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  1. M

    Question 5900x Low score in 3dmark and cinebench r23

    Hi so I am getting multi core score of only 20578 and single core score of 1598, got 1613 before with arctic liquid freezer ii 280 but thats being repaired and have noctua nh dh15s atm. On 3dmark im getting total score 16172 with 3008 fe and 5900x . CPU score on there is 11748. I only have docp...
  2. mjeccs

    Question 3080 FE UnderVolt Crash

    Hi guys any experts here able to offer some advice Background: The 3080 is my first ever GPU and I have limited knowledge around hardware, only the info I have retained from watching hours of Youtube vids. I have attempted to undervolt my 3080 FE and had some crashes when playing Cyberpunk and...