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    Question PC crashing just during 3D games played

    Hey guys, I would really appreaciate help before sending my PC to repair shop, as I feel I am missing something. My PC was working hapily for 4 year and recently started crashing 0 - 30 minutes after playing 3D games (Fallout 4, Everspace, XCOM2, Stellaris) at random points of the game...
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    Question Windows 10 1903, Nvidia GTX 960M not being used?

    Hello everyone. So, I have a laptop with Intel Core i7 6700HQ and Nvidia GTX 960M. For the last couple months I have gotten massive frame drops in every single 3d game I've played (which is a problem due to my major of Game Design). I have been trying to fix this for a while, have reinstalled...