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    [SOLVED] 32 inch vs 27 inch for 1440p

    I am currently looking for a monitor for my RTX2060/7 2700x build that will support 144hz and 1440p resolution. However, I am drawn between a 32 inch monitor and a 27 inch monitor. If I had to get a 32 inch monitor, it would either be the MSI MAG321CQR or the Dell S3220DGF. If I had to get a...
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    [SOLVED] Is 500 Watts Enough

    Is 500 watts enough to run a GTX 1060 6G?
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    Good cpu and bad gpu?

    Hello community, This week i will pick up my Core 2 quad q9650, 3ghz each core and a liquid cooled cooler for maximum performance. My current gpu also is an evga gt 610, and im a bit worried that it will affect the cpu from giving its atmost, 100percent. Btw, i only play csgo, and tf2 My...
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    does a gpu benchmark test like valley -heaven or 3dmark safe and must use on new build ?

    does these tests safe ? or it will damage the gpu by overvoltage ?? also easy to uninstall them ? and how much time the test will last in heaven ?
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    low fps with high end pc

    i builded my pc around 5 months ago and it,s got great components for its price when i first started gaming on it it preformed really great i,ve been getting around 80fps average on battlefield 4 borderlands was running great and everything was working perfect but now for about 2 weeks i,ve been...