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  1. CodenameSupreme

    Question RTX 3070 getting "low fps" and util in BF5 for example

    PC Specs: PSU:be quiet! 750W ATX23 MB: MSI Tomahawk B450 GPU: 3070 MSI suprim CPU: r7 3700x stock cooler RAM: 16GB DDR4-3600 DIMM CL18 FANS: 2 intake 2 exhale With these specs I'm getting like 100-130fps playing bf5 with 50-70max util and cpu around 60util on 1080p on ultra and the same...
  2. Smwynn117

    Question New build game stutter and Afterburner issues

    I just did a upgrade overhaul on my gaming PC and am having multiple odd issues. With having replaced over half the PC, I did a clean install of Windows to avoid conflicing drivers and firmware. Playing at 1080p I am getting very high fps in most titles, but some are having bad stuttering and...
  3. don808pablo

    Question Low GPU and CPU usage with RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra ?

    I recently bought a 3070 and a new power supply. Since I bought it I have been getting nowhere near the frames I should be getting compared to other benchmarks and my usage for the GPU and CPU hovers around 30-50% for each. I would really appreciate some help as I have searched everywhere and...
  4. N

    Question Need suggestion Which graphics card is better?

    Is this Graphics card is better https://atozinfosys.com/product/gigabyte-rtx-3070-gaming-oc/ or https://atozinfosys.com/product/gigabyte-aorus-rtx-3070-master-8gb-graphics-card/
  5. P

    Question PC recently started to turn off and restart after long game session

    So i built a new PC this month MSI Z490 mpg gaming plus i7 10700k 3070rtx corsair vengeance 16gb 3000mhz EVGA gold 650w the rest is just lots of noctua fans and noctua cpu cooler. Everything ran smoothly for the first week and a half, everything been fine, i can run games on ultra with no...
  6. twest08

    Question New PC build restarting while loading certain games ?

    I'm having an issue with a new build. Initially my PC would restart while loading Warzone before it even loaded the main menu. It would completely restart, no error codes or blue screen. I updated a file size limit on windows and that fixed it where it runs perfect at 150-160fps for hours no...
  7. Alaskanian

    [SOLVED] ASUS TUF 3070 Sag

    So recently I built a new pc with the new ASUS TUF 3070 OC. Got it at msrp too so screw you scalpers. I do have an issue with it though, it sags a lot and it seems to be very delicate. What I mean is when I accidently slammed my desk the other day, my signal to the monitor turned off. PC was...
  8. B

    [SOLVED] Rtx 3070 - best cpu?

    Hi all, I recently got my hands on an Nvidia RTX 3070 to partner my AMD Ryzen 5 2600X (6-core) and I have bumped into some issues which I believe to be my CPU bottlenecking. I did a bottle neck calculator and supposedly this pairing should only get 0.06% bottleneck which I can't believe is the...
  9. IDontKnowSoYeah

    [SOLVED] Where to pre order rtx 30 series in europe?

    Is there any good sites to pre order a rtx 3070 from in europe?
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Lancool II mesh Performance Fans setup

    Hi! I'm planning to buy the Lancool II mesh performance case and I'm trying to find the best fan setup for this one. So I was thinking of two options : 1) Front : Two 140mm fans as intake (stock) Top : AIO 240mm as exhaust Rear : One 120mm fan as exhaust (stock) Top of PSU Shroud : One 120mm...