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  1. E

    Question New Build and Future Proofing

    Hi there everybody! I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, so I’ll ask my question and then explain everything after that. My question is, which CPU would you buy for a 90% gaming usage computer that I don’t plan on updating (CPU/MOBO wise) for 5-6 years? I’m stuck between the i9 9900k and the...
  2. theoneandonlyfoohyking

    Question CPU Clock speeds slowing down

    Hi, I’ve been playing around with Overclocking settings, and I’ve gotten a stable OC with my 3900x @4.2GHz all cores at 1.31V. However, the CPU slows down to 4.07GHz idle according to Task Manager and 4.099 in HWMonitor. I remember being able to get it to 4.2 yesterday. Is this a windows issue...
  3. theoneandonlyfoohyking

    Question Did i win the silicon lottery?

    Hi, I read that only 6% of 3900x's can reach 4.2Ghz. PBO gave me 4.3Ghz average. Did i win? Screenshots:
  4. A

    Question 3900x overclock

    opening another topic hoping to finally get an answer about the improvements i can get from 3900x(mostly for gaming) 1-pbo and auto oc 2-ccd overclocking (is the extra frequency at one ccd worth it...voltage safe?) 3-just ocing all cores to the highest possible(hoping 4.3 with my mobo) 4-smt...
  5. theoneandonlyfoohyking

    Question 3900x overclocking: how far can I go?

    Hi, I plan on getting a 3900x based build with an X570 motherboard this Christmas. I was wondering how far I could OC with a Corsair H100i PRO RGB cooler
  6. A

    Question ccd overclock on 3900x or regular

    despite memory tweaking about the chip itself is there any advantage of ccd overclocking?!ive seen ppl reaching 4.5 or more to six cores or what type of overclocking is preferable?just pbo and auto oc?thnx
  7. C

    Build Advice New PC build help for Maya Animation performance

    I’m going to be working on a few 3D animation projects in Maya for the next couple of months, and I was looking to upgrade my pc to handle that. Currently some of the characters I am animating are running at less than one FPS, due to the complexity of the rigs, and my pc can’t keep up. I do a...
  8. jhuff247

    [SOLVED] Pc shutoff - now it wont post

    So last night I'm just chilling, doing literally nothing intensive, just watching a youtube video. Suddenly my pc shutoff, as if we had a power outage, except the fact that everything else in my office was still on. When I went to turn the pc back on, it started fine, no odd noises or anything...
  9. B

    Question 3900x Cooling

    Hello, I'm building a new pc with a 3900x. For the cooling I'm undecided between the Enermax Aquafusion 240 , the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 or the Cryorig R1 Ultimate. Can you help me?
  10. Chrexolia112

    Question ideal OC temp for R9 3900x ?

    Hello, I got my R9 3900x to 4.3ghz all core stable at 1.34v. I use dark rock pro 4 (Ambient Temp = 25c ) CPU is usually sitting at 40-47c when I do some light works ( adobe xd, browsers etc ) 50-55c during gaming and 71-75c on cinebench Also I noticed the voltage drop to around 1.27v or...
  11. Bububear

    [SOLVED] What is the real temperature of my 3900x

    So I've recentrly bought a 3900x it all runs well and everything but I'm having problems with actually monitoring the real temperatures. I have no idea what the real tempereature is and what sensor to actually monitor. My cpu is watercooled with a 280 aio from corsair. Here are the idle temps...
  12. C

    Question New AMD build, problem with CPU?

    My first post here so hello to everyone! After several years I decided to build a new PC (all AMD) and I finished it couple of days ago, however I've been having some problems (?) with the CPU. Hardware is the following: CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900x Mobo: Gigabyte aorus master x570 RAM: G.Skill...
  13. Pingu'san

    Question Kraken X62 Installation

    I've been trying to figure out how to install the Kraken X62 for the past two hours now and it just isn't clicking. The following guide states to remove the original mounting bracket while keeping the motherboard backplate (that came with the motherboard). It also shows to use the largest...
  14. orodruin


    I use Ryzen 2700 and Asus B450-E Gaming Motherboard in my system. I'm thinking of upgrading my processor to the Ryzen 3000 series. Can the Ryzen 9 3900x or 3800x be used in full performance with the Asus B450-E Gaming? I will use it in stock values. PBO will be on. My goal is to use the...
  15. Zenyatta

    [SOLVED] Considering Water Cooling for 3900x - but I'm a bit lost.

    I recently got my hands on AMD's 3900x, and its been incredibly useful for my workload, but by far it's biggest limiting factor for me is heating. It can barely reach 4.00Ghz before I end up hitting 95C, despite my fans' best efforts. Granted, I could probably configure them in a better way...
  16. Mystos

    [SOLVED] MSI B450/x470 help

    My build so far: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/LWRMP3 So I watched this video from Gamer's Nexus and I already purchased this board below: x470 gaming pro carbon for its "good" vrms and relatively cheap price but theres no bios flashback and I got no idea how long its going to take for AMD...
  17. D

    Question Bad SSD & NVMe performance after switching from Haswell to AMD Ryzen 3900X

    Hi guys, I am very happy with my upgrade to a Ryzen 3900X from an i5 4690k so far, setup was easy and performance is great - except for my SSD & NVMe drives. Now I know that UserBenchmark has its flaws and is biased towards Intel, but for drive benchmarks it's usually pretty accurate. On my...
  18. W

    [SOLVED] Finalizing my decision on which motherboard to get for AMD 3900x

    I'm a noob with computer builds. I do extensive video editing work and light visual effects and 3D animations. I have a GTX 1070 which I'm keeping Buying a 3900x Upgrading to 64GB ram Here are my current motherboard options: 1. MSI B450-A Pro 2. MSI X470 Gaming Plus 3. MSI X570-A Pro I'm...
  19. G

    [SOLVED] Why are these identical memory kits priced so differently?

    I am buying low profile RAM for a 3900x build with an NH-D15 and noticed these two 'identical' kits are priced almost £40 differently, and am wondering are they actually the same kit or have I missed something...
  20. Nervly

    Question Seasonic Focus Plus 650w vs 750w | Ryzen 3900x & RTX 2080 Super

    Hello! Currently planning a build for the end of the month, here's what it looks like: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3XRJsZ The only thing that's left is deciding on the PSU. I'm getting the Seasonic Focus Plus, however, I don't know if I should go for 650w (94€) or 750w (109€), especially...