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  1. Andrew_C1

    Question Is this Build Compatible?

    Because tomorrow is Black Friday I've decided to rush into getting, at the very least, the 3 most expensive components for my new PC build. I've built a desktop for gaming before but it was over 5 years ago so needless to say I'm a bit rusty with compatibility. I've been using PCPartPicker and...
  2. Schantzei

    Question 10700KF + 2070S or 10400F + 3070

    Hello everyone, I want to build a PC that I can play games on 1440p and will not cost me extra for many years. I don't understand much about these things; however, after a long research, I made a list as follows: CPU: i7 10700KF / i5 10600KF / i5 10400F / R5 5600X GPU: Palit RTX 2070 Super /...
  3. I

    Question 3060TI Release Date?

    So a lot of leaks are saying December the 2nd but will the actual card be released on the date or just revealed? Thankyou
  4. RagedAPE

    Question 6800 VS 3070 ROG STRIX

    Good afternoon, I have on pre order a 3070 rog strix to go with a 5800x I would like to see your thoughts on if I should change it to a 6800 The 6800 is cheaper and better at frames in games by about 20fps but it performs bad in raytracing compared to 3070 and has no dlss version just yet...
  5. sidekick99

    Question Faulty 3070

    I have been struggling with my new build lately. So my new build pc would randomly shut down at idle and while gaming, i can “trigger” the shutdown by running need for speed heat. Everytime it would load the pc shuts off. I replaced my 650W with a 850W psu and still my pc would shutdown. I...
  6. Elixs

    Question Best CPU for RTX 3070?

    I have an Intel Core i5-8400 and an RTX 3070 and I'm noticing that in some games (like Call of Duty Cold War) the CPU it's at 70-99% usage while the GPU sticks at 50-70%. It seems like it is bottlenecking, and I would love to change my CPU in order to avoid that bottleneck, but without spending...
  7. sidekick99

    Question 650W to weak for rtx 3070

    So i recently build a new pc (see specs below) and it would shut down when idling and playing games. During need for speed heat (gpu ~99% and cpu ~80% usage) my 650W PSU would draw 710W and evantually shut down. I’m confused tbh because everyone suggests a 650W psu for my specs... pc specs...
  8. twgamerbuilder

    Question 3070 Underperforming

    So I was lucky enough to get a RTX 3070 founders edition and Im kinda dissapointed. I saw benchmarks and was expecting crazy 120-160+ fps in AAA titles like battlefield 5 in 1080p and I haven't been getting that. Im averging like 85-95 in battlefield 5, 70-80 in Jedi Fallen order, 75-85 in red...
  9. W

    Question ROG 3070 OC or RX6800?

    Hello, I want to get a different GPU than the one I currently have and was wandering if anyone who is more knowledgeable on this usbject could give advice? I use my setup for gaming first, but also a bit of video editing on the side: i7 9700k MSI 2070 Super Ventus OC 16GB (2x8) 3200 Corsair...
  10. G

    Question nvidia auto performance tuning vs aorus engine auto tuning ?

    Hi! i installed yesterday my new Gigabyte RTX 3070 Eagle OC and i wanted to ask, should i do BOTH the nvidia auto performance tuning AND aorus engine auto scan (gigabyte's OC utility), or only one of them? what will happen if i do both?
  11. Black Reaper

    Question Screen freezes then goes black ?

    Description A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly. Problem signature Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent Code: 141 Parameter 1: ffffdc07ca624050 Parameter 2: fffff8034d082298 Parameter 3: 0 Parameter 4: 0 OS version: 10_0_19042 Service Pack: 0_0 Product: 768_1 OS...
  12. optionalfigure

    Question Upgrade my CPU or Monitor for 3070

    So I picked up an RTX 3070FE and was wondering if I should upgrade my CPU or monitor first for Christmas. The other one will be upgraded eventually, but I am trying to figure out which one is more pressing. I currently have a Ryzen 5 2600 and a 1080p 144hz G-Sync monitor. If I were to upgrade...
  13. J

    Question 3070 Crashes. Bad GPU or Drivers?

    Hi, I've had my 3070 for 2 days now, with Nvidia's latest drivers. I'm able to play Killing Floor 2 for hours with no crashes. World War Z, Hitman, Just Cause 3, & Deus Ex: Mankind Divided crash about 30 minutes into gaming. The temperature appears fine, in the low 60s celsius. I'll add that...
  14. C

    Question What's the difference between the rtx 3070 Rog strix and the tuf?

    I'm currently looking at the rtx 3070 series for my new build and I'm very fond of Asus. The only problem is that I think the Rog strix one looks better than the Tuf, but i can't see why it's so much more expensive. Where i live i have to pay over 100$ more for the Rog strix.
  15. S

    Question GPU not recognised but seems to be powering fine

    I have just replaced my PSU, CPU cooler and GPU. I tested the system with the iGPU once I put the new CPU cooler on and it was working fine. When I plugged in the graphics card it boots up to a black screen. I tested my old GPU in the system and I'm getting the same fault, despite it working...
  16. sidekick99

    Question Low PC power use

    I decided to measure the amount of Watt my pc draws with an electricity usage monitor ( out of curiosity). And when playing games my pc would draw 260 Watt max. This seems very strange to me because everywhere i would see the suggested PSU is 650W butt it only uses up to 260W when measuring...
  17. twgamerbuilder

    Question Getting Worse Performance with a 3070??

    So I was lucky enough to get a 3070 and im getting worse fps lol. I had a rx 580 and a ryzen 1700 now its my 1700 with the 3070. I understand my stsem is bottlenecked but I dont think I should be getting WORSE fps than when I had my rx 580. I did amd driver cleanup utility, checked my settings...
  18. MarioRud

    Build Advice NZXT H1 + 3070 Build

    Hey all! I'm planning on building my second PC ever in the next few weeks or so and was looking for some advice and opinions on my choices for it. My desired specs (as of now): Case/AIO/PSU: NZXT H1, arrived today, looks beautiful. RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB 3200mhz, currently in my...
  19. J

    Question Four Beeps at startup since installing NVIDIA 3070 ?

    Hi all, Have just bought and installed a new EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 card. It works fine and benchmarks well but ever since installing, I hear four beeps in quick succession. Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 board with the latest bios update F22f, and according to Gigabyte, four quick...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] 3070 build

    I managed to get a 3070 but I now need a new CPU I think. If I'm correct a i5 8600k will bottleneck it. So can someone please recommend a motherboard and a CPU please :)