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  1. P

    Question can't get this ram onto motherboard

    hi i have a 8GB DDR - 2666Mhz (2X4GB) ram sticks from HYPER and i can't seem to get them onto the motherboard of TUF B450M-Plus gaming both support ddr4 i have looked in the manual of the motherboard and place them on the dims of the 2nd and fourth, and when i put the ram sticks i hear a weird...
  2. V

    Question different brands same specs ram modules?

    Hi guys i have a one question, I have Lenovo y520-15ikbn with i5 7300hq, 1050ti 4gb aaand one stick of 8gb memory: model sk Hynix hma81gs6cjr8n-vk, ok now I want to update one more 8gb ram stick buuut i cant find same brand but I found this one mta8atf1g64hz-2g6e1, like, I compere in every...
  3. H

    Question 9900kf + 2400mHz Memory??

    So I just bought a 9900kf... I currently have 32 gigabytes of 2400mhz DDr4 RAM and was wondering if this memory would work with the CPU. I wonder this because on the Intel website it says it supports 2666mhz. Does that mean max, or the lowest supported. Anyways, would it run correctly with the...
  4. P

    Question My last decision. Will it fit ?

    I start quick ! I need someone with good soul to find time and tell me if it fits. Im unexperienced and also i wanna be 100% sure because its my first build. I leave specs here ! God bless you for anyone who helps me ! MOBO: ASUS PRIME B360-PLUS CPU: Intel i5 9400f GPU: MSI GTX 1060 6GT OCV1...
  5. sirdariush

    Question CL 17 or CL15? 266MHz or 2400MHz?

    Can anyone explain me in detail what CL is better for gaming? The lower one or the bigger one? I heard a lot of people who say different things about RAM speed in gaming. Is the difference between 2400MHz and 2666MHz big ( I know it can not be huge ). I see that the YouTube benchmarks are not...