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  1. M

    [SOLVED] 2600K Upgrade Suggestion

    hi there. i have i7 2600 32gb ddr3 and gtx 1050ti system and i am doing editing work. unfortunatelly davinci, premiere etc programs cant play 4k video in edit relaxly, a lot of stuttering, freezing issue. as i know in this programs only processor working for playback videos. do you have any...
  2. NotTheRealJay

    Question Dead i7-3770 ?

    Hello everyone, i was wondering how did i end up killing my cpu by installing a new ssd? At first my pc is working perfectly fine. I bought a new ssd and try installing a new windows os on it, but my pc won't boot with the ssd installed. When i tried to boot my pc without the ssd, my pc turns on...
  3. [SOLVED] Is it possible that i7-3770 is bottlenecking the GTX 1060 3GB?

    I play Battlefield 3 (2011) with i7-3770 (2012) and a GTX 1060 3GB (2016) and even on ultra the GPU doesn't go higher than 50% (temps max 60C) and CPU goes up to 80% on large multiplayer maps with 64 players. Problem is that I get lag and stutter and FPS drops below 60. I get 80-100 FPS on...
  4. Asthana.Me

    [SOLVED] i5 10th Gen Optimized PC

    Hi, I am looking forward for a Modern i5 10th Gen PC. One thing which I have chosen for storage would be 970 EVO Plus Samsung Drive (500 GB). Please suggest other Parts like Which motherboard options do I have which can support these, Also looking for a DDR4 with greater than 3500 Mghz or...
  5. Kristomani

    [SOLVED] What gpu for G3610 Ipisb-vr

    I have an old G3610 with Acer Ipisb-vr motherboard with a i5-3450 3.10 MHz cpu, 16 GB ram and a gtx 660 TI OC gpu which I change from the original Geforce GT545 3gb ddr3 gpu. PSU is FSP Group max 450w/peak 500w. Bios is P03-A3 18.04.12 Additional information: The moterbord is the same for...
  6. A

    Question I7 3770 Buy new motherboard or upgrade pc ?

    So my motherboard started to acting weird sound missing ,drive f: missing ,but still able to function ok ,after restart it work ,but it annoyed me a bit ,and after i check it the motherboard for sure so i thinking i should buy a new motherboard but ,i can't decide if i should buy new...
  7. D

    Question Worth upgrading i7-3770 to 2600x/2700x?

    Hi folks. Wondering if it’s worthwhile upgrading from i7-3770, 16gb ddr3 1600, gigabyte hd3 mobo to a Ryzen 26/2700x, x470 mob and 16gb 3200mhz ram? Pc is mostly used for gaming especially VR with a rift currently and probably an index within the next year. Is ryzen reliable with vr or is it...
  8. tegacius

    [SOLVED] CPU Upgrade Problems with Motherboard Temperature

    PLZ HELP !!!!! :(((( My motherboard temps get too high I think. I am using I5-3350p and I am about to upgrade to i7-3770k and i think motherboard can overheat :( https://prnt.sc/n9cvl4 https://prnt.sc/n9cut9 When cpu is on stress test (Aida 64) motherboard temp named #1 are normal about 60C...
  9. Bae-lish

    Question Should I pair a 1660 or 1660ti with my i7 3770?

    I have a non-k 3770. I won't be overclocking it. But I'll overclock the gpu. And have 2x8gb 1600mhz DDR3 ram. My monitor is 1080p 60hz. I'll use it solely for gaming and won't upgrade in at least 5 years. This include mostly AAA games. So should investing a little more on the ti-version will...
  10. O

    z87x-ud3h bios flash makes my windows freeze after 1-3mins

    Ive updated my BIOS version on my GA z87x-ud3h from F5 to F9 and eversince i did this my windows is freezing after 3min, my cpu temperature raised from normally around 40 to 50-60°C. ist it possible to reflash it back to F7 or is a downgrade not really possible on bios versions? thanks in advance
  11. T

    Dots and grid flashes and blue screens of death after motherboard and gpu rma's

    Please... someone help. After my computer stopped posting completely after countless crashes and blue screens saying a graphics driver error, I rma'd my motherboard. Same problem so I sent in my graphics card. I got it back and it now boots up but when I try to game, I get odd grids and dots and...
  12. G

    acceptable temps for my i5 4th gen

    So my system runs the following - i5 4440 1060 6gb temps while idle/normal use cpu- 45-50 gpu - 35-40 gaming cpu - around 75 gpu - 70-75 are the temps fine ? if they aren't what can I do to get them back to an acceptable number ? I checked the cpu and saw the heatsink is firmly seated on...
  13. L

    What should i upgrade in my pc?

    Hi, i am saving money because i need to pay a bit for my moped when i turn 15 so im not using the money i have in my bank right now. but i want to upgrade something in my pc! I can probably expect about 750 dollars for my birthday and i dont know what to upgrade. Please help me with what i...
  14. tjones9163

    USB flash question

    Hello, let's say that I buy a brand new thumb flash drive and I download content onto it. Let's say a jpeg file and I happen to loose my flash drive. If someone finds it, is there any way to track the origin of the computer that downloaded the content. In other words, can they tell that it came...
  15. T

    what does it mean when a monitor says it has a DVI port

    when a monitor says it has a DVI port does that mean a DVI-I port or a DVI-D port
  16. M

    FX4100 OC to 4500MHz throttling

    Hey, I have this cpu for a while now, and after getting this Hyper 212 cooler I tried overclocking it up. I succeeded but after some problems, the bios configurations went to default, and after setting up again, its throttling when under load. It happened before but unfortunately I cannot...
  17. A

    Android 6 Marshmallow forgot password

    I have forgotten my password of my Nexus 5, currently on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. There is no 'forgot password?' option in the screen. I tried using Android Device Manager and sent a new password to the phone. However, Google says the phone already has a password, and it won't be replaced. Any...
  18. David Joeys

    Safe Overclocking for my Asus GeForce GT730 2GB DDR3.

    I am wondering what's the biggest OC i can do to my Graphics Card without demaging any CUDA cores or shorting it's lifespan, i will share you guys a picture of the default settings on my Asus GPU Tweak. I would like to get an answer from someone who really knows what he's talking, and this is...
  19. Donmige

    Main Display not at Full Screen

    So I added a second GPU and am now running a forth monitor, its a 27". the other 3 are 21.5". All the monitors are 1920x1080 resolution, but for some reason the 27" monitor that I just added has a border along the edges, the image is being shrunk and I cannot see a full screen. before I made...
  20. J

    Random disconnects with new wireless router

    Ok so a few months ago my roommate had to change the house wireless router and ever since I've been plagued by random disconnects. I can easily reconnect by clicking on the wireless icon at the bottom right of the screen and disconnecting and re-connecting to the network but it happens sometimes...
  21. S

    Replacing PSU with Corsair CX 600W vs. 750W

    My PSU (A Cosair GS 700W) died on Saturday, luckily its still under warranty. However, they dont have this older unit in stock and Corsair has offered to replace it with either a CX 600W or a CX 750W. The obvious choice seems to be the CX 750, but the problem is they may not have this unit in...
  22. L

    MB don`t recognize 512MB of RAM

    Hi My computer have 1GB of ram memory installed.My friend gave me one modul with 512MB of ram.When i place it in my motherboard and turn on computer my computer recognize only 512MB of ram.What should i do to have 1.5GB of ram? This is my motherboard...
  23. R

    Should I remove CPU to clean thermal paste?

    I'm wondering if I should remove the CPU to clean off thermal paste to install an H100i, or if you can just leave it in the socket. Also, what would be good to clean it off with?