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  1. Gushigang

    Question Connect 4 pin fan to 2 pin header?

    The fan of my UPS is very noisy, so I was thinking of changing it for a noctua. The problem is that the UPS header is 2 pin and the noctua fans only come with 3 or 4 pins. Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM (4 pin) Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX (3 pin) Which one should I buy? and could I connect them directly to the...
  2. Latchland

    [SOLVED] A lot of rgb

    G'day all! I am getting a new case to transfer my build into (enthoo pro 2). I'm wanting to deck it out with a dumb amount of rgb (son likes the colours). All up including add on rgb for ram, rgb fans and rgb cables / rgb connectors there will be something stupid like 20 rgb 5v 3 pin...
  3. JonnyTatt

    Question Lian Li Strimer V2 Question - Asus Ranger VIII Intel Motherboard

    I was hoping to add some more flare to my PC but my motherboard is a little bit older and does not have RGB headers, only a bunch of empty fan headers. From the information I gathered the Lian Li cables have to be connected to ARGB 3-pin headers. I already have commander pro and it's pretty...