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  1. Tag365

    Question Inspiron 5675 RAM upgrade, I want to install 32 GB of RAM instead of 8 GB

    I'm considering upgrading the amount of RAM (random access memory) of my Inspiron 5675 computer from 8GB to 32GB. I play versions of Minecraft which generally require around 6 GB of RAM or more, which is quite intensive on my limited RAM. Microsoft Edge tabs crash gradually when I'm playing...
  2. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] 3200 or 3600 MHz Ram

    I am building a new gaming PC with the following stats: - i5-10600 (no K- Don't want to overclock) Gigabyte Z490 aorus elite ac RTX 2060 super or 2070 super (not decided yet) 2 SSDs (not decided on the type yet) I am down to choose a decent RAM matching the set up. I have set my mind at...