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  1. pekodam

    Question Best budget 2TB SSD for a Laptop?

    Hey, I've recently purchased a Lenovo Legion Slim 5 and it has a SKHynix HFS512GEJ9X115N 512GB. I'm looking to expand with a budget 2TB drive to store mainly games with my budget being around the $80-$100 range. I've done a little research and am currently looking at: WD Black SN770 ($100)...
  2. S

    Question Samsung 980 PRO Volume cannot be found

    Hello, I just bought a Samsung 980 PRO 2TB nvme SSD. When I installed the SSD, I attempted to use it to migrate my OS and files from my Crucial SSD to the new 980 PRO. I initialized the new SSD and was able to get the BIOS, Disk Management and File Explorer to detect the new SSD; however, when...
  3. xenon2

    Question KC3000 odd behaviour

    So long story short... I have NVME KC3000 2TB drive that started to behave oddly (at best). Looks like sectors that was written long time ago (like 3mo+) are hard/slow to read. I've found similar thread but without resolution https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/is-my-ssd-too-slow.3779315/...
  4. G

    Question HDD Seagate Barracuda weird sound

    Hi everyone! Just 2 days ago I bought new Seagate Barracuda 2TB drive (ST2000DM008). I plugged it in, set it up and everything was fine till I found out that this disk make weird noise while under load (for example launching and playing a game which is installed on this disk). It makes some...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Is My Hard Drive Still Healthy?

    Hi all! I have a pretty old Western Digital 2TB HDD (WD20EARX). I bought it in 2011, so it's now 11 years old. Hard Disk Sentinel shows its health is somehow still at 100%, despite it being used so much, for so long. For comparison, my main system SSD, which has a power on time of 16x less...
  6. DocZeius

    [SOLVED] WD ELEMENTS - Critical Error

    Good day to all!! Device: WD ELEMENTS - WDBU6Y0020BBK History: I was making a backup of a work notebook. No previous problems, no warnings. I can remember releasing safely the device but at one point the disk got pulled by a mistake by its cable and it ended up at 45º. The disk didn't do any...
  7. A

    Question Seagate External USB 2TB Hard Drive Becomes Sluggish/Unresponsive?

    A couple of months ago, I purchased a Seagate "Basic" 2TB USB external hard drive (STJL2000400). Looks exactly like this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Seagate-Basic-STJL2000400-Hard-drive-2-TB-external-portable-USB-3-0-gray/694094792 During light usage, it functions fine. However, I've been...
  8. O

    [SOLVED] 500gb 1tb 2tb sata 2.5 hdd having best price durability ratio?

    About a 500gb, 1tb and 2tb hdd, for each hdd size, is there a hdd you can recommend when looking at the price durability ratio? Thank you.
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Limited size of SSD in laptop

    Hi All, I have purchased an ASUS Vivobook S533E laptop with 512Gb SSD drive M.2, (Boot drive Win 10) and I have been advised by Asus that I can replace the SSD, to 1Tb SSD M.2. (Boot) The maximum apparently. My question is what can / will happen IF I replace the drive with a 2 Tb...
  10. ajsolutions777

    [SOLVED] Drive showing as Unallocated

    Hello, I have a 2TB WD Green internal hard drive for PC. All of a sudden, when I boot up the PC in the morning, there was no partition in the windows explorer. I checked in the storage in Device manager and found that the disk was showing as Unallocated space - not initialized. When I tried to...
  11. monmon77

    [SOLVED] my seagate hdd 2tb not blinking and not working

    5mos ago my seagate hdd stopped working, I just plugged it in when there's no blinking and it cant be detected by my laptop. I've got a large number of files in there so I've been really careful using my hdd. please help! I've got important files in it.
  12. T

    Question My new HDD is giving me nonstop errors!

    I've just had a HDD die on me today and I lost everything on it ,but the one saving grace was I have a unused 2 tb HDD to replace it. So I plugged the new HDD in and formatted it but after it was done formatting it said It ran into an error. My HDD's name and letter was showing up but It wasn't...
  13. TomboySupremacist

    [SOLVED] Humming in computer w/ 2 hard drives

    I recently bought and installed a 500GB Seagate BarraCuda 7200RPM hard drive alongside my 2TB Seagate BarraCuda 7200RPM hard drive. The installation went well, but resulted in this harmonic humming in the case that comes and goes throughout the duration of the computer being turned on. Is there...
  14. Gameslite

    [SOLVED] My 1TB HDD somehow has 2TB of files on it...

    Okay, let's start from the beginning. I have a 1TB capacity 2,5'' WD My Passport, old one, from around 2013-ish. Somehow the file system had gone "poof" and the disk became unusable. Despite being nearly full before it broke, I wanted to recover all ~900GB of files before fixing it with a...
  15. P

    [SOLVED] Which cable to power HDD?

    I have a modular power supply (Corsair CX550M). I bought a seagate barracuda 2tb. It didn't come with any cables and I realised I needed to buy them so I bought a sata cable and also this cable which I though would power my hard drive. Turns out it's male and I need female. I cannot for the life...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Is my brand new Seagate Barracuda 2TB working well?

    I bought a new desktop a few weeks ago. When it arrived I noticed the Hard Drive was causing a lot of problems and it was slow. I've made a couple of posts on here about the drive itself and I hope this is my final one. I've collected a few diagnostics, tested a few things and now I'm making...
  17. A

    Question External Harddisk issues- need HELP!!

    I have Seagate Backup Plus 2 TB External Harddisk. So i have this issue: until 2 days back i could copy FROM the external hdd anything without any issues. In the last few months i haven't copied anything to the drive. Now i copied some stuff around 20gb to the drive but in between i got an I/O...
  18. B

    Question HDD Never Gets Detected

    Hello, I have an external HDD ; Toshiba Store Canvio 2TB 3,5'' (hdwc120ew3j1). I haven't used it for quite a while, however it does not show up anywhere anymore. I always used it by connecting it to my Notebook (Windows 10 in one SSD and Ubuntu in a seperate HDD). There were only data files...
  19. Z

    [SOLVED] SSD choice: Seagate BarraCuda 2TB or Adata SU800 ?

    Seagate BarraCuda: 5 years warranty 256.70 USD (1049 MYR) 1064 TBW Adata SU800: 3 years warranty 225.13 USD (920 MYR) 1600 TBW Not planning to buy others due to low TBW or expensive (Samsung for example) Not planning to buy lower than 2TB capacity. I want 2TB and I need it (Am using 2TB...
  20. Noxious1

    [SOLVED] 2 SSD's Or 1 SSD?

    So I originally had a 2tb SSHD (hibrid) hard-drive for everything personal and gaming, I have now replaced it with a 2tb SSD (evo 860) . Would you reccomend still having a 2nd hard-drive or just stick to the 2tb ssd?.. personally I'm not a fan of having 2 hard-drives I rather much have the 1...
  21. E

    [SOLVED] 2TB HDD couldn't be detected when 1TB HDD is connected

    I have this weird problem with my newly bought 2TB HDD. I was able to plugged it on other PC in the office to check if it's working and when I got home to install it on my personal PC my 2TB HDD couldn't be detected in my system. Upon testing and troubleshooting,I found out that if I remove my...
  22. P

    [SOLVED] So my friend asks me to help him choose PC. Im wondering if i choose good components,

    So, my friend asked me if i could help him choose PC (for gaming and maybe a video editing cause he skate a lot) for a good price. I wonder if i choose right. (also sorry for my dumb grammar and spelling, im not speaking native english so i hope anyone can understand) Here are the specs : CPU...
  23. J

    [SOLVED] Hard drive makes a clicking sound every time I save

    I recently (a week or so ago) bought a 2TB WD HDD Black. I did some searching and apparently the WD HDD Black is supposed to make some clicking noises. It has been doing so regularly and consistently, without any kind of issues whatsoever. I also read about some drive heads doing lubricant...
  24. heeelion

    Question HDD failure 2TB how long do i have?

    Hey so i have had this computer for a long while and its been starting to make noise and freeze my computer up, ive narrowed it down to my HDD and after browsing the forums for a bit think its my HDD ive used a healthcheck program for them the images can be found here and here this was me...
  25. luzhun

    Question 2TB Drive "Full" but only 400GB is used.

    Hey all. Is there a good way to see what may be taking up HDD space? Supposedly out of a 1.81TB drive, only 9.51MB is free! There is no way that it can be full. I went to properties on each folder within the drive and calculated that only around 400GB is actually being used. It is a secondary...
  26. F

    Which is cooler/less tdp

    I've been looking into getting a new graphics card for a while now but right now the prices are inflated quite a bit. As a result I have been looking at the used market to get a GPU that will last until prices come down. I found a AMD reference card R9 285X, Asus Strix R9 285, Gigabyte...
  27. N

    Mid Games freezing problem, Monitor glitches out

    So not too long ago I had upgraded my system but instead of upgrading the graphics card I decided to upgrade the CPU which involved getting a new Motherboard, CPU, Ram, etc. I had originally posted on here about my games crashing which I will link the post below but it seemed like I had fixed...
  28. B

    sold pc without reactivating windows 10

    Sold my win 10 PC right before i sold it though i had to change hard drives and forgot to reactivate windows 10 how can the new owner activate the windows 10 so i dont have to give him my account info?
  29. G

    File explorer not working

    So a week ago I was playing a game in Firefox in full screen, I don't remember why, but I went out of the full screen and decided to do something else, while the game kept running. But then I decided to open my file explorer and nothing happened. Every time I try to open it, it shows that's the...
  30. G

    Cooling internal fan grinding noise

    Hi everyone. I know that this question has been asked probably a million times. However, I'm wondering about a solution I didn't read anywhere (that's why I think it is not a good idea to try it...) So, the thing is I had to replace the internal fan of my laptop (an HP Pavilion dv6, 5 years...
  31. IisGamer

    Laptop Screen Has Light Flickering

    Hello all! I've been recently having troubles with a laptop I have had for around 4 years. It has an APU, so the graphics are sort of integrated with the processor. What occurs is, the screen has light flickering. It is sort of hard to explain. It almost looks like the brightness is flickering...
  32. F

    Motherboard doesn't detect GPU

    My PC at work: 460W Foxconn G31MXP Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E6750 A-Data DDR2-1066+ PC2-6400 x 2 (2GB) Western Digital WD800JD-75MSA3 80GB Integrated card works well, no issues there, but when I try GeForce 8600GT it can't detect it. I tried changing BIOS settings (also updated to most...
  33. G

    PS/2 port on Supermicro OCE boards

    Supermicro's C7Z87-OCE board had no PS/2 port (although their regular C7Z87 board did). But their newer C7Z97-OCE board does have a PS/2 port. Any reason why they got rid of it and then brought it back?
  34. T

    [HELP] HDD Format Help [HELP]

    Ok so, I have my PC up and running but I need to partition my HDD in order to use it. So i went onto the Disk Management thing and right clicked on the 1TB and I've got up to the bit where I need to select an Allocation Unit Size. I have no idea what this is. Just incase you need to know I am...
  35. N

    BSOD ntoskrnl.exe under load

    Hi all, These BSODs have been plaguing me for a while now. They do not happen all that often, but its always when my rig is under load. I have not had much time to do much that makes computer work hard for about 6 months now, so this may be why the BSOD does not happen too often (probably once...
  36. R

    Buy used i5 3570K with GB GA-Z77X-D3H for $260?

    Hi, is it worth to buy used i5 3570K (it had run for one year on 4,5 Ghz) (Liquid IHS, without warranty) and mother board GB GA-Z77X-D3H (two months in computer and with warranty)? Price is around $260. Is it great deal?
  37. P

    DRAM_LED light on ASUS P8Z68V Pro Motherboard, PC Turns off on boot

    Hey, My PC recently started messing up, and it started off with just being a BSOD once or twice, but after that my DRAM_LED on my ASUS P8Z68V Pro motherboard was always on after turning on the PC and then the PC would turn off after a few seconds, although sometimes it instantly reboots without...
  38. E

    SD Hard Drive Upgrade

    I have a Sony laptop (VGN TZ-191N) with a 25 GB solid state hard drive that has huge space issues. I am wondering if it is possible either to replace that SS HD with a larger one (in which case I need to mirror what is on it now to the new drive) or to add another SS HD within the case. I've...
  39. K

    traffic on UDP protocol is 3 times bigger than traffic on TCP

    My LAN monitoring software show that I have a lot of traffic on UDP, 3 times bigger than traffic on TCP. Also, I've noticed that upload is 4 times bigger than download. I want to know if is usual or not? What kind of services or applications use UDP protocol? Can be identified the application...
  40. C

    How long will GTX 780 and Ti version last?

    This is for people who only want to game 1080p @ Max settings. Can it run next gen games @ max settings for a few years?