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  1. Walkthrough [Build Log] -ColorFalls- A RGB Wall Hanging 3D Printed Case!

    Hello and welcome to my newest build :) I've been modding for 10 years now and usually my themes are of a pixelated design. This mod is named ColorFalls as the case will be built to hang from a wall and look like it's made out of hundreds of cubes that each have a LED and will have...
  2. M

    Question New CPU, and motherboard

    So I just bought the Intel G4900 Celeron cpu, so I could update my Asus strix z370-g Gamings bios.. I says on Asus' website that the cpu IS supported.. But when I put the cpu into my motherboard, the screen is just black.. Any advice? :)
  3. Info How to brighten up your profile - How to add a cover

    what is a cover? If you click on my avatar, the desert scene is a cover. It also shows if you go to my Profile page Now to set a Cover, go to your Profile page Under the line that shows your last activity, there are two red buttons 1 is Find and the other is Cover If you click cover you get...
  4. A

    Question Fed up with my i7 laptop.

    Hey Guys, Need some suggestions!! I'm really frustrated after started using my Laptop on a regular basis. Although the laptop is around a year and half old, I honestly started using it from only the last three or four months and feel really frustrated. The problem starts mainly from the...
  5. Graybush

    The Avid Traveler Gift Guide 2018

    It's hard to keep up with the constant traveler in your life! If you know someone who's always on the go, check out this comprehensive gift guide for adventurers and those with a pervasive case of wanderlust. 4-in-1 Camping Utensil - 9.80 If you're on the go and in the wild, it always helps...
  6. U

    Microphone doesn't work in games, but works in programs

    Hello, so my microphone doesn't seem to work in any games after windows reset and update. It works perfectly fine in discord, audacity and etc. The mic is set as default device and default communications device and the privacy setting is set to allow in settings. I don't really know what else to...
  7. M

    Sudden Fps drops and lag in fortnite

    All of a sudden i experienced major fps drops in fortnite. The screen would constantly freeze and drop frames, making the game unplayable. I'd even have trouble alt tabbing out of the game, it taking almost 10 seconds. Other games seem to do fine like Overwatch and csgo, but fortnite seems to...
  8. D

    activat my old no

    how to active my old mob no...
  9. C

    this seller legit?

    this seller legit? hes got like 3 1080 ti's for 80+ dollars. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ASUS-ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-O11G-GAMING-GeForce-11GB-OC-Edition-VR-Ready-5K-HD-Card-/352354842342?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368
  10. P

    Setting up a second monitor with this card and a HDMI to VGA adapter

    Hello guys. I know this question is one that has been answered a million times, but for this case, I didn't find an answer trough an hour or two of searching. I have a GTX 1060 6gb graphics card and a ryzen 5 1500X CPU (if that matters), and I've been trying to set up a dual screen...
  11. M

    Gtx 980 vs gtx 1060 vs RX 580

    I have a 1050 ti, and would like more power, i can find all of them at around the same price, which one will should i buy. My motherboard is an intel h81-s2h-s2h
  12. X

    PSU starting to fail?

    first of all - when my pc is turned on there are no problems- it runs smooth for hours and hours without any issues even at full load. The problem is, when its shut down, and i want to turn it on. All my fans starts up, i hear my HDD and all is as it should be - except my keyboard + mouse...
  13. J

    3 vs 4 pin fans

    I recently installed the Asus b75m-plus mobo, it has two 4-pin fan slots (one for CPU and one for case.) I'm currently using a 3 pin fan for the case and the fan is stuck on max speed and I'm unable to affect it with software (including bios settings.) My guess is that I'll have to buy a 4 pin...
  14. B

    Help with ~$150 build to replace old AMD AM2 system.

    I need some help finding a Mobo/CPU/RAM combo for cheapish to replace 10+ year old system. I was trying to fix a relative's old PC setup. Following specs: (TL;DR: Need to find a system that is better than the below specs for the cheapest possible) MSI DKA790GX (apparently has integrated...
  15. K

    Athlon x4 950 or a8-7650k

    Hi guys! Im new to the PC scene and just want to ask your opinion on what CPU to buy (Athlon x4 950 or or a8-7650k), My currents specs are the following : CPU: AMD A6-6400k GPU: GT 1030 (Happy with this already) Motherboard: MSI a58m-E33 (MS-7721) PSU: 650w Ram: 8gb ddr3 Games played (esports...
  16. G

    Is this VGA to HDMI converter compatible with my 1030?

    Hello, I'd like to ask if I should be careful about certain features when buying a HDMI to VGA converter. I have a really old monitor(SyncMaster 793DF) and was wondering if it'd work with the converter plugged into the GT 1030 I'm planning to buy. So far I've had a GT 710 but since it has a VGA...
  17. M

    Should i upgrade to coffee lake?

    Good afternoon! I need your help guys , i was kinda impressed by new intel cpus but i already own an i7 7700k now so i need some feedback. To see things clear : I'm addicted to video edting and gaming, and i got an offer to sell my mboard and cpu for around 520$ , should i wait ice lake or its...
  18. P

    Help booting windows 10 on SSD

    building gaming PC Not using HDD. Only SSD. Loaded windows 10 on SSD but I can only get to windows 10 by overriding 'windows boot manager (Samsung Evo 500 ssd)' I have been trying for days to get the PC to boot from 500 SSD. Never works. I have tried all kinds of different options (I have no...
  19. FierceDagger

    Does a AMD FX 6300 Overclocked to 4ghz Bottleneck a GTX 1060 3GB?

    Does a AMD FX 6300 Overclocked to 4ghz Bottleneck a GTX 1060 3GB?
  20. F

    Upgrading my i7 6700 but to what???

    Hi I've had my PC for a couple of years and so far it's served me very well. However, I've recently purchased the new assassins creed game and it's coming up short. So I'm looking to the experts on this forum for a little guidance on how to get the best bang for my buck. You can have a look at...