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  1. C

    Question 27 inch vs 34 inch monitor

    Hi, so here’s the deal, im building a computer that will have an i7 8700, gtx 1080ti, 32gb ram and some other pretty cool specs, im building it since I want to play the newest games and code, I will use this machine for lots of coding in java, ill run virtual machines and have lots of IDE’s...
  2. castro1825

    Question 27 inch monitor doesnt look stretched when playing games

    My 27 inch monitor when playing fortnite and other games doesn't look stretched when using very stretched resolutions. Before i had a 21 inch monitor and i used to play 1080x1080 and when i bought the 27 monitor it doesn't looked stretched anymore. Anyone have like a software to make my monitor...
  3. mustcan

    Is 550Watt Psu Of corsair is enough?

    Hi, i was plan to buy PSU Corsair vs550watt because my old psu 700watt wass broken. My pc parts: intel i3 6100 (with stock cooler) , biostar h110mh pro d4 , GTX 1050Zotac Mini 2Gb Ddr5, 2 x 4GB DDR4 Corsair 2133Mhz. Gaming Mouse. Wireless Keyboard . 1 Galeforce fan with led. And im planning to...
  4. O

    Blackscreen / GPU Not working / windows 10

    full build: Rosewill Line-M mATX Mid-Tower Gigabyte H110m-a Motherboard Intel i3 6100 Sky Lake Gigabyte R9 270 Antec 650W psu (forgot model number) Kingston 120GB SSD Samsung Monitor DVI only CM Storm Stealth Greenswitches Logitech g400s - What works: Windows 10 WITHOUT the OFFICIAL INTEL...
  5. S

    Will my PSU handle a GTX 1080?

    I'm hyped for the new GTX 1080 but I'm not sure that my PSU is good enough. It's a Corsair GS600, which I believe is 80+ Bronze. I also have 16GB RAM, 2 SSDs and a HDD as well as other small things drawing power. I heard that it draws next to no power but I'm still skeptical as my PSU isn't very...
  6. X

    OC help with Fx 6300

    I currently bought a new system and im new to overclocking. I need help overclocking my AMD fx-6300. I would like to overclock to a 4.5 or higher if possible Mobo- MSI 970 Gaming CPU- AMD FX-6300 CPU Cooler- Corsair H60 RAM- Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 1600MHz
  7. C

    Better CPU or monitor?

    Hey guys! Should I get an Intel i7-6700K 4.00 GHz instead of an Intel i5-6600K 3.5 GHz or a 144hz 1080p monitor instead of a 60hz 1080p monitor? Thanks a lot!
  8. S

    Multiple issues with new 1440p 144Hz monitor

    Sup fellow geeks, Recently I bought myself an ASUS MG279Q and right off the bat I ran into what feels like loads of problems. Below is a list of all the problems that come to mind and below that is a list of things I've tried in order to solve these problems. Feel free to pick your flavor! 1...
  9. M

    HDD constant activiry

    Guys pls i need help. I just got a new pc : I5 4460 8GB RAM DDR3 B85M-D3V-a And thosiba hdd 500 gb 7200 So when i first start pc without system there wasnt any noice. After i instal windows 7 64bit my hdd is always busy.It take realy long to open apps like google chrome.I can hear my HDD...
  10. S

    Do I need to purchase additional cables for my hard drive or no?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, its been forever since I last built a PC and I'm not really sure about this. So I just bought a hard drive that comes with no cables. I know my motherboard came with four SATA 3 cables, but what about the power cable for the hard drive? Would that be on the PSU...
  11. 1

    Boot order settings for kid's computer

    I've just build a computer for a 12.5-year-old, very into gaming, but not very savvy about hardware -- yet. What do people think about me setting the boot order to SSD (where the OS is living), then HDD (where I will encourage him to backup), then DVD then USB? I know I've seen lots of people...