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  1. I

    Question installed ram 4gb (1.89 gb usable)

    Hi, As the title suggested ive got a problem where my 32 bit version windows only detects 1.89 gb of ram: installed ram 4gb (1.89 gb usable). Ive seen in forums this is changeable via msconfig, however this doenst work. It stays on 1.89gb.... I am able to get it to 4 gb when using 64bit...
  2. aakashpatel007

    [SOLVED] Video lagging and hanging so much in any player?

    I downloaded web series from telegram but the videos are continuously legging and same videos playing normally in mobile ,i think the problem is in that videos other videos playing normally on my pc Pc spec P4 1.80gz G610 2gb asus gpu 2gb ram Win7 Video player: latest vlc and mpc hc I will add...
  3. I

    Question All my 32 bit programs are crashing all the time. 64bit works fine

    Hello, I have bought a new motherboard and processor and installed Win10 64 bit Education. For some reason all 64bit apps are working fine, but 32 bit programs crash as soon as I open, with no crash report or error code. I've tried everything I could so far, /sfc, enabling AppPool, reinstalling...
  4. ceriumin

    Question [Urgent] 32Bit to 64Bit without a flash drive/disk?

    My friend needs help from me upgrading to 64bit but what slows me down is that he does not have access to a flash drive and cant buy one. He does not care about his files whatsoever and I recommended him to wipe his operating system on his hard drive and then go onto his siblings computer and...
  5. aeromaster03

    Question 32-Bit OS for Home Server

    Not sure if this is the correct place to ask but I will anyway. I'm setting up a home server, I'm using a 32-bit laptop for this. I wanted to use Amahi however it only supports 64-bit. I've had a look around without much luck but does anyone know if there are any / what the best OS would be for...
  6. A

    Can I upgrade my b960 to i5 3230m?

    Hi guys, I have pentium b960 sandybridge (988b rPGA) and I want to upgrade it. Is it possible to upgrade to i5 3230m ivybridge? it have same socket and same tdp.
  7. J

    Want Some Feedback on a Potential Build

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on building a computer relatively soon. I'm somewhat tech savvy, but I've only recently gained an interest in computers. This PC will be used mostly for gaming, and moderate photo/video editing. I've done a decent amount of research on all of the components, but i...
  8. Monte666

    RX 470 VS R9 380 with FX6300 black edition CPU

    I have a FX 6300 Black Edition CPU and I'm thinking about buying R9 380 MSI 4GB version or the RX470 GPU I had an R9 270X and it died so I need a replacement I game on 1080p Is my configuration with either of these two graphics going to work 100%, like is there gonna be bottlenecks, if so, is...
  9. S

    LF CPU Upgrade

    Hello all, I am just looking for a CPU upgrade as I feel as if I my CPU is limiting my PC. My current specs are; i3-2120 processor 3.3GHz 8GB ram GTX 960 Nvidia 430W PSU Intel H61 Express My budget is around £120-£160 and have looked at things like the i5-6400, is this good for gaming? The...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] where, on the hd, are print jobs? – files which are currently being printed?

    Does anyone know where on the hard drive, which directory, print jobs are in while they're queued/being printed? I can't find where. OS X 10.7 in particular. Thanks.
  11. D

    Power supply will run for a minute or two, then shut down.

    Hi friends and family of the IT world. I have encounter something that I havent faced before. I've built PCs and had no issues at all. But for some reason I cant seem to fix this issue for a friend. Now I know you all would like specs, but without getting this powered on I'm not 100% what im...
  12. Nikkiistew

    Acer laptop wont go on! Pease help!

    I have an acer v3-531, I just recently been given the laptop from my mum who used it for a year. It had loads of programs on it that would always reappear after I had deleted them and would pop up all the time when i was playing games etc. So a week ago I restored it to its factory settings and...
  13. kogo50

    Looking for E-ATX dual socket 2011 motherboard that will fit in an E-ATX compatible full tower case

    Hello, Like the title says, I'm looking for a E-ATX dual socket 2011 motherboard that will fit in an E-ATX compatible full tower case. The case will most likely be the Phanteks Enthoo Pro Series PH-ES614P_BK. I was going to go with one of the SuperMicro X9 series boards. The CPUs being used are...
  14. C

    UK version of G502 Spectrum???

    Hello, so recently on Amazon.de I have found 2 versions of G502 Spectrum, the normal and the UK version. Does anybody know if there is any difference? What does this mean? http://www.amazon.de/Logitech-Proteus-Spectrum-Gaming-Maus-UK-Version/dp/B019DVCW3E/ref=zg_bs_605046_21...
  15. R

    weird buzzing noise

    i recently changed my case.All of a sudden both my speakers and gpu has a weird buzzing noise whenever i load certain games. i am using a powercolor r9 280, some random creative speakers and a corsair 760t.
  16. J

    New ASRock MOBO failing to boot, strange power symptoms

    Hi, I'm trying to build a new PC but unfortunately its failing to start up after initial success. After being on for around 30 mins initially, now when I try to turn the system on, it powers on for seconds (fans, LED starts posting), and then shuts down. When the PC turns itself off he MOBO...
  17. B

    Gtx 960 interface

    Will gtx 960 work on pcie 2.0 x16 and is it compatible with i3-540
  18. A

    [SOLVED] can i run mac osx on my pc with these specs ?

    i have the following specs i7 4930k asus gtx titan asus rampage 4 extreme black edition i dont know if this matters but: samsung pro 840 16 gig corsair deliminator platinum
  19. M

    SOLVED: Computer wont detect Flash Drive after running VM

    My computer will not detect my flash drive for some odd reason in "My Computer". This occurred after I tried access my flash drive in my VM by enabling it. This caused an Error at which I don't remember but now the flash can't be detected by my own computer. I know that assigning the flash drive...
  20. N

    Pc random restarts

    Hello everyone. i have Q6600 gtx 260 4 gb ram asus p5q motherboard, using cooler master 600W psu. since couple of weeks pc is giving me problems now. Problem is like this: i start my pc, asus logo will show and it will restart, it will keep doing this for 3 4 times then it will go to windows...
  21. T

    Brand new Monitor For Gaming

    As much as I like my 32 inch tv, The low resolution of 1366 x 768 is starting to bother me with its pixilation on small objects when playing game ( This is with AA on max). So I need to upgrade to 1920 x 1080 and my current choice is benq gl2460hm. Though I would love more options, It needs to...
  22. D

    PSU wont boot properly

    Just got a new PSU. (at least it is still new in the box). OCZ ZX 850W gold modular power supply. I swapped this PSU out with my other Azza 500W. Azza works fine just upgrading for more power. I get everything plugged in and go to boot the system. All I get is a single click withing the PSU and...
  23. P

    Good Gaming Computer Under 50000{INR} OR 820{USD}

    Plz Suggest Me A Good Gaming Computer Under 50000{INR} OR 820{USD}. No Hadrdisk Required I Already Have 1TB HDD WDC. in rs 50000 i want to spend 15000-17000 on graphc card Plz Suggest A Good Graphic card under 15000-17000 Rs. which Can Play BF4 AT Ultra Settings (50-70 fps) Thanks In Advance.
  24. F

    Any good Criticism for this setup?

    I bought and assembled the build (however the mobo had to be RMA and I'm waiting for it right now) and was just looking for some good criticism, or pros and cons of this system configuration. ~~Specs~~ Mobo: M5A97 LE R2.0 CPU: FX6300 3.5 Ghz GPU: msi twin frozr GTX 770 GDDR5 2GB RAM: 8 GB...
  25. B

    help with water-cooling! (first timer)

    PC Part Picker build list This is my first attempt at a water-cooled system. After watching some videos and comprehensive guides I decided to take the plunge. I wanted to use the Bitfenix Prodigy as my platform and go from there. Some more research led me to the NCIX Bitfenix build and I copied...
  26. K

    Budget Gaming PC Build (Aus) advice needed

    G'day fellow members of Tom's, After a long period of saving I am finally able to buy myself a PC sufficient for my gaming needs. And I would greatly appreciate the input of others to help me make a suitable decision. Please remember that I live in Australia, so the prices are quite different...
  27. W

    Making optimum usage of two graphics cards.

    Hello everyone! :) My relative has gave me another graphics card... that's the same as my current. It is the AMD Radeon HD 6670. I have two types of these, one being from MSI and the other from Sapphire. My friends tell me to go and sell it and perhaps invest in a new one but I'd not want to...
  28. J

    Installing gtx 780 help!

    So im upgrading my 560ti to a 780. What do i do first to last? Driver uninstall to installation i really want to do this right. My rig: i7 2600k, msi gd65 p67, 16gb ram 1866, 1080p monitor, 128gb ssd (windows 7), 1tb hd. 750w powersupply
  29. S

    New Gaming PC build

    I'm planning to build a new Gaming PC for myself. These are the components which I've decided to buy: ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 AMP Edition 3 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card - 49900...