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  1. S

    Question No sound through headphone jack on laptop

    So I installed FL studio with Asio, and then suddenly no sound came from my headphones. I tried all the common solutions online, but to no avail. I reinstalled drivers and everything, still nothing. I even performed a system restore and it didn't do anything. I know for fact that multiple...
  2. R

    Question No Audio Coming Through 3.5mm Ports

    I have no idea if this is a Windows issue, so I apologize if I put this in the wrong section. I recently built a brand new PC (specs below). It's my first build, and I'm 90% sure everything is installed correctly. My only issue thus far has been that anytime I plug anything into the 3.5mm audio...
  3. S

    Question "blurry sound" when rolling headphone socket in headphone jack

    I have a Redmi Note 8 with 3.5mm jack headphones. I connected them to my phone. My phone mostly does not recognize them. On some sides, it does. When I roll the headphones socket slowly in the jack, the sound becomes "blurry" in most positions. There is only a small range of positions in which...
  4. R

    Question Reducer for jack from 6mm to 3.5mm

    Hi everybody, I have a mic with a 6mm jack, which I would like to attach to my laptop, but the jack port of it is 3.5mm... does anyone know how to help me? Thanks, R.
  5. M

    [SOLVED] How to use 3.5mm Audio Input while using Display Port

    So I have an ASUS VG248QE I've had going for 7 years now. I like to use the built-in speakers for music when away from my PC. I run it through a 3.5mm splitter to get audio to both monitors. However, when I switched to using Display Port from DVI since I upgraded my PC I lost audio from the...
  6. G

    [SOLVED] Need second Line Out Jack

    Hi All, I have a little Problem, because i bought a new Headset and i already have speakers which are both connected via 3.5mm. My Setup only have one Line-out audio jack on the back but i need a second one to plug in both devices at the same time. Is it possible to change maybe line-in to...
  7. Zorina

    Question Mic not working in B450 Tomahawk Max, Windows 10

    Hello, I have built a new PC few days ago and when I tried talking to my friends during gaming session, my mic just won't work. I am using B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard with windows 10 on it, on the front panel, my mobo has two port named mic and spk. When I tried my headphones on the two...
  8. F

    Question 6.35mm vs 3.5mm = no difference in sound quality?

    so i went through most if not all google pages about that, and pretty much came to conclusion that there is no difference in audio quality, only in durability and that 6.35mm is harder to disconnect, i'm here simply to double check that, simply because i in fact own XLR to 3.5MM YYTCG pure...
  9. L

    Question Audio jacks on back I/O

    Okay so I have a pair of speakers and headphones, now my headphones are plugged in my back I/O and my speakers in my front. It's this way because my front I/O is damaged and when cable is moved it starts to lose contact. Now it works fine like this but looks really ugly and I was wondering if...
  10. D

    Question Audio Jack or Earbuds Malfunctioning

    Hi. I'm running Windows 10 on my ASUS K501UX laptop. Recently, I've been noticing that my earbud audio is malfunctioning. My laptop has one single multi-purpose 3.5mm audio jack that I split with the UGREEN Headset Adapter...
  11. B

    Bought a new laptop and want to know how long should i charge it before turning it on

    Hi , i bout an : HP 15-AE002NE laptop just today and want to know how long should i charge it before using or any other info about the battery would be really useful , here are the specs : Intel Core i7-5500U processor 2.4 GHz 12 GB DDR3L-1600 SDRAM, 1 TB SATA HDD 5400 rpm 15-inch LED Display...