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    I'm kinda new dealing with these concepts for buying my first M2 SSD and when I've looked up at the specs of two cheap SSDs of the SAME BRAND I was looking into they both name differently their type of storage: The XPG Spectrix s40g spec page says NAND 3D The XPG gammix S11 Pro spec page says...
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    [SOLVED] What is the difference between 3D NAND and 3D TLC?

    I am looking for a 1TB SSD and find there are a lot of choices in the market. In particular, I find ADATA GAMMIX S50 Lite is 3D NAND while ADATA GAMMIX S50 is 3D TLC. What is the difference? Which one should I buy? Any advice please? Thanks. It seems the former has higher MTBF but lower...
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    [SOLVED] 2019 Build suggestions <$2200>

    I have had an old 2600K running on a z68 mobo which had given lot of issues and a recent red cpu led error which has not been able to be fixed yet after trying all methods suggested online. It has a 850 evo samsung ssd, 8GB corsair and a msi 1060 6GB. Monitor was an ASUS ML238H and UPS APC...
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    Repleacing a Graphics Card (AMD Radeon HD 7570)

    Hello, I have a pre-made computer from HP called the HP ENVY h8-1455 and I'm looking to replace the graphics card. It has an HD7570 and i want to replace it with something like an Nvidia 1060 either a 3 gig or a 6 gig one. I'm wondering If it would fit my PC case and if it is compatable with my...