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  1. C

    Question Help Choosing a GPU for my First PC

    Hi, so I currently have a gaming laptop I got originally for school and gaming that has a 1080ti in it but am now trying to build a pc, I've looked into diff gpu's like the 30 series and the 40 series that to my understanding comes out later this year but not sure what to go for, I'm looking for...
  2. Mrquell

    Question New GPU. System won't POST. Will post with old GPU

    I bought a 3070 FE today, sealed in box with reciept from Best Buy from a local seller on FB marketplace and I am so excited to have the GPU I've wanted for a year and a half. But, when I put the GPU in my PC, it wouldn't post. Specs: Ryzen 3700x Corsair 16x2 GB RAM B550I Aorus Pro AX Power...
  3. N

    Question Opened RTX 3080 to check cooling and now it won't boot

    My RTX 3080 had been running incredibly hot (sometimes up to 116c for the VRAM) and I had seen lots of posts about this issue. Everyone obviously recommended changing thermal pads on the VRAM and reapplying thermal paste to drop temperatures. I had also seen posts by these people who had shown...