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    Question I am getting q led code 00 on asus strix x570-e with ryzen 7 3700x

    Hi I recently built a desktop and with everything plugged in I get q led code 00 immediately after I press the power button. The boot, cpu, vga, dram lights are all off. All of my fans turn on and light up. The built in rgb on the motherboard cycles through colors when the psu is flipped on and...
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    [SOLVED] CPU clocks speeds increase when i enter a game

    I have recently purchased a ryzen 5 3600x, the base clock speed is 3700. for a while, it would run at this no matter what, if I was game, idle, watching youtube etc. recently, however, I seem to run into an issue where when I'm doing anything outside of a game, I run at 3700, but when I enter a...
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    Question AMD Ryzen 7 3700X not working - No display but lights / fans on

    Hi there, yesterday I upgraded my cpu from an 1800X to a 3700X but my pc is now giving no signal to monitor and some of the lights aren't on BUT the gpu + cpu fan is on. System specs: MB: Gigabyte AX370 gaming k3 CPU: Ryzen 7 1800X - (Upgrading to 3700X) GPU: Gigabyte 2080TI RAM: 16GB PSU...
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    Build advice for a 1080p gaming and animation & video editing/rendering build

    Guys, Turning to you guys again for some build advice, please do lend me your expert opinions I am building a PC for my friend and the requirements are as follows - do some 1080p gaming - animation and multi media tasks including video editing / rendering - softwares include Illustrator...