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  1. R

    Question LG 27UL500-W 4K 27 Inch Gaming Monitor Review. Can it be budget and brilliant?

    Hi all, Just to let you know that we have a new video up and in this one, we review the LG 27UL500-W 4K 27 Inch Gaming Monitor. Can it be budget and brilliant? Find out here! : View: https://youtu.be/awCbgbkwIqg
  2. D

    Question Very Blurry And Pixelated Test,Apps

    Yo guys,I have a 27' 1080p monitor.I'm really sick of it anymore. Everything(text,apps) is blurry and pixelated. When i open news to read, it is literally impossible read text, Like bro I literally zoom %150 to read stuff.Ms Office apps are worse.I can't read anything on word without zooming...
  3. PetarStev

    Question White lines on certain colours

    I have an AOC 27G2U. The monitor is amazing but I have just one problem. I've also experienced this on 21.5 inch 1080p ips philips monitor. On certain colours, like some blue or orange ones, I get horizontal white/greyish lines. On the philips monitor the lines were vertical. I have no idea if...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Looking for 1920x1200 monitor larger than 24 inches

    I have a Dell 24 inch U2412M IPS panel. It is used with 2 computers, neither of which has a graphics card. One is connected via an HDMI cable, and the other via a DVI cable, so I need one with both of those connectors. It must also be fully adjustable with tilt, swivel and height movement...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Samsung odyssy g5 27in or 32in or something else?

    Hello all, Just been looking at the Samsung odyssey g5 27in and 32in but debating which one I should get, just wanting to get into some 1440p gaming and found these two on sale for $100 off with only a $50 difference between them after and was just wondering if there is any major difference...
  6. scrubs2708

    [SOLVED] [16:9, IPS] 1080p280Hz VS 1440p165Hz Esacape From Tarkov

    Hello, I am currently running a 1080p144Hz "27inch" monitor, my reason for upgrading is that I have noticed a few dead pixels in the bottom corner of my screen. I was thinking its time for an upgrade, I mainly play "Escape From Tarkov", so it's important that I can spot people with eas. I am...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] 32 inch vs 27 inch for 1440p

    I am currently looking for a monitor for my RTX2060/7 2700x build that will support 144hz and 1440p resolution. However, I am drawn between a 32 inch monitor and a 27 inch monitor. If I had to get a 32 inch monitor, it would either be the MSI MAG321CQR or the Dell S3220DGF. If I had to get a...
  8. M

    Question 27'' 1440p for rendering and gaming

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for a 27'' 1440p monitor that can give me color accuracy (I work with 3D-modelling, rendering, a little bit of graphics) but also the possibility to play some games in my freetime. The biggest problem? I can only spend 300-350€ I know I should go for an IPS monitor and...
  9. R

    Question Which monitor should I choose?

    I have been looking to buy a 27 monitor with a resolution of 2K and a IPS panel. Compatible with G-sync or G-Sync directly. The options that I have are... Aorus AD27QD which is a FreeSync monitor but is compatible with G-Sync Acer XB271HU ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q Which one would you choose...
  10. C

    Question 27 inch vs 34 inch monitor

    Hi, so here’s the deal, im building a computer that will have an i7 8700, gtx 1080ti, 32gb ram and some other pretty cool specs, im building it since I want to play the newest games and code, I will use this machine for lots of coding in java, ill run virtual machines and have lots of IDE’s...
  11. castro1825

    [SOLVED] 27 inch monitor doesnt look stretched when playing games

    My 27 inch monitor when playing fortnite and other games doesn't look stretched when using very stretched resolutions. Before i had a 21 inch monitor and i used to play 1080x1080 and when i bought the 27 monitor it doesn't looked stretched anymore. Anyone have like a software to make my monitor...
  12. mustcan

    Is 550Watt Psu Of corsair is enough?

    Hi, i was plan to buy PSU Corsair vs550watt because my old psu 700watt wass broken. My pc parts: intel i3 6100 (with stock cooler) , biostar h110mh pro d4 , GTX 1050Zotac Mini 2Gb Ddr5, 2 x 4GB DDR4 Corsair 2133Mhz. Gaming Mouse. Wireless Keyboard . 1 Galeforce fan with led. And im planning to...
  13. O

    Blackscreen / GPU Not working / windows 10

    full build: Rosewill Line-M mATX Mid-Tower Gigabyte H110m-a Motherboard Intel i3 6100 Sky Lake Gigabyte R9 270 Antec 650W psu (forgot model number) Kingston 120GB SSD Samsung Monitor DVI only CM Storm Stealth Greenswitches Logitech g400s - What works: Windows 10 WITHOUT the OFFICIAL INTEL...
  14. S

    Will my PSU handle a GTX 1080?

    I'm hyped for the new GTX 1080 but I'm not sure that my PSU is good enough. It's a Corsair GS600, which I believe is 80+ Bronze. I also have 16GB RAM, 2 SSDs and a HDD as well as other small things drawing power. I heard that it draws next to no power but I'm still skeptical as my PSU isn't very...
  15. X

    OC help with Fx 6300

    I currently bought a new system and im new to overclocking. I need help overclocking my AMD fx-6300. I would like to overclock to a 4.5 or higher if possible Mobo- MSI 970 Gaming CPU- AMD FX-6300 CPU Cooler- Corsair H60 RAM- Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 1600MHz
  16. C

    Better CPU or monitor?

    Hey guys! Should I get an Intel i7-6700K 4.00 GHz instead of an Intel i5-6600K 3.5 GHz or a 144hz 1080p monitor instead of a 60hz 1080p monitor? Thanks a lot!
  17. S

    Multiple issues with new 1440p 144Hz monitor

    Sup fellow geeks, Recently I bought myself an ASUS MG279Q and right off the bat I ran into what feels like loads of problems. Below is a list of all the problems that come to mind and below that is a list of things I've tried in order to solve these problems. Feel free to pick your flavor! 1...
  18. M

    HDD constant activiry

    Guys pls i need help. I just got a new pc : I5 4460 8GB RAM DDR3 B85M-D3V-a And thosiba hdd 500 gb 7200 So when i first start pc without system there wasnt any noice. After i instal windows 7 64bit my hdd is always busy.It take realy long to open apps like google chrome.I can hear my HDD...
  19. S

    Do I need to purchase additional cables for my hard drive or no?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, its been forever since I last built a PC and I'm not really sure about this. So I just bought a hard drive that comes with no cables. I know my motherboard came with four SATA 3 cables, but what about the power cable for the hard drive? Would that be on the PSU...
  20. 1

    Boot order settings for kid's computer

    I've just build a computer for a 12.5-year-old, very into gaming, but not very savvy about hardware -- yet. What do people think about me setting the boot order to SSD (where the OS is living), then HDD (where I will encourage him to backup), then DVD then USB? I know I've seen lots of people...