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  1. B

    Question Help deciding on new case.

    Hi, I am currently looking to minimize the size of my current case which is the the Corsair 750D. I was looking at the Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini which I would need to change my PSU to an SFX 750W but Im not 100% sure would my CPU cooler would fit. I am looking for any recommendations for a much...
  2. chefo055

    Question Bad cooling EVGA 3080. Please advice!

    I just upgraded my video card with EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB TW3 and I believe I have huge issues with the case ventilation. https://ibb.co/pyYghwC As you can see from the picture my case is inverted! (had to be because of the interior of my room) In the front I have two intake fans that are...
  3. demian711

    Question Poor 3080 performance + black screen after restart

    Hello! Sorry for this question as seems to be already being asked so many times, but every case is different. This is my current pc: mother: Gigabyte Z390 UD cpu: i5-8600K (no OC) Corsair Hydro H45 SSD 512 HHD 1TB 7200RPM RAM: 2x8gb Corsair 2666 GPU: 3080 Zotac Gaming OC Firts topic: I was...
  4. L

    Question 3080 With Poor Performance

    I picked up my Strix 3080 a couple days ago, and was super excited to start gaming. Was tricky finding a 3rd 8pin cable but managed to find my psu cable kit, which is an EVGA Supernova 1000 G3. Plugged it all in and started benchmarking and it seemed kinda underwhelming, a tiny bit, but I was...
  5. I

    Question 3060TI Release Date?

    So a lot of leaks are saying December the 2nd but will the actual card be released on the date or just revealed? Thankyou
  6. V

    [SOLVED] Conflicting answers and results for a 3080 strix and 750w psu, what do you say?

    I just got a new PC a couple weeks ago with: Ryzen 3800x with stock cooler B550 motherboard 1 NVME, 1 SSD and 1 HDD 2x16 GB Ram and Straight Power 11 750w Platinum PSU Currently running an old GTX 1050 Ti on it cause I couldn't buy a 3070s Finally I may have a chance to buy any of the 3000...
  7. P

    Question Will Asus Tuf 3080 Fit in my CM 690 Case? Please help

    Please help, I have been measuring and calculating stuff for hours, but It's not my strong suite and I dont want to mess this up, since I have already paid the deposit in full and I am on the waiting list. I have this case specifically...
  8. Skylarz

    Question 3080 or 6800xt? Price difference

    Hey all. I have the option to get a 6800xt for $75USD less than the founder's edition of the rtx 3080. Is it worth getting the 3080 for DLSS function alone? I am from Canada so $75USD is an extra $100CAD to me. I also saw that NVIDIA is going to implement their own SAM mode in the future and...
  9. D

    Question Upgrading from 1080Ti to 3070/3080 or new AMD card

    So I am wanting to upgrade my video card from a 1080ti to one of those listed above. Would there be any issues at all? I'm a bit concerned about bottlenecks and I'm not 100% sure on what is the cause of those and how to tell. I'm not planning to upgrade within the next couple of months but want...
  10. M

    Question Games keep stuttering vsync cap to 60fps and keeps stuttering to 59fps 3080FE

    Hi Guys im in desperate need of you help before i give up and sell my PC and Buy a PS5 So i built myself a new PC and every game i try has fps dips and stutter/judder. I originally had a itx build with a 1070 and everything worked great i have now built a full ATX build with the following...
  11. I

    Question 3080 help me find one

    Anyone have any luck finding a 3080. I'm currently trying to find one and having no luck. Any suggestion?
  12. T

    Question My 3080 is not pushing out all it has for some reason?

    So I bought a Gigabyte 3080 Gaming OC. Currently paired with a Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB of RAM, and a 650W PSU at 1080p. So I tested to see how games I played would run and.......I was disappointed. I know that 1080p is more or less a bottleneck for this card and the 2600 might be as well but not...
  13. Y

    Question Rtx 3080 xc3 ultra temps.

    So I just scored a 3080 and got it today! My only issue is, man this card runs hot. Idle temps are in the 50’s too! Now, I do have the NZXT H510 case which is not the best for airflow but I didn’t think it would be this bad. I undervolted as well and no help. Would it be worth to put kryonaut...
  14. T

    Question Random Crashing and Bios Reset

    Hi, just upgraded my PC. I say upgraded, but the only things I kept were my 2 2.5" SSDs, my 3.5" HDD and my Cooler Master V850 PSU. New parts were: New case (Phanteks P400A) New MOBO (Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite) New CPU (Ryzen 5 5600X w/ stock Wraith cooler) New RAM (16GB Crucial Ballistix RGB)...
  15. ngloumy

    Question GPU Crash Issues

    I recently built a new rig after buying a 3080 FE. It runs fine most of the time, but sometimes it just randomly crashes after playing a game for a little while. The only thing I can see that changed when it crashed this last time is that the PCIe Slot Voltage jumped from 11,9 to 12 right when...
  16. Barry Cupas

    [SOLVED] Will LG 34WK95U Use a lot of GPU Power?

    Hello guys, I'm gonna be buying a 3090 or a 3080, or maybe even a 6900XT and for CPU it is gonna be a 5950x I'm gonna be doing 3d rendering, Simulations, Animation and NO GAMING.... So if I'm buying either the 34WK95-U Monitor or the 32UL950 or the 32UD99 will those monitors use my GPU a lot...
  17. B

    Question Low utilization on both 8600k and RTX 3080

    I just put in a 3080 to replace my 2080 and I got less than expected framerates in the benchmarks for Watchdogs Legion (88 fps in benchmark for the medium setting). It is substantially slower than Tom's bench https://www.tomshardware.com/news/watch-dogs-legion-benchmark. Granted Tom's used a...
  18. D

    Question Underperforming RTX 3080?

    I recently installed an RTX 3080 into my system, specifically the EVGA FTW3 Ultra. Unfortunately, I feel somewhat underwhelmed in the performance of the card so far when it comes to my FPS in games like Far Cry 5, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends. When it comes to Far Cry 5, I've come to...
  19. Beetonl

    [SOLVED] 3080 (with Riser) in Thermaltake P3

    Hey guys, I'm thinking ahead to my 3080 (whenever I get one) with my existing build. Here is my speccy; http://speccy.piriform.com/results/dMNxcfs4YZmVcBueVzPfFz2 Basically, my Motherboard (Z490 AORUS ELITE AC) is PCI.4 ready (that said Intel isn't ready and only supports PCI3), and I know...
  20. Skulcar

    Question NVIDIA 3080 eGPU on MacBook Pro 2017. Is it worth?

    Hi there! I have a big question bothering me and I thought I could find an answer here 🙏🏻 I recently received an unexpected news: I have to go abroad for at least two or three months for work, although I just bought a new pc with a fantastic Nvidia Asus Tuf 3080. My goal was to properly enjoy...