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  1. ProSenpai94

    Question Windows is full of contradictions ??

    i have a 64 bit windows 10 pro os . i recently installed a game called rocket league from torrent and when i ran the game it was not working so i tried some fixes like running it as administrator and when i cam across the files of the game there were two folder win64 and win32 as i have 64 bit...
  2. Mohamed21

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 x32 to Windows 10 x64

    The device is HP Precario Compaq CQ61 (3GB RAM/Pentium T4200 CPU/BIOS Version: Hewlett-Packard F.23). It currently runs on Windows 7 32bit but the processor supports 64bit (I've checked). I've downloaded the Windows 10 x64 (build 10074) .iso file from uptodown.com. I've used PowerISO to boot it...
  3. X

    [SOLVED] How can I bypass win 8.1 "Checking this PC" ( ISO Direct installation )

    Hello.. If u look at my first post, I talked about "will win 8.1 work on 512 MB RAM?" After i got the ISO and I got in this trouble, "This PC is not supported" Is there anyway I can bypass the system check by modifying the ISO? Please reply! Brand : COMPAQ Model : V3000 Ram : 512 MB ( I have...
  4. Nori-Gin

    [SOLVED] Extremely low frame rates when running 32 bit games.

    So I have been trying to play Saints Row 3 on my WIN 10 computer. Specs : Intel I7-8750H Nvidia GTX 1070 16 gb RAM Whenever I open Saints Row from steam Im asked to choose Direct X 10 or 11 or Direct X 9. Of course I ve tried both but have the exact same result. My frame rates cap at 4 FPS...
  5. Schegg

    Question I want to run an old game on my PC.

    Hello, So I downloaded a educational videogame that is really nostalgic to me on the internet, and the files I did got from the download are these: https://ibb.co/m8HRt0q When opening the 'HoofdMenu' application (https://ibb.co/bXWWRSn) it gives me this error log: https://ibb.co/0QSpWzy...
  6. A

    Question Windows 7 32 bit 100% Disk Usage and Unresponsive Processes

    Hello, I am running a Windows 7 32 bit laptop with 2 GB RAM and 450 GB total ROM. It is getting 100% Disk Usage after a few minutes and the softwares are becoming unresponsive. I tried- Changing Power options. Changing Animation effects. I got a solution too. It was disabling some services in...
  7. A

    Question Can't install NEW 4.7.2 .NET Framework in Windows 7

    First, I uninstalled the old version and installed the new version from Microsoft official website. But now I can't install Windows .NET Framework. Please help me.
  8. A

    Question Windows 7 BSOD Crash Dump after windows booting screen

    Hi, I am kinda new here. I have a problem with my Acer laptop running Windows 7. After a few minutes from waking up from hibernation, it was crashing. I also saw 100% CPU usage. I ran antivirus scan and pc optimizer and boosters. But they didn't work. So, I searched for a solution and disabled...
  9. M

    will this work?

    Hi guys, I own an gigabyte motherboard m61pme-s2p, bought an AMD phenom ii 1090 Will it work, or is a refund needed?
  10. msmyla2

    Switching from Mac - first gaming build - any good? (i5-8400/8600K, GTX 1060/1070)

    Hello, after years of using a Mac, I’m building my first gaming PC! I’m both happy and stressed at the same time! I’ve done lots of research, I’ve read tens of threads on the topic, but I’d still love your feedback - just to make sure I’m not doing any stupid mistakes. This is going to be...
  11. W

    Computer randomly quit posting / booting

    Hello, I am posting this for a friend as his PC is not working right now. He recently completed a new build 3 days ago. Yesterday a windows cumulative update came through a shutdown his PC. Instead of rebooting to finish the updating process, The computer stayed shut off for about 30~ minutes...
  12. F

    need usb port help!!

    so ive had this computer since december. i built it all myself with used parts on ebay. sounds bad already but ive had to buy two motherboards and here is why. the first one i put in everything worked. the usb's in the back and the front of my case but my display ports didnt work. i asked a...
  13. H

    Good pingtest and speedtest scores, but high ping in multiplayer games

    Using my Xfinity internet I get 10mbps download, 40 ping, 5mbps upload on speedtest.net and no jitter or ping problems on pingtest.net, but when I play multiplayer games like Overwatch or CSGO my ping will sometimes spike from 50 to upwards of 1000 for long periods of time. I thought this might...
  14. R

    Using bad sector hdd as second disk space on pc

    so i have many bad sector on this 500gb hdd, and now i want to buy new hdd which is 1 tb hdd for my primary space, the question is, if i use this 500gb hdd as my second disk space will my 1 tb hdd get bad sector from my 500 gb hdd? sorry for the stupid question
  15. B

    How to test the hardware

    I went to the computer shop for testing my PC (because it had smell) and after few days of test the man reported to me that he tested every of my components seriously -- Mobo, PSU, RAM etc... All tested and he reported to me that the PSU, mobo as well as the hard drives are aging and going to...
  16. D

    PartitionGuru Not working, I can't fix my logical bad sectors. SOS!

    Hi. In a very brief way, I've been trying to remove those bad sectors using PartGuru and it fixed some after i formatted my C: Drive (which is the cause of the issue). after verifying the bad track i ran the repair and it just kept running till forever (30 mins now) while it fixed the others in...
  17. M

    i5-4690K + gtx 950 OR I3 6100 + RX 480

    Which combo would be better for 1080p gaming? Also, what fps would I expect from both builds. Thank you.
  18. P

    what mobo should i use?

    mobos under 130-140 dollars for i7 6700k and a single gtx 1070
  19. G

    What is 6-Pin/8-Pin PCI-Express Connector?

    Hi. I got This PSU THERMALTAKE TT-500NL2NK-A (https://www.clubelectronic.ca/en/power-supply/432-thermaltake-tt-500nl2nk-a-500w-power-supply.html). It says that it have 1x 6 pin connector and 1x6 pin/8 pin connector. But the psu have no 8 pin connector or 6+2 pin connector. So what does 6 pin/...
  20. K

    keyboard random keys, usb ok on-screen ok

    I removed keyboard and drivers, updated drivers, half keys work ok. rebooting computer sometimes helps. usb keyboard and on-screen keyboard works ok. I'm using a Dell xps 1530 with window 10. Sometimes a few keys will return numbers instead of letters. Each time some keys will work and other...
  21. N

    good gaming / video/ streaming rig?

    I have decided that i am going to purchase a pre build pc although i know that building one on your own can be a cheaper choice i just do not have the time or patience to do that any help would be appreciated. also how would i add more storage if need be and ram? Limited Time Offer 1 x [FREE] -...
  22. U

    What to do about my MacBook?

    You know what, these suck (In my fairly recent opinion). Quietly wanted one as a kid, finally had enough money to get one (plus my laptop was old and dying, 8.1 was wrecking havoc on my gaming PC) so I got one. And this is what I got: Kernel panics in the middle of trying to do stuff. Thing...
  23. Ferrariassassin

    How can i get a solid 20-30FPS on Rise of the Tomb Raider at 1080p?

    I have a 980Ti and i5-4690 and i play at 1080p and i have every setting maxed out EXEPT for AA because i use FXAA instead of MSAA because i think MSAA makes the edges look war more jaggy and ugly compared to FXAA and i would love to use SSAAX4 but i get 3-10FPS with that on so i use FXAA. When i...
  24. N

    Best Motherboard (RAID Built In) And Processor for server

    Hi all experts for Server Physical Component, What are the best Motherboard and Processor for Server.(File Server, Application Server, Database Server). Somebody can recomend a brand and model? Thank you, Vin ps. for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Operating System
  25. D

    Asus Z170-PRO vs ROG Maxiumus VIII Ranger

    I plan on getting an i5 6600k with a NH-D15 to cool it and use overclocking as a way to extend the usable life of it. I can get them at basically the same price so with is better? I have read all of the specs on the site but they both seem to fit my needs just fine (sata ports PCI-E lanes etc)...
  26. A

    How developed is ddr4 so far?

    Wondering if 3200 at it's current timings is better than 3000? Thanks.
  27. U

    Suggest a motherboard for this rig(z97)

    specifications: i7 4790k hyper x fury 1866mhz - 8GB x2+16GB GTX 960 2GB ------------------------------------------------------------- I wont do much overclocking any soon , maybe later but not in near future. ------------------------------------------------------------- now the motherboard, I...
  28. FinnZilla

    Any good games for my pc?

    Hey guys, im looking for some good games to play, dont have to be free. My gpu is a radeon r9 290x cpu is an amd fx 8320 any suggestions?
  29. PekkaLegend

    $800 Gaming PC Build - Suggestions?

    Hello, I'm not new to the whole building a PC deal. I just want to see other builds that could help me decide better! I play BF4, CSGO, maybe Minecraft, and might get the Witcher 3. Budget: $800 Needs to include Optical Drive + Win7 (No I'm not Pirating or getting from G2A, etc.)
  30. akaikisaki

    PS vita or Android phone with gamepad

    Hi Guys, Please help me in deciding between a PS vita slim and an android phone with gamepad (probably Xperia Z). The PS vita games, memory cards are costly. I wont be able to make any calls as local mobile and landline calls through Skype has been disabled in India. :fou: But I can adjust...
  31. J

    Need Front Piece For PC Case

    I'm doing a case mod of some old E-Machine. I really just want to find a front piece of a PC case but I can't. If someone could link a website that'd be great.
  32. S

    Upgrading a R7 250 2GB Card

    Can someone tell me if a Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB GDDR5 would be an upgrade from the R7 250 2GB card. I have a Cyberpowerpc GUA950A. Thanks to any and all who respond. Also , any other cards you would suggest that would be compatible with my build. Thanks again
  33. Q

    Laptop works slow and fan works too much.

    I left my laptop with only 5% hard drive memory for quite a while. I knew i was supoosed to format it or clean the disk, but continued working with it that way, one day it crashed and showed me a blue screen. I formatted the computer. It took quite a while since everytime it made a restart to...
  34. Akalanka Umayanga

    Google Play Crashing... How to fix ??

    I have a Samsung galaxy TAB 10.1 Model Number is GT-P7500. the OS is 4.0.4. yesterday when i tried to open googleplay it crashes. the google play version is 5.2.11 then i downloaded google play version 5.1.11 from the internet and installed it. then the google play app works fine. but when close...
  35. hans_pcguy

    Budget Gaming Build

    What do you think of this budget gaming build? I have a Dell Precision T7500 with a Xeon E5630, 12 GB Ram, 1100 watt power supply and Dual Radeon 5830 Graphics Cards? Total price of $233. Did I pay too much?
  36. M

    is amd raedon hd r7 m265 a good graphics card

    how good is a notebook with i5 processor, 8gb ram,1tb ssd,and amd raedon hd r7 m265 2gb graphics card for gaming
  37. SoumyaHD

    Can i play Xbox 360 games on pc (Win10)

    I am reading all the articles about Windows 10 that it will be the future OS for all platforms like WindowsPhone , PC, XBOX etc. So I am wondereing that can it play games like Halo or Forza Horizon (XBOX EXCLUSIVE) games on a simple PC which is running Windows 10 OS ?? Please help and thanks...
  38. W

    tell me guyz can . core 2 duo processor handle 4gb ram n r7 250

    N can it handle bf4,gtav,crisis3 etc
  39. Barney6262

    Alternative to an expensive Hard drive enclosure?

    Hi, I recently bought another 3 hard drives (WD caviar blue 1TB) for a Raid 10 storage solution. It all works great except it is slightly noisy as the hard drive cage in my pc is right next to the front intake so no noise is dampened. This means my hard drives are the noisiest thing in my...
  40. J

    acer aspire -531/571 reboot stuck on starting services

    I have a Acer aspire one and I restored it to factory settings now it is stuck on starting services. I have pressed alt 10 and 12 no joy? Please can you help. Thanks in advance