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    Question What ram 2x16 ram should i get?

    I am upgrading my ram from 16gb to 32gb and a set of 4 does not work on my pc. So i am going to get 2x16gb What would be a good suggestion for my pc Windows 10 64bit Asus z87-a motherboard Processor: intel core i5-4670K CPU @ 3.4GHz, 3401 MHz, 4 cores, 4 logical processors Bios: American mega...
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    Which version of Windows is recommended for new system?

    Hello, I am building a new workstation with i9-7900X and 64GB RAM (may end up needing 128GB RAM later). In case of Windows, which version do you recommend? Due to possible compatibility issues with Windows 8 and the old programs I use, I have been using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on an old...