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  1. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] Can GTX 670 4GB run RDR2?

    I wonder can GTX 670 4GB run RDR2 at 1080P 30+ FPS?
  2. D

    Dell s2716dg doesn't work with only DP that came with the monitor.

    I just bought the Dell s2716dg and I'm having a connectivity problem with the display port cable that came with the monitor. The cable works fine if I plug it into any other 144hz capable monitor that I have, but not the s2716dg. Any ideas friends? p.s. HDMI does in fact work on the s2716dg...
  3. H

    First time PC builder needing help

    Is this a good build and will there be bottlenecking? I am a first time builder http://pcpartpicker.com/list/qYVGLD
  4. S

    Paint Heatsinks With PlastiDip?

    I wanted to take off the black decals of my mobo's heatsinks (GIGABYTE Z170X-UD5 TH) and turn the gold into blue. Can I paint it with PlastiDip or should I use automotive paint?
  5. B

    Laptop webcam for TrackIR and game on desktop?

    I want to use my laptop webcam for TrackIR and use it for head tracking on my games on my desktop. Is this possible? What other ways can I use head tracking for games on my desktop?
  6. Alexis92

    CDD.DLL Blue Screen

    so this has happened a lot to me and i have no idea what to do, some people are having problems with ram and some are having problems with graphics card and it looks like your problem won't be the same as them, i have no idea how to fix this and it keeps happening to me everytime i switch from...
  7. Griggs45

    Sony Vaio Laptop Continuous Beep On Start Up

    So my VPCEH1AFX Sony Vaio keeps beeping on Windows Start up some times. Not all the time, at times it can go for a few days without happening, First I checked for malware/virus, found nothing. Next I checked my RAM/test came back good. After that I checked the CPU and HHD. The CPU came back good...
  8. I

    Great 200mm fans for a NZXT Phantom 820?

    I have no idea what to get for 200mm fans for my NZXT Phantom 820 Ultra+. It supports up to 9 fans, but I'm going with possibly 8 fans both compiling of 140mm and 200mm fans. All of my 140mm fans, and eventually even the 140mm fans on my Kraken X60 will all be: Noctua 140mm Premium Quiet...