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    Question Ryzen 3950x or i9 for Gaming & Editing computer?

    Hi! I am in deep need of a a new computer due to slow rendering. What I do, I play games on a Super Ultrawide (5K) I play VR games I render in Sony Vegas + After effects & Handbrake Should I get a 3950X or i9 ? I checked so many reviews but can't make up my mind Thanks
  2. Z

    Question Rubber on AM4 Backplate

    Hi I’m currently get no post on a new water cooling loop. I have a red led light and orange/amber light lit up on the Qled light on the motherboard and the error code doesn’t say anything other than 00. After looking round the case a little stupidly realised that I haven’t installed the...

    Question X570 MSI Ace M.2 RAID Compatibility (AMD3950X build)

    Looking to run two 2Tb Adata M.2 SX8200 Pro in RAID 0 and four HDD in RAID 5 for long term storage. After reading the manual I know RAID 5 isn't an option and I'm fine with using RAID 10 for the four HDD but I couldn't confirm without doubt that the M.2 slots could RAID. Without getting into...
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    Question For the following content creation would a AMD 3950x and Quadro RX 5000 be better than a AMD TR3 3960x with Quadro 4000x or Gforce 11gb 2080 ti?

    Been struggling with decsions for a build mainly around the motherboard and GPU. Will be using solidworks a fair bit where its own forums very much push Quadro GPU cards and been looking at the Quadro 8gb RTX 4000 budget wise with a Threadripper 3960x, but for most others the Geforce...
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    [SOLVED] PCIe lanes on Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Formula

    Hi all, I plan to buy build a new system but like many other people, I’m really confused about PCIe lanes. The idea is to get a Ryzen 9 3950x and an Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Formula motherboard. With this I’ll have 2x M.2 nvme ssd (gen3), 2x Sata SSD, 3x Sata HDD, an Nvidia RTX card and I also...
  6. Kyle_James

    Question 3950X Aorus Master codes

    So I was running into a ton of issues on the x299 platform with my 7900 x and I jumped ship originally looking for a 3900 X at micro center on Black Friday one of my friends that works there told me that they had the 3950 X so naturally I went with it due to its rarity at the moment. I picked...
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    Question Problems with Ryzen 3950x build, please help!

    Having difficulties getting my 3950x build to post. I got it to post and boot for one day and I had windows installed, but when I came back to it that night there was a blinking underscore on the screen and wouldn’t boot at all after that. I swapped out the mother board and still no luck. I’ve...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Is PCI-E 4.0 compatible with RTX 2080 Ti?

    Hello all, I plan on buying the upcoming Ryzen 3950x 16-cores/32-threads to replace my 9900k. However, the motherboard will be a X570 motherboard with PCI-E 4.0 slots. Is my RTX 2080 Ti compatible with PCI-E 4.0?
  9. Pizza PowerXYZ

    [SOLVED] If the 3950x supports PCIE 4.0, would it work with pcie 3.0 parts?

    I know the 3950x will most likely come out in September But if a processor supports a pcie that's above the GPU or m.2 would they work? The 3950x will be am4 socketed so I dont have to change motherboards But the CPU supports pcie 4.0 Would it even work? Is it backward compatible? Help me plz...
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    Question ryzen 3950x and x370

    My question is simple: I know that probably all x370 will recive a bios update for next gen ryzen processor . What I' asking is : Can handle an r9 3950x ? Is a 16 cores 32 threads but still have 105w of tdp and untill now ryzen in stock follow the declared tdp in full load and my mobo (an aorus...