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2666 mhz ram

Forum discussion tagged with 2666 mhz ram.
  1. SDelta

    Question 3200mhz running at 2666 on X570

    I have a dual channel kit of 3200mhz corsair vengeance rgb pro on a Gigabyte X570 UD . My cpu is an AMD RYZEN 5 3600 cooled by a Deepcool gammaxx l240 v2 ( 4.2ghz stable). I saw my ram is running at 2666 mhz . I entered the Bios and when I activated the XMP ( I only have one profile named...
  2. serjj

    Question 2666mhz stock freq ram paired to a ram oc'd to 2666mhz

    Hello everyone, is it fine for me to pair a 2666mhz stock frequency ram to my other ram stick which is actually oc'd to 2666mhz?
  3. zunbaybee

    Question RAM XMP specified at 2666mhz

    So my ram xmp profile is set at 2666mhz, but i increased the frequency to 2933 in the bios while using the voltages and timings of the xmp profile specified at 2666mhz. Is that okay?
  4. I

    Question Please help with asus zpehyrus GA502D single to dual channel memory upgrade

    Hello, This is my first post here and i hope this community can help me. With that being said, i have an asus zpehyrus GA502D. This laptop has a ryzen 3750H, GTX 1660TI, and 8GB of on board memory. Being that it was single channel I looked into upgrading the ram. The ryzen 3750H only supports...
  5. B

    Question DDR4 RAM HELP...?

    Hello, I Have a MAXIMUS HERO XI MB and 2 x Corsair Vengeance PRO 8gb 2666mhz ram and 2 x Corsair Vengeance PRO 16gb 3000mhz Ram I currently have them set up like this; DIMM A1 -16GB 3000mhz DIMMA2 - 16GB 3000mhz DIMMB1 - 8GB 3000mhz DIMMB2 - 8GB 3000mhz is this the best way to have them set...
  6. NewMemberLooking4Help

    Question SO-DIMM RAM MAX SPEED / Motherboard Compatible Memory

    Hello, im trying to upgrade my Notebook and one thing i want to do is replace or add some RAM . Im have a MSI MS-16J4 Motherboard with single channel ddr4 RAM 8 GB (Speed 2132). I want to replace it with 2x8gb DDDR4 RAM (Speed 2666). HWinfo is showing me that my max. speed is 1300? And it...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Partnering a 8gb with a 4gb ram

    Hi, I have a single stick of 8gb ram on my laptop and I am thinking about adding my extra 4gb ram. The question is will that cause any issue? And will it be dual channeled if I do it? The 4gb ram is 2666mhz, dont know about the 8gb installed though, but I did asked the staff at my local shop...
  8. P

    Question can't get this ram onto motherboard

    hi i have a 8GB DDR - 2666Mhz (2X4GB) ram sticks from HYPER and i can't seem to get them onto the motherboard of TUF B450M-Plus gaming both support ddr4 i have looked in the manual of the motherboard and place them on the dims of the 2nd and fourth, and when i put the ram sticks i hear a weird...
  9. V

    Question different brands same specs ram modules?

    Hi guys i have a one question, I have Lenovo y520-15ikbn with i5 7300hq, 1050ti 4gb aaand one stick of 8gb memory: model sk Hynix hma81gs6cjr8n-vk, ok now I want to update one more 8gb ram stick buuut i cant find same brand but I found this one mta8atf1g64hz-2g6e1, like, I compere in every...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Compatible RAM with 9th gen intel

    Hi community, I'm planning to buy Intel i5-9400F , and was looking for a compatible RAM for it. The official Intel page here says a frequency of 2666MHz is compatible whereas here it says the memory supported is "up to" 2666MHz. So should I buy a 2400MHz RAM (thinking of Ripjaws V...
  11. Darkisback

    Question Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 7 1700 for 2666 MHz RAM

    Hello, I want to buy new CPU for gaming. My system is : Ryzen 3 1200 RX 580 Gigabye A320M-DS2 Crucial Ballistix 8 GB DDR4 2666 MHz RAM ( I will update 16 GB ) Should I buy Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 7 1700? Ryzen 7 1700 RAM speed is 2666 MHz Ryzen 5 2600 RAM speed is 2933 MHz I will not change my...