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  1. ProSenpai94

    Question Windows is full of contradictions ??

    i have a 64 bit windows 10 pro os . i recently installed a game called rocket league from torrent and when i ran the game it was not working so i tried some fixes like running it as administrator and when i cam across the files of the game there were two folder win64 and win32 as i have 64 bit...
  2. Nori-Gin

    [SOLVED] Extremely low frame rates when running 32 bit games.

    So I have been trying to play Saints Row 3 on my WIN 10 computer. Specs : Intel I7-8750H Nvidia GTX 1070 16 gb RAM Whenever I open Saints Row from steam Im asked to choose Direct X 10 or 11 or Direct X 9. Of course I ve tried both but have the exact same result. My frame rates cap at 4 FPS...