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    Question Can I Overclock?: AMD fx8320, GTX 960, msi 970 mobo

    Currently running stock bios at 3.5 ghz and I'm wondering if it's safe for me to try to push to 4.0 ghz and even worth it to do so with my current specs. extraction fan above cpu a cooler master lite cpu cooler I idle at 20-25c 16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws x ddr3 cx600 power supply as previously...
  2. [SOLVED] CPU not reaching baseclock at idle

    I have a ryzen 7 2700x that runs idle at around 3.1 sometimes up to 3.9 idle but it claims the base speed is 4.0 and i was wondering if there is something I should do to reach that speed at idle.
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    Question Overclocking i7-6700k

    Hello! I've had the i7-6700k and an Asus z-170a motherboard for about 2 years now. I never touched overclocking it and would like to. It sits at 4.0 base and I was wondering if it would stress it to push it to 4.5? And will I see a reasonable increase in games for it to be worth? and if so, How...
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    [SOLVED] Help with overclocking my i5 7600 CPU to 4.0 GHz

    Hello there. Can someone help me with overclocking my CPU to 4.0 GHz its at stock. Anyone with good profiles? I am using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. These are defaults for me: http://prntscr.com/oxux4n What should I changed and to what? Thanks
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    Blue Screen Hell

    My husbands $25 refurbished Dell Dimension 2400 Windows XP, after running Sysytem Restore, a blue screen pop up stated his Primary Drive was gone, is there anything we can download to a flash drive to fix this temporary? I'm ordering him a another pc