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  1. M

    Question Seagate 3TB HDD spinning up but not recognized by computer

    I have a 3TB Seagate internal drive that was theoretically mirrored to an identical drive. The mirror apparently broke somehow and neither drive appears in Windows explorer. The previously appeared as the "V" drive, ie, behaving as a mirror should as one drive. Now there is no mirror and...
  2. D

    WTS - Custom Liquid Cooled Dual NVIDIA RTX 3090s/Ryzen 9 5950 16 Core/64GB - $10,500

    I hate to let this awesome machine go, but I'm moving abroad, so my loss is your gain. Machine was delivered to me in November 2021 after getting the custom cooling loop installed for both GPUs and the CPU. Free delivery within 10 miles of zip code 20832 (Olney, MD) or local pick-up preferred...
  3. kevinakerberg

    Question Asus Maximus Formula Sees 3TB Drives as 746GB on Windows 7

    Hi everyone, I've searched around for solutions regarding this problem, and can't seem to find an answer, so I wanted to explain my exact situation here. I'm trying to make a basic media server using Plex and some older components I have lying around. My specs for the server are as follows CPU...
  4. A

    Question seagate 3tb or 4tb part number buy recommendation

    Hi guys this is my first post on TH forum I wanna buy new 3tb or 4tb hdd for storage software game music movies series etc price per performance which on of these hdd's do you recommend? I want a reliable hdd that doesnt fail after months of daily use tell me which part number is lower faulty...
  5. D

    Building cheap low performance/low footprint and tiny pc build

    Hey everyone, My dad has been complaining about his 10 year old for a while now, today he told me he had to upgrade his browser to access even facebook. So i told him; you can't get your browser updated on that old OS, it'll fry your laptop. I asked him if he would consider getting a new one...
  6. L

    PC Doesnt know how to restart properly

    So ive had this issue for years now and its always bothered me slightly but i could never find any info on why my system does this but when i attempt to restart my pc by going onto the power button on start menu and clicking restart the computer goes to the screen as in its gonna restart but...
  7. GhostPyro

    gtx 1070 vs gtx 980 ti

    which is faster? ive seen so many benchmarks with these two paired against each other but some people show that the 1070 is faster while others show that the 980 ti is faster than the 1070. so in general, which is better in gaming?
  8. Grantskys13

    Help with Upgrading PC (Ideas)

    Hey guys. So I'm looking for the cheapest option for upgrading and gaining overall performance and handling the newest games. I really dont want to upgrade CPU cause then id have to also buy a new motherboard but any input on that is helpful to. I know its not a great PC at all but thats why im...
  9. N

    Overheating GTX 670 Possible Upgrade

    My EVGA GTX 670 is reaching 81 Celsius without too much issue and occasionally my screen goes black and enters "sleep mode" and wont leave it until I restart the whole computer. I've been told this is probably the GPU restarting itself to avoid damage from the heat? Is this true? Im...
  10. IisGamer

    Laptop Screen Has Light Flickering

    Hello all! I've been recently having troubles with a laptop I have had for around 4 years. It has an APU, so the graphics are sort of integrated with the processor. What occurs is, the screen has light flickering. It is sort of hard to explain. It almost looks like the brightness is flickering...
  11. T

    Toshiba statilite radius L15w B1302

    I have a toshiba statilite radius L15w b1302. I've tried the removing battery and holding power button and tried turning it back on but nothing worked. Is there something else I can do
  12. S

    while trying to update it shows unable to connect to nvidia.. what do i do ?

    pre installed graphics on my laptop shows new driver to be installed . while trying it shows unble to connect to nvidia .what to do ?
  13. J

    Best G.Skill 16gb(2x8gb) ram for gaming?

    I'm looking for the best G skill 16gb ram for my PC. Just want to fully use the 6gb of my GPU, I don't really plan to overclock unless needed because I'm only in 1080p, and i'll be using only the default overclocking mode of the MSI gaming app if ever needed, don't have much experience OC and I...
  14. E

    I need help on what to use for a up to date gaming computer

    Hello I have never built a computer before and really I don't have any knowledge on to how to so I apologize. I just want to use it for gaming and that's mostly it. I don't know what Ram's,Hardrives, power supplies, dvd drive, and operating system, computer processor, motherboard and a Graphics...
  15. X

    Case Fan Location Help! PLEASE

    Hey there! Let me just start this off by saying I've spent the whole day researching where I should place my fans and I would actually LOVE for someone to answer this question. I will be more then grateful! :) I've just purchased two case fans for my PC, a 120mm one for the side and 80mm one...
  16. S

    Looking anti virus and firewalls

    Hi i had to reboot my whole computer and start over because of being full of SH#T, just wondering what sort of anti virus and firewall i should use or best for it, i will be using it for gaming like call of duty grand theift auto battlefield minecraft and watching some movies online on watch...
  17. N

    input signal out of reach

    i mistakenly set the refresh rate of south park the stick of truth to 240 hz.now when i open the game it comes input signal out of range but i can hear the sound.my monitors refresh rate is only 60hz.how to solve this problem.are there any files to change the refresh rate of the game?please help.
  18. T

    is the XFX Radeon R9 280X Double Dissipation Black Edition 3GB backwards compatible to pci express 2.0?

    sticky situation need to know as im ordering soon. thanks
  19. M

    Dell inspiron 15R 5537 Wireless driver problems

    So I bought my 15R recently and installed Win 7 64 bit and downloaded/installed all drivers perfectly fine except 1 thing, the wireless drivers wont install and keeps telling me failed to install. I'm suppose to have 2 drivers: 1) Dell Wireless 1705 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Driver (says installation...
  20. Z

    CPU start Automatically when power on

    i have asus p8h67 v motherboard, when i plug power my system automatically power on and it again power on when i shutdown the system, pls help me...
  21. M

    Acer Aspire Display

    Hi, My Acer aspire 5551 has been reformatted, and everything is working OK, apart from when I unplug the battery, the display changes it's "contrast" and is very light (still maintaining the brightness of the power plan though). Can you suggest a cure, please? Thanks
  22. PsychSC2

    R9 290 + R9 290X Crossfire?

    The title says it all... Is it possible to Crossfire 290 and 290X?
  23. B

    1400$ Gaming Pc Rig

    I would like to enlist the help of the community in build my first gaming pc. I would be very grateful if you could come up with a build for me that can do what i'm looking for which is.. 1. Play all games on ultra very smoothly 2. Have a cool case, with some LED's 3. Have a good amount of...
  24. P

    Asus P8P67 Rev 3.1 Memory Problem

    Hello, I have a computer bought in 2011 that came with F3-12800CL9D-4GBXL (2GB x 2) on: Model of the motherboard: Asus P8P67 Rev 3.1 with latest BIOS 3602 Model of the memory: F3-12800CL9D-4GBXL (2GB x 2) Model of the CPU: Intel I5-2500K @ 3,30GHz OS: Windows 8.1 x64 No overclock on...
  25. J

    GTX 760 SC With GTX 470 as Physx

    I posted a few days ago about my plan to run a GTX 760 sc as GPU and a GTX 470 as Physx. I wanted to update the group: I've done a small benchmark using Mafia II (V1.0): Control is GTX 760 sc: averaged 100+ FPS (Without Physx enabled) GTX 760 with Physx enabled at high Average FPS of 31...
  26. J

    Looking for a PSU and a case.

    Hey, I am currently building my first gaming pc. I have most of my parts selected and I am looking for a good psu and case. I would like for the case to be aesthetically appealing and have several fans included and have nice cable management and be able to house my 10 in. video card, and I would...