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  1. C

    Question [Urgent] 32Bit to 64Bit without a flash drive/disk?

    My friend needs help from me upgrading to 64bit but what slows me down is that he does not have access to a flash drive and cant buy one. He does not care about his files whatsoever and I recommended him to wipe his operating system on his hard drive and then go onto his siblings computer and...
  2. aeromaster03

    Question 32-Bit OS for Home Server

    Not sure if this is the correct place to ask but I will anyway. I'm setting up a home server, I'm using a 32-bit laptop for this. I wanted to use Amahi however it only supports 64-bit. I've had a look around without much luck but does anyone know if there are any / what the best OS would be for...
  3. A

    Can I upgrade my b960 to i5 3230m?

    Hi guys, I have pentium b960 sandybridge (988b rPGA) and I want to upgrade it. Is it possible to upgrade to i5 3230m ivybridge? it have same socket and same tdp.
  4. J

    Want Some Feedback on a Potential Build

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on building a computer relatively soon. I'm somewhat tech savvy, but I've only recently gained an interest in computers. This PC will be used mostly for gaming, and moderate photo/video editing. I've done a decent amount of research on all of the components, but i...
  5. Monte666

    RX 470 VS R9 380 with FX6300 black edition CPU

    I have a FX 6300 Black Edition CPU and I'm thinking about buying R9 380 MSI 4GB version or the RX470 GPU I had an R9 270X and it died so I need a replacement I game on 1080p Is my configuration with either of these two graphics going to work 100%, like is there gonna be bottlenecks, if so, is...
  6. S

    LF CPU Upgrade

    Hello all, I am just looking for a CPU upgrade as I feel as if I my CPU is limiting my PC. My current specs are; i3-2120 processor 3.3GHz 8GB ram GTX 960 Nvidia 430W PSU Intel H61 Express My budget is around £120-£160 and have looked at things like the i5-6400, is this good for gaming? The...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] where, on the hd, are print jobs? – files which are currently being printed?

    Does anyone know where on the hard drive, which directory, print jobs are in while they're queued/being printed? I can't find where. OS X 10.7 in particular. Thanks.
  8. D

    Power supply will run for a minute or two, then shut down.

    Hi friends and family of the IT world. I have encounter something that I havent faced before. I've built PCs and had no issues at all. But for some reason I cant seem to fix this issue for a friend. Now I know you all would like specs, but without getting this powered on I'm not 100% what im...
  9. Nikkiistew

    Acer laptop wont go on! Pease help!

    I have an acer v3-531, I just recently been given the laptop from my mum who used it for a year. It had loads of programs on it that would always reappear after I had deleted them and would pop up all the time when i was playing games etc. So a week ago I restored it to its factory settings and...
  10. kogo50

    Looking for E-ATX dual socket 2011 motherboard that will fit in an E-ATX compatible full tower case

    Hello, Like the title says, I'm looking for a E-ATX dual socket 2011 motherboard that will fit in an E-ATX compatible full tower case. The case will most likely be the Phanteks Enthoo Pro Series PH-ES614P_BK. I was going to go with one of the SuperMicro X9 series boards. The CPUs being used are...
  11. C

    UK version of G502 Spectrum???

    Hello, so recently on Amazon.de I have found 2 versions of G502 Spectrum, the normal and the UK version. Does anybody know if there is any difference? What does this mean? http://www.amazon.de/Logitech-Proteus-Spectrum-Gaming-Maus-UK-Version/dp/B019DVCW3E/ref=zg_bs_605046_21...
  12. R

    weird buzzing noise

    i recently changed my case.All of a sudden both my speakers and gpu has a weird buzzing noise whenever i load certain games. i am using a powercolor r9 280, some random creative speakers and a corsair 760t.
  13. J

    New ASRock MOBO failing to boot, strange power symptoms

    Hi, I'm trying to build a new PC but unfortunately its failing to start up after initial success. After being on for around 30 mins initially, now when I try to turn the system on, it powers on for seconds (fans, LED starts posting), and then shuts down. When the PC turns itself off he MOBO...
  14. B

    Gtx 960 interface

    Will gtx 960 work on pcie 2.0 x16 and is it compatible with i3-540
  15. A

    [SOLVED] can i run mac osx on my pc with these specs ?

    i have the following specs i7 4930k asus gtx titan asus rampage 4 extreme black edition i dont know if this matters but: samsung pro 840 16 gig corsair deliminator platinum
  16. M

    SOLVED: Computer wont detect Flash Drive after running VM

    My computer will not detect my flash drive for some odd reason in "My Computer". This occurred after I tried access my flash drive in my VM by enabling it. This caused an Error at which I don't remember but now the flash can't be detected by my own computer. I know that assigning the flash drive...
  17. N

    Pc random restarts

    Hello everyone. i have Q6600 gtx 260 4 gb ram asus p5q motherboard, using cooler master 600W psu. since couple of weeks pc is giving me problems now. Problem is like this: i start my pc, asus logo will show and it will restart, it will keep doing this for 3 4 times then it will go to windows...
  18. T

    Brand new Monitor For Gaming

    As much as I like my 32 inch tv, The low resolution of 1366 x 768 is starting to bother me with its pixilation on small objects when playing game ( This is with AA on max). So I need to upgrade to 1920 x 1080 and my current choice is benq gl2460hm. Though I would love more options, It needs to...
  19. D

    PSU wont boot properly

    Just got a new PSU. (at least it is still new in the box). OCZ ZX 850W gold modular power supply. I swapped this PSU out with my other Azza 500W. Azza works fine just upgrading for more power. I get everything plugged in and go to boot the system. All I get is a single click withing the PSU and...
  20. P

    Good Gaming Computer Under 50000{INR} OR 820{USD}

    Plz Suggest Me A Good Gaming Computer Under 50000{INR} OR 820{USD}. No Hadrdisk Required I Already Have 1TB HDD WDC. in rs 50000 i want to spend 15000-17000 on graphc card Plz Suggest A Good Graphic card under 15000-17000 Rs. which Can Play BF4 AT Ultra Settings (50-70 fps) Thanks In Advance.