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  1. K

    Question 3rd gen ryzen, poor performance? Am I just bad, or should I just switch to intel?

    So after wanting to upgrade for the longest time ever my friends suggested to wait cause AMD has new CPUs that are constantly out of stock, I finally manage to snag a 3800x. and after installing everything, I was very disappointed to notice that alot of my games run worse than my previous...
  2. Kolzach

    Question Friends PC freezes when he tries to play games (Ryzen 3600X)

    My friend just built a new system with 3rd gen Ryzen. It was cool while he was building it, but now it aint so hot. He's got some issue where if he tries to play some games (mostly the more intensive ones) his PC goes unresponsive and he needs to restart it. He's updated his Motherboards...
  3. G

    Question Good Board for 3rd Gen Ryzen

    Hey guys, Im waiting for 3rd gen ryzen and I was looking at the boards for am4. Now, I know that chances are new boards will release that more "Officially" support the 3rd gen ryzen, Im looking specifically at the 3600 model. do you guys thing Asus Rog Strix X370-F Gaming would handle it well...