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  1. Daelinbrad

    Question 12gb3080ftw3 crashing warzone

    Build specifications: MSI Z590 Tomahawk EVGA 1000W Gold 2x 3000Mhz 8Gb DDR4 2x 3200Mhz 8Gb DDR4 (XMP enabled) 970 Evo 1Tb SSD i7 10700K 3.8Ghz (OC'd in BIOS to 5.1Ghz) EVGA 3080 FTW3 12Gb Windows 10 64bit I built this computer to play Warzone. When it works, it works great, getting ≤180FPS in...
  2. Jah_Rasta

    Question 3080 Ti display issues ?

    Greetings friends! Some help will be greatly appreciated as I've exhausted my knowledge and cant think of a solution. Im not too tech savvy so apologies in advance, I've built this PC a few months ago and everything has been great. Here are the specs Intel Core i7 10700K MSI MPG Z490 Gaming...
  3. G

    Question Bad FPS on Games NEED HELP!!

    Hey, so how this all started is I had a 1070ti and when i played cod warzone i was getting 30-60 fps no frame cap or nothing (1070 ti should've been getting more fps). So then I bought basically a bunch of new parts thinking this would fix the problem for example a new Z390 Arous Pro WIFI...