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    [SOLVED] Connecting PC to Panasonic Surround System

    I am planning to connect my new PC build (Mb is an Asus ROG Strix b550f) to my old panasonic 5.1-channel home theater system. I checked both manuals, and Asus shows how to connect the PC to different audio system types in the manual. One of these is 5.1 channels, but the Asus diagram assumes...
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    Question DJI Osmo USB-C / 3.5mm mic adapter

    I have a Sony ECM-44B lav mic. It's a condenser mic. Its AA battery is putting out 1.5 volts (i.e. it's at close to full charge). I am trying to input it into my Huawei Matebook 13 laptop. This laptop doesn't have a mic input, so I'm trying to adapt the 1/8" (3.5mm) jack of the mic into the...
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    Question Are there any good lightning to 3.5 mm cables or adapters?

    So I have a iPhone 8 and I love the phone but hate the lack of headphone jack. I prefer the superior sound quality and general build quality of wired headphones. But I have terrible luck with phone wires. First the adapter that came with my phone started to pause or skip songs if moved the wrong...
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    Question 6.35mm vs 3.5mm = no difference in sound quality?

    so i went through most if not all google pages about that, and pretty much came to conclusion that there is no difference in audio quality, only in durability and that 6.35mm is harder to disconnect, i'm here simply to double check that, simply because i in fact own XLR to 3.5MM YYTCG pure...
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    Question Audio jacks on back I/O

    Okay so I have a pair of speakers and headphones, now my headphones are plugged in my back I/O and my speakers in my front. It's this way because my front I/O is damaged and when cable is moved it starts to lose contact. Now it works fine like this but looks really ugly and I was wondering if...