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  1. C

    Question 7.95 out of 16 Gb ram

    Hey! I was playing csgo and i wanted to use geforce experience to record my gameplay,so i downloaded the driver for it mid game, had a black screen restarted the game, everything worked just fine. Then i looked at the system spec and it said that i have 16gb of ram 7.95gb usable, so i fricked...
  2. K

    Question Using CL16 3000 MHz vs CL18 3200MHz RAM on Ryzen 5 3600 build.

    Where I live you can't find all kinds of RAMs easily so I am down to a few choices. Which RAM should I choose for my Ryzen 5 3600 build in conditions below ? I might use MSI B450 Gaming Plus or Tomahawk as a motherboard so I have checked the compability ( QVL ) of below RAMs for these...
  3. V

    Question RAM wont run at rated speeds on Ryzen 7 2700x?

    I have an ASUS ROG B450-F with an R7 2700x and just upgraded to 16GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM rated at 3000mhz. I know that out of the box it runs 2133, so I've tried overclocking with the D.O.C.P that is detected by the motherboard, which is 15-15-17-36. Using the D.O.C.P, it boot...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Upgrading Ram

    Hey there and thanks for stopping by. So I am planning on upgrading from 8gb 4x2 ram to 16 gb 4x4 ram. I was wondering whether or not I can mix and match ram sticks with C16 and C15 latency or 3000mhz speed and 2666mhz speed. This the link to ram I currently have...
  5. Vibhor Kumar

    Question Corsair vengeance ram and gigabyte motherboard

    I wanted to ask that will my Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 2x8GB DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz PC4-24000 C15 ram work on a gigabyte h110m-s2-cf motherboard and will I able to run it on the advertised speed of 3000MHz??
  6. B

    Question Is this a bad idea or is it feasible?

    I currently have two sets of ram: one 2x4gb kit that is rated at 3000 speed, and a 2x8gb kit at 3200 speed. As far as I know, they are the same timing and are both from the same brand(Team TForce Delta RGB). Is it possible for me to use both kits in my system at the same time and not encounter...
  7. ThisTies

    Question Can my r7 1700 run 3000mhz

    I Wanna finnish my build but don’t know ik I can run 3000mhz with a r7 1700 no overclocking. My motherboard is a asus b450-f
  8. C

    Question Shall I add two more fans to my build ?

    Hi I currently have I7 8700k @4.7ghz MSI z370 gaming pro carbon MSI gtx gaming X 1080 Corsair lpx 2 X 8gb ddr4 ram Evga 850w power supply Corsair x570 RGB My CPU temps are fine in this build never going above 60, but I have noticed on certain games my gpu can hit 80 degrees sometimes 86. If I...
  9. E

    Laptop Weird Fan Problem

    Hello all, I have a pavilion g6 1215et laptop. When I start laptop, fan starts and working normally, but when cpu temperature goes down, fan starts slowing with weird noises and stops. After it stops laptop starts beeping(single beeps) randomly. Laptop becomes very hot like 99 degrees and the...
  10. M

    ASUS M5A78L-M LE USB3 Not Working with Windows 10

    Dear Everyone, I have a M5A78L-M LE/USB3 Motherboard. I have previously installed Windows 10 and the USB3 ports worked just fine, but now the USB3 ports don’t work. I have uninstalled them and reinstalled with various drivers and nothing works. I have restored all restoration points from the...
  11. C

    I need help seriously i don't know what to choose or do.

    Ok so right now my motherboard is an h170 pro gaming and I have an i5 6660k. Now, is it worth it to upgrade to an i7 7770? or an i7 7770k? because my motherboard doesn't support OC. But then I have to spend like 200$ on a new motherboard and another 400$ on a new cpu. I'm thinking about...
  12. D

    PSU compatible with motherboard?

    I'm going to be purchasing a Gigabyte Z170-HD3 motherboard soon and I'm wondering if it will be compatible with my current PSU. I currently have a Thermal Master TM-420-PSAR-I3 420w power supply. I'm not sure if this is compatible with the motherboard I am purchasing. If not, I would...
  13. T

    How do I sell my GPU

    So a few months ago I bought a MSI GTX 970 OC edition (White) and I didn't know too much about GPU. Now that i'm interested in making my computer theme Black and red I realized my 970 was black and white. I really want to get MSI GTX 970 gaming edition which looks quite nice. I'm not very...