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    Question What kind of Sata Cable i need for this Hub?

    Hey Guys, Recently ran into a stupid probelm. Got a fan set of corsair Sp120 and found out there is no fan hub but a RGB hub. So I knew there is a Fan hub with enough connector in my Fractal Design define R6 stock fan hub in the back. But found out there are 2 segments. The 4 pins are pwm...
  2. Question Motherboard RGB Header

    I have a Gigabyte B85N phoenix motherboard and I need to locate the header/VDG pins on the motherboard to connect my new cpu cooler's jacks for RGB control. Does anyone know where on the motherboard that is?
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    Question Can my 3A x570 handle this many fans?

    Hello! Good day. Can someone help me, I'm really having a hard time computing if my motherboard with a 1, 3-pin header handle these many fans: Motherboard: TUF GAMING x570 Plus (Wi-fi) with a maximum power rating of 3A (5v) so currently i have 4 ARGB fans connected to the header 3x Intake...