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  1. U

    [SOLVED] 2700x with 1660 super gaming x

    Hi, Is the 2700x with 1660 super gaming x a good combo? Thanks in advance
  2. U

    Question 2700x stock cooler or be quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Cooler & DR4 dimensions

    Hi, I wanted to know which one is quieter. Also, hwo loud is the 2700x stock cooler. Thank You Hi, I wanted to know if the be quiet! 'Dark Rock 4 cooler' will cover the ram in 'Asus ROG STRIX X470-F Gaming ATX AM4 Motherboard' Thanks in advance
  3. TimH77

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 2700 vs 2700x?

    I have a 2700 sitting here, along with an MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon, Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB RGB 3200 (2x16GB). I'm wondering if I should have got a 2700x instead (still time to swap it out). I know the TDP difference of 65W (2700) vs 95 W (2700x), but from what I read the mobo can...
  4. [SOLVED] Ryzen 3600 vs 2700

    Hi - I'm planning on building a new PC and there's a great deal for Ryzen 2700. I could pay a extra for 3600 but I'm trynna figure if it's worth it. I've seen there's some raw performance difference in favor of 3600, but I'm more curious about whether there's any new important technology on 3600...
  5. Belegor

    Question Ryzen 7 2700

    First build was completed last night. I have noticed that the CPU package temp sits at 30C in idle, which, being in a relatively closed space I find it logical. But, while under any load (Steam download in this case) the package temp goes to 35C with jumps to 45-47C and cooled down by the fans...
  6. gusnd

    [SOLVED] is Cooler Master G100 better than Ryzen 7 2700 stock?

    I bought a G100 to cool my i7 4790 (not 4790k), but a few months after I decided to upgrade to a Ryzen 7 2700 which seems to have a nice stock cooler, should I still replace it since I have it or use the stock one anyways?
  7. Question Ryzen 7 2700 very high temps

    Hello there. I bought a new PC: Ryzen 7 2700 Hyperx Predator 3200 (16 x 2) MSI b450 Tomahawk Cryorig H7 RTX 2070 GIGABYTE. I got a super high temps in Prime95 even without overclocking. I tryed to run my CPU on 3800 and got temps Over 90 by few seconds. I need help, what's a problem? Also tryed...
  8. T

    Does it matter what I set "allocation unit size" to when formatting an SSD?

    My SSD is already formatted and has the default allocation unit size of 4kb. Will this option affect my SSD's lifespan in any way? I heard from someone that having the allocation size different from the SSD's actual block size will decrease it's lifespan by increasing it's amount of writes...
  9. C

    acer laptop charging but not increasing

    i havent used my laptop for months now, it was faulty and i had it fixed, however my laptop charges but doesnt go beyound 0 percent, the laptop is an acer 531-e1 windows 8
  10. C

    GTX 780 Crashing 5 Minutes Into Games

    Hello all. I just built my first gaming rig last week, and am having an issue where graphically intense games (Arkham Origins, Black Flag) are crashing within 5 minutes of loading (sometimes just in the game's menu). I first get kicked to my desktop with the Windows warning "Windows is...