabear

    [SOLVED] Is now a good time to upgrade my CPU+GPU? If so, pls suggest..

    Hey all. I recently got the itch to upgrade my GTX 1070 + Ryzen 5 2600X setup to something more recent, and would love some input since I've been completely oblivious to the hardware scene for the past 4-5 years. I'm not even sure if this is a good time to pull the trigger, or if I should wait...
  4. mxb321

    Question What is the best GPU I could potentially run on a 450w PSU?

    My current build has an RX580 4GB, and it does struggle running my 1440p monitor, even though I mostly play both Minecrafts and e-sports games, so I might consider upgrading it in the future. It would be considerably cheaper to keep my current PSU because secondhand PSUs don't sell for much in...
  5. K

    Question Cpu overheating after changing the GPU.

    Hello folks, I have a problem of overheating now with my Ryzen 2600X CPU while playing games at the segment of Apex Legends. I had a GTX 1070 which I changed for a Zotac 3070 ti trinity OC. The GPU runs cool, seeing only about 74 C at max usage but my CPU has started to overheat into a BSOD in...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] CPU upgrade from 2600x to 3600x - no boot

    Hi Im having a problem replacing my 2600X to 3600X MB: X470 MSI Gaming plus. RAM: Geil Super Luce RGB sync AMD edition Updated the Bios version to: 7B79vAH After switching the CPU to 3600x: When turning the PC on i got some LED lights on the Dram turned on, no boot, it just stays on with...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Windows works fine, but BIOS black screens

    I recently updated my chipset driver and GPU driver and now I am unable to launch into my BIOS. I do not know if either of these driver updates had anything to do with this issue but I only noticed it after installing them (I reverted to old versions of both, but this did not fix the issue)...
  8. davethepcbot

    [SOLVED] OC resulted in being unable to boot PC

    Hello. I recently attempted to increase my overclock from 4.0 GHz to 4.1 GHz on my Ryzen 2600x at 1.4v after installing a new cooling system. After the restart and during the stress test the PC turns off and now does not turn back on again. There is no evidence that the PSU is working bar two...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] MSI B550m Pro VDH and Ryzen 5 2600x

    This is my first build and the pc randomly restarts. After swapping out GPUs and PSUs and testing ram. I'm stumped. More research shows I might have chosen the wrong CPU for this board. Pc parts picker said they were compatible but now looking at more sources it seems they are not compatible...
  10. nsn9022

    [SOLVED] Having serious performance issues with my frames in games recently despite low gpu/cpu usage and temps. (RTX 2070, Ryzen 2600x)

    Having serious performance issues with my frames in games recently despite low gpu/cpu usage and temps. (RTX 2070, Ryzen 2600x) I've noticed in games like FiveM and Rust, for example, my friends with a 1060 and 1080 both run higher frames than me, with a 2070, even when I'm running all low...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] worth upgrading cpu

    hi i currently have a ryzen 5 2600x and i am thinking about upgrading to a ryzen 5 3600x and swapping out my motherboard to a better one i currently have a aorus elite b450 and i am looking at a x570 mpg gaming pro carbon is it worth it for me to upgrade processors and boards if you need any...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Booting into BIOS without GPU

    So Im making a new PC and i have all my components except the GPU. I want to get into the BIOS so I can check if everything is ok, but when I plug it in and turn it on the screen gives me a "No output". Can i boot into the bios of the Asrock b450m pro4-f with a 2600x?
  13. dandem96

    [SOLVED] Ryzen/Aorus PC freezes after BIOS (sometimes I can get into Windows)

    Hello everyone, A computer I have used for two years without issues has started freezing usually before I can sign into windows but after the bios (it never freezes in the bios). I know of no update that occured too recently. Usually it freezes where I see Aorus splash screen View...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] Heavy games crashing without error code or log.

    So I recently got myself a R5 2600X, an Asus B450M PRO4-F and 16GB of G.Skill Ageis ram. I decided to play some RDR2 and after about 30 mins the game just crashed. It kept doing the same thing. I decided to run MemTest86 and it came with a few errors. I cleaned the ram contacts with alcohol and...
  15. EfeKamil

    [SOLVED] Memtest86 DOCP

    So long story short, to make sure that my memory wasn't causing problems on my pc, i did a memtest with DOCP on (3200mhz) and it spitted out 12 errors in total. Once I turned DOCP off (2133mhz) no errors. What should I do? Thanks. 2600x/TUF 450 Plus BIOS 2406/2*8gb Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB...
  16. M

    Question Cant boot after CPU replacement

    Hi, Today I have just upgraded my CPU from r3 2200g into r5 2600x . After I installed the CPU, I tried booting the computer but now it does not work. Before the replacement, everything worked just perfectly. Cables are great too. Key notes: -Diag Speaker makes 1 long and 2 short beeps (not...
  17. EfeKamil

    Question Ryzen 5 2600x/TUF B450 Plus Build Crashing from waking up

    My system has a problem where sometimes it doesnt post. But I'm used to it. (seems like a hardware problem at this point) So I've got this weird issue that sometimes when I try to wake my system up, it crashes. Even the numlock key doesn't respond. And generally after this happens, I reset and I...
  18. EfeKamil

    Question 2600x Weird Stats

    Everything on AUTO-at idle is this ok? B450-TUF Plus-AMD Ryzen Balanced Power Plan And BTW when i switch to Windows "Balanced" Power plan the EDC(CPU) drops by 10%
  19. duncan987

    Question Installing GPU to motherboard problems

    Hello, im having problems switching out gpus. specs: R9 270x gpu Ryzen 5 2600x 2tb hard drive 16GB ddr4 ram 450w power supply decided to switch out the 270x with my Nvidia 1060 3gb. everything works fine, fans lights etc, except plugging in my hmdi it says there is no signal whatsoever and its...
  20. EfeKamil

    [SOLVED] Which BIOS settings should I use for my 2600x for good temps, performance and speed?

    So I was using my TUF-B450(Asus)'s OC Tuner for a long time without knowing. That makes my 2600x run 3.8GHz across all cores. It auto adjust the voltages and things so it was really nice. But yesterday, I tried the "Auto" setting on Custom CPU Core Ratio and things and it made my CPU run 4.0GHz...
  21. JoshC001

    [SOLVED] Why is my Ryzen 5 2600X pulling 120 Watts?

    I have PBO enabled on my mobo and in Ryzen Master, and I have a fairly beefy 6 heat pipe 2 fan cooler on my CPU. I use CPUID HWMonitor to pull all of my stats on my second monitor while running Cinebench on the primary display. When I run Cinebench R20, the CPU package pulls 120 Watts at around...
  22. S

    Question Ryzen 2600x Not Boosting to 4.2ghz

    So this is the first time I've actually used Ryzen stock. Out of the box I OC'd to 4.2ghz on all cores at 1.365v completely stable until now. Assuming my OC has become unstable, I'm using stock 3.6ghz with 4.2ghz boost. Now, I know it only boosts on one or two cores and I've seen countless...
  23. S

    [SOLVED] Shut down while gaming

    I'm getting an issue where playing a game for a while leads to my computers display going black and having to hard reset. Because of the nature of the crash I assume it isn't OS related because I'm not getting a blue screen or any errors, and Whocrashed isn't picking up anything. What could...
  24. B

    [SOLVED] 2600x to 3600 worth it for VR?

    Hey guys. Right now I'm running the current specs CPU: 2600x GPU:5700 XT RAM: 16GB 3200MHZ MOBO: ASROCK B350M I'm planning to purchase a Valve Index when they restock to be able to play Boneworks, Half Life; Alyx, and other demanding vr games. I was wondering how significant the upgrade to a...
  25. viral908

    Question Higher frequency vs dual channel on my Ryzen - upgrade

    My setup: Ryzen 2600x MSI X470 Gaming plus Corsair Vengeance 16gbx1 2400mhz Full details on the RAM are in the attached screencaps I'm looking to upgrade, and initially I thought I'd just add another stick of the same model for a dual channel setup, but I noticed that higher frequency sticks...
  26. N

    Question need help with ryzen master and CPU temps/ core speeds

    I just built my new pc 2 days ago. My r5 2600x sits at 4ghz when web browsing. I have the stock cooler on it right now and it ramps up every time the temperature spikes, but my problem is the temperature spikes every 10 seconds or so and then drops back down to ~65C with 2 chrome tabs and ryzen...
  27. DUAL33s

    Question A few questions concerning undervolting Ryzen...

    System: Ryzen 2600X (-0.1125v Core Offset & PBO = Enabled) G.Skill FlareX 3200-CL14 16gb (2x8) (Running XMP Profile @ 3200mhz 14-14-14-34) MSI Tomahawk B450 Ok...so, first I'll just say that I've owned many Intel based systems over the years and therefore I have become rather familiar and...
  28. M

    [SOLVED] Did I screw up my 2600x?

    So I have been concerned about the temps on my 2600x. Tonight while I was playing Battletech it seemed to run fine. It would peak at 60c and then come down to the 50's. After I logged out of the game though it stayed rather high and would not cool down. It was idling between the mid 40s and...
  29. A

    Question Super hot ryzen 2600x

    Hello guys, i recently bought r5 2600x with coolermaster masterliquid ml120 and i get idle temps around 45-55C and under load around 90C i have checked everything thermal paste is applied, fans are working, pump is working and the pump is working as it should i can feel hot air coming out of...
  30. D

    Question Worth upgrading i7-3770 to 2600x/2700x?

    Hi folks. Wondering if it’s worthwhile upgrading from i7-3770, 16gb ddr3 1600, gigabyte hd3 mobo to a Ryzen 26/2700x, x470 mob and 16gb 3200mhz ram? Pc is mostly used for gaming especially VR with a rift currently and probably an index within the next year. Is ryzen reliable with vr or is it...
  31. Shizarux

    Question Own i7 6700 or new Ryzen 2600x

    Hey there, A friend has been gaming for a few years on a pre-built and is now looking to build his first pc. As you would expect from a pre-built, many components are too low quality to be reused. However, he is rocking the i7 6700, which isn’t completely outdated yet. He is now dubbing to...
  32. J

    Question GTX 1080ti OR RTX 2070

    Hi! So im building a new gaming PC in the next couple weeks and im having a hard time choosing parts. I have 3 options. 1: Pairing a Ryzen 5 2600x with a GTX 1080ti 2: Pairing a Ryzen 5 2600x with an RTX 2070 3: Pairing a Ryzen 7 2700x with an RTX 2070 Remember that i will not stream or do over...
  33. Mo.R

    Question Better cpus than ryzen 2600

    Are there any better amd cpus than the ryzen 5 2600/x, apart from the 2700. Thanks
  34. Mo.R

    Question Ryzen 2600 with gtx 1060

    Is Ryzen 2600 a good match with the gtx 1060/ti. Or are there any amd cpus which are a better match. Thanks
  35. S

    Question ASUS X470 Prime w/ 2600X won't boot

    The system contains the following parts: ASUS X470 Prime AMD 2600X GSKILL Trident Z RGB GeForce RTX 2080 EVGA 650 B3 The monitor is connected directly to the GPU (which works in my other system) I'm currently using 1 stick of RAM, also borrowed from a working system. No hard drives are...