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    Question Any 3D game freezes and crashes past the loading screen in newly built PC [RTX 2060; Ryzen 5 5500]

    Update 8/13/2022 Brought my pc today to a technician, turns out my GPU is defective. They swapped GPUs with theirs and installed my GPU on their pc. Games and furmark ran fine with their GPU on my pc, but their games and furmark kept crashing on their pc with my GPU. Best recommendation they...
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    Question PC crashing just during 3D games played

    Hey guys, I would really appreaciate help before sending my PC to repair shop, as I feel I am missing something. My PC was working hapily for 4 year and recently started crashing 0 - 30 minutes after playing 3D games (Fallout 4, Everspace, XCOM2, Stellaris) at random points of the game...
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    Question Windows 10 1903, Nvidia GTX 960M not being used?

    Hello everyone. So, I have a laptop with Intel Core i7 6700HQ and Nvidia GTX 960M. For the last couple months I have gotten massive frame drops in every single 3d game I've played (which is a problem due to my major of Game Design). I have been trying to fix this for a while, have reinstalled...