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    Question Upgrading phenom x6 1055T

    Hi everyone, currently my pc have this spec phenom x6 1055T GT 740 8 gb ram 550w Psu. so i am planning on upgrading my cpu to i5 3470 and my VGA to rx 570. i dont want to use newer cpu because it will cost me too much. In my country i am able to buy this setup for around $200 (i can sell my...
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    Question Converting HP 8300 USDT into a 4k Editing PC

    I need a 4k editing PC. I have budget to buy a laptop like Dell XPS 15 with I7-9750H & GT1650ti. However I am planning to wait for another year until ice lake CPUs are out (H series). Because I keep it longer once I invest in it. Hope it is worth the wait. In the interim, planning to tweak my...
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    z87x-ud3h bios flash makes my windows freeze after 1-3mins

    Ive updated my BIOS version on my GA z87x-ud3h from F5 to F9 and eversince i did this my windows is freezing after 3min, my cpu temperature raised from normally around 40 to 50-60°C. ist it possible to reflash it back to F7 or is a downgrade not really possible on bios versions? thanks in advance
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    please help :(

    Hello, this is my first post on here so if i've dont anything wrong please tell me so i can fix it :) Okay so im trying to run a VM - virtualbox and i keep getting the error VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration is not available on your system. Certain guests (e.g. OS/2 and QNX) require...
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    W7 score is 5.9 with SSD 850 256gb pro. Why?

    Hello, SSD Samsung 850 pro 256gb MOBO Asus P8P67 EVO Win7 Home Premium x64 HDD tune test here -> http://imgur.com/a/GygI1 Windows primary disk rating gives me 5.9 and I don't know why. Any hint? Thank you.
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    I5 7600k vs i7 7700

    Hi guys. What will be better for gaming with a gtx 1070?...don't tell me 'if you are into overclocking....'. What will be the best for gaming: i5 7600k oc at like 4.9 or 5 ghz or i7 7700 stock?
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    WD Passport is good . . .

    Ran all the WD diagnostics and disk is good and shows in device manager but doesn't come up to open.
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    what does it mean when a monitor says it has a DVI port

    when a monitor says it has a DVI port does that mean a DVI-I port or a DVI-D port
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    Please help me I am in computer troubleshooting hell

    First, my computer specs- i5-3570k(never overclocked yet) MSI-z77-G43A motherboard G.Skill Ripjaws 1333mhzx16gigs(2x8gig) Gigabyte GTX 970 Samsung 840 pro SSDx256 gigs Rosewill 650 watt PSU Rosewill Challenger U3 Case Ok so about 2 weeks ago i noticed my computer would start to reboot about...
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    Have 8gb of RAM but only 3.8 is available

    I have tried everything. I upgraded to a 64-bit copy of Windows 7. Replaced the RAM and the Motherboard (all of which work with over 4gb), among other things I've read on threads here, and I still haven't had this problem fixed. I've been having this trouble for a week. Whenever I look at the...
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    ASRock 990FX Extereme 9 Cold Boot SSD Issues

    Specs: CPU: AMD FX8320 Mobo: ASRock 990FX Extreme 9 GPU: MSI GTX 770 Lightning RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) Avexir White Core series 2100MHz Storage: Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD as primary Sandisk 32GB SSD used as storage 1TB WD Blue series used as storage PSU: Cooler Master V850 (850watts, 70A single rail)...