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  1. Pai9

    Discussion Gpu Temprature problem! 3060ti

    I m facing a problem my 3060ti is running over 85°c at 99% usage while gaming even when fans are at 100%. it's not even a year old gpu I don't know why that's happening 😢 also it's running 1600mhz something but I've seen in benchmark that it runs 1800mhz to 2000mhz at stock what can I do to fix...
  2. P

    Question RTX 3060 Ti running twice as slow ?

    Recently I upgraded from GTX 1070 to an Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti Gaming Oc. I started noticing that in most games my GPU usage with 1070 was around 100%, while with 3060 Ti it hovers around 60%. It results in a very similiar performance between these two cards. In the games I tested - Armored Core 6...
  3. V

    Question B550 over B450 for a 5800X3D and an RTX 3060 Ti, or a better RAM kit ?

    I'am in doubt about my system, for now I have B450 Tomahawk Max with a Ryzen 5800X3D and RTX 3060 Ti, and RAM is Ripjaws V g-skill 3600mhz cl16 (Hynix chip single rank) 16gb (2 x 8gb). Now I have something in my mind and wanted to buy a B550 mobo to boost a low FPS, or to buy a better ram kit...
  4. M

    Question Error 18 AMD - Random reboots, in specific games.

    Hello again everyone. I have bought a pc approximately 1 year ago, which has been running smooth AF and should still run smooth, BUT recently I started playing a game called "Legion TD 2" (VERY small game, which shouldnt require much pc usage) and I have random pc reboots without BSOD or any...
  5. aetherqz

    Question I can't use 144hz only 60hz works, need help I am so desperate.

    Hello guys! I bought a new RTX 3060 TI card and upgraded it from a GTX 1070 which I was using an DVI and this supported 144hz now on my new GPU there is no DVI port which is understandable as it is outdated, so I tried using my only HDMI cable I had and while it worked it doesn't support a...
  6. V

    Question chosing btw 3060ti brands

    hi, i had a msi ventus 2060 6Gb edition and due to new game releases that requires more than 6gb Vram, i thought why not upgrade it to 3060 or even AMD. i couldn't find good amd deal on those i had in mind but i found some 3060ti with these brand. which one is better consider that its 2nd...
  7. J

    Question Why does my CPU overheat?

    I just built a new pc with a i7 11700k with a 3060ti and for some reason my pc in game spikes to high 80s to low 90c on rainbow six. Which to my knowledge isn’t a really hard game to run. I’ve got a hyper 212 rgb cooler master cpu cooler and I’ve tried reapplying thermal paste like 4 times and...
  8. KKnows93

    Question Is this a decent undervolt for an Asus 3060 Ti Mini ?

    I have undervolted my GPU to 1845Mhz at 825Mv with temps in the high 50's low 60's on most games. Highest temp I've had was on Forspoken at 65 celcius. ... Should I ramp it up or keep it as is? I have only ran into a few crashes running "The Gunk" on ultra settings but other games at ultra...
  9. D

    Question New 3060 Ti causing 4K TV to freeze ?

    Recently purchased a 3060 Ti to replace a 970 in my system, but when I have tried to use it with my 4K tv the screen freezes and I have to take the hdmi cable out and put it back in to unfreeze. It will then freeze again if I try to open anything, change resolution, essentially anything that...
  10. K

    Question build help

    CASE: Thermaltake Case Versa MOBO: MSI MB B660M-B PRO CPU: Intel Core i5-12400 2.5Ghz - 4.4Ghz CPU FAN: COUGAR GAMING CGR-FZA50 RAM: Kingston Fury Beast 16GB(2x8) 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 SSD: Kingston 500GB NV2 M.2 NVMe HDD: Hard Disk WD HDD 1TB SATA3 64MB Cav Blue GPU:ASUS TUF RTX 3060 TI 8GB...
  11. FrostyL2K

    [SOLVED] 500W PSU for RTX 3060ti and R5 3600?

    Hey guys, I'm upgrading my GPU and I wanna know if I can get away with my 500w PSU without upgrading it. I'm planning to get a RTX 3060ti but I'd rather settle with a 3060 if my PSU can't handle it as I'm on a tight budget and PSU prices are high from where I'm from. I've done my research...
  12. C

    Question I bought a used video card

    As the title says, I bought a gtx 3060ti used for mining for like 7 months, I was worried about the temps that would handle but it never pass from 65°c. The thing is that i watched a lot of no OC benchmarks for AAA games and every time the gpu usage was 99% with 200w of consumption and always...
  13. AndrewTiger

    Question Low FPS on Game (Mainly League of Legends)

    I recently changed my setup. When I'm playing League of Legends my CPU usage is around 25-50%(it used to stay about 15-25 before bios and Win11 update but the issue is before the update which mean 15-25% still have low fps) and the fps is around 80 and it drops to even lower (60-65) when...
  14. poliplay

    Question should i buy evga 3060ti for ~303$?

    it is from a reputable(237 postive no negative) reseller, they say (and pictures show) that its unopened. right now i have a 1060 6gb and i have been looking to upgrade for years. the cheapest new 3060ti card is ~470$ here. thanks for the help as always.
  15. G

    Question Help. i think my card is dead.

    i bought a msi rtx 3060ti from facebook marketplace about a month ago. for about a month its all working fine. then yesterday i left my pc on the login screen because i was going to be away from my device for a while, i come back and the screen is black and my computer is making a really...
  16. Eliesb

    Question 3060ti non lhr hash drop

    Hi. First i have to mention that i have two 3060ti non lhr. Both sets to same oc settings. I used to get 60-61 mh/s each.now im getting in one of them 32mh/s I didn't change any thing in the settings even the drivers. Any suggestions? Thanks
  17. SudeNazz

    Question GPU Scaling causes GPU to crash ?

    Hello everyone. I'm having a strange issue. I have 3060 Ti. When I enable GPU scaling from GeForce Experience menu, and try to watch a youtube video, video comes green first and after couple of seconds screen starts to go black and comes back. Mouse position resets each time while this...
  18. H

    [SOLVED] Am I bottlenecking or is something going wrong?

    Specs: GTX 3060ti I7 8700k 4.7 16GB DDR4 RAM 3000mhz Windows 11 Game in referring too: Dying light 2 so currently playing DL2, using MSI afterburners overlay. When playing at 1080p high settings with DX11, my usage is between 60-80% and my CPU 40-70%. At 1440p my usage is between 80-90 and CPU...
  19. P

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 can't use 3060 Ti ?

    This is a long post sorry. I have been at this issue for 2 days now. I got a new MSI 3060 ti ventus 3X to replace my place holder card GTX 560 ti (I had to use what was lying around). I plugged it into my motherboard (Asus b450 f gaming) and its handy white led shone like the sun. The light...
  20. Ltimyoo

    Question Low gpu usage high fps

    So I feel like I’m the only one having this issue and have stumped even my compsci college professors who I’ve asked. I get high performance from my gpu(3060ti) and mid cpu usage 30-40% on Forza Horizon. However, my gpu usage is never above 1% but in game overlay says gpu usage is close to 90%...
  21. R

    [SOLVED] New PC screen going black when playing games [GPU died]

    Hi everyone, I'm at my wit ends. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I worry it's a HW issue and if it is, I'd like to start the return process asap. All parts were purchased in the last 30 days or so. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or require more info. During the build I...
  22. Kyle Q

    Question New PC, is it okay?

    Hey guys so after 3 years i'm finally upgrading from my ryzen 2600x, 1060 6gb 24gb ram PC. here are the specifications / part list of my new one: intel i5 10600k gigabyte b560m ds3h 3060 ti LHR 2x8 16gb 3000mhz corsair 500gb samsung SSD 2tb seagate HDD hyper 212 black edition cooler corsair...
  23. H


    I got gigabyte 3060ti lhr gpu. I start mining with that on hiveos using nbminer. But my hashrate not stable. It says lhr detected wait to unlock. Hashrate goes from 41 to 36 and after that it goes up again. Is it normal or am i doing something wrong? https://prnt.sc/1twmkvo my hiveos settıngs
  24. Verybusy44

    [SOLVED] motherboard DVI port not working

    z390 a pro, 3060ti I have a second monitor with dvi cable, and just found out 3060ti doesnt have dvi port. The motherboard apparently has the dvi port, but somehow it doesnt detect the machine. What should i do except buying another monitor with hdmi?
  25. H

    Question MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GAMING Z TRIO 8G LHR

    Hello techs, I just have questions about my graphic card MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GAMING Z TRIO 8G LHR. (CPU is i7-8700K) Is this clock / memory ok and not overclocked? Servis technics added me this new card. I need to be sure this setting is default. Can someone confirm? My Resolution is...
  26. D

    Question 3060Ti Galax installation and Registration

    I just bought a GALAX Nvidia 3060 Ti 8gb. I have two monitors. The main one is connected via a DISPLAY PORT to HDMI cable and the second monitor is connected via a HDMI to HDMI cable. My OS is Windows 8.1. ASUS ROG Rampage IV black edition . Here are my issues : Only the main monitor shows...
  27. A

    [SOLVED] Will RTX 3060 Ti work with old 3rd gen Intel motherboard eg. P8H61M LGA 1155 and Core i5 3570?

    Hello everyone please I hope anyone can help me. Im looking forward to upgrade my 8 years old PC. It has Core i5 3570, 8GB DDR3 Ram, P8H61M mobo, GTX 1060 and other old stuff. Im planning to upgrade everything, however, it will take quite some times while I work and save money. Its just that I...
  28. D

    [SOLVED] Can someone please help me out.? :/ PC rebooting cant even load up a game. Even changed the motherboard ! :/

    So my previous system was a ryzen 5 1400 with an gtx 1050ti 32gb G.skill CL16-18-18-18-38 and it was running at 3200Mhz on XMP on a b350 gaming pro. after putting in a RTX 3060Ti I had to replace the motherboard to an Aorus elite b450 because the PC was shutting down on heavy load due to GPU...
  29. jeremyjones2000

    [SOLVED] 3060ti founders whine/ high pitch noise

    View: https://imgur.com/gallery/uhb8CnM not sure why this is happening perhaps coil whine ? if so does anyone know if nvidia do replacements for it and is it a bad thing it is making this noise. Thanks!
  30. J

    [SOLVED] Upgraded PC and experiencing mouse lag and audio crackling

    Hello so I recently upgraded my PC and now I am experiencing problems. First off, if I leave my computer on for around 20 minutes, a random lag spike will occur and my mouse will suddenly have high input lag when I am on my desktop. Around the same time, my audio starts crackling and it is...
  31. J

    [SOLVED] 3060 ti resell price?

    How much will I be able to resell a used EVGA GeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti XC GAMING, 1410 - 1710MHz, 8GB GDDR6 for near the end of 2021? The suggested base price is $400 but is selling for$460 right now if you can find it in stock.
  32. Trkoo

    [SOLVED] Computer shuts down when GPU is under heavy load.

    Hey, My pc is shutting itself off instantly (not blue screening) while the GPU is under heavy load, when rendering a video or playing a game like SW Battlefront 2. I would usually assume its the PSU dying but I have a Gold 750W Corsair RM750i Series and purchased it in 07/2020. System specs...
  33. prateek320i

    [SOLVED] 3060 Ti or 3070 ? Upgrading from dead 1080 Ti

    Bonjour ☺ My day was pretty bad, just went out of depression as my GTX 1080 Ti died today. Now I have to buy a new card and I’m totally unaware about these new RTX 3000 series, Ray tracing stuffs etc. I’ve gone through many posts here and sorted out 2 GPU models till now - RTX 3060 Ti and RTX...
  34. M

    [SOLVED] Recommended price "old" gpu

    Hello, I have an Asus ROG Strict RTX 2080(not super), and was thinking about selling it, i bought it before the super was announced so, paid full price. My question is what is the recommended price for it? I have the box, always kept it under 70°C, didn't overclock (i know, i had headroom) and...
  35. J

    Question Why my PC crashes from starting up certain multiplayer games (No Blue Screen) ?

    I've been struggling with this problem all day and so I figured I would post. Here are my specs: OS: Windows 10 Education CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x CPU Cooler: Nocuta NH-L9i Graphics Card: EVGA FTW RTX 3060ti RAM: 1 stick HyperX fury 16GB 3600MHz DDR4 PSU: Corsair SFX 600 Gold edition So I've tested a...
  36. JojoErik

    Question New rtx 3060ti cooling

    My problem or question = I can put only 1 fan in my Case does it enought for 3060ti, with 16gb ram and i5-8400 ?
  37. FatalNeon

    [SOLVED] New MSI 3060ti GPU giving No Display Signal

    I installed a new MSI RTX3060ti Trio Gaming GPU yesterday into my ASRock x370 Killer SLI/ac, replacing a GTX 1070 card. My PSU is a Corsair CX650M, and I connected the (2) 8 pin power connections with one daisy chained 6+2 cable. It's connected to my monitor with a display port cable. It...
  38. D3VIL1

    Question Information About 3060ti bottleneck?

    hello i have core i7 4790k with 16gb ram and 1070 asus strix gpu and i m looking forward to upgrade to 3060ti will it bottleneck? if yes then how much %?
  39. T

    Question 3000 Series manufacture waitlist

    I am looking to buy an RTX 3060ti, and I have heard that EVGA has a waitlist you can sign up for. Im not sure how it works exactly, but I think they will hold your spot in line, and notify you when it is your turn to buy the new stock, whenever that happens. I was wondering if that is something...
  40. R

    [SOLVED] PSU still usable with new GPU?

    Hey I bought a new 3060Ti to replace my 1060 and i have a Seasonic S12II 520W bronze PSU. Am I gonna have any problems or should it be fine? Estimated wattage according to pcpartpicker is ~380 so 520W should still have some headroom. I'm slightly worried because the GPU box has a 600W...