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  1. D

    [SOLVED] is my x470 prime pro compatible with the Deepcool RGB 200 EX

    So guys i never had a rgb led strips and neitheri care about the rgb much Although in the desk i have the rgb in my keyboard and mouse (on low light volume enabled just to help me see in the dark room and because i have the carbide spec 01 case with window i have also the rgb enabled in my...
  2. B

    Question Asus Z590-F - - - - Is the extra 4-pin necessary to have next to the 8-pin if I don't have it ?

    I'm about to get a new motherboard + cpu + case and reuse some of my old build. Here's the build that i'm going to have: PC PART PICKER What i was wondering is the 4 extra pin next to 8 pin is necessary to have? i'm a bit worried if i really must have that extra 4 pin on the Z590-F motherboard...
  3. Daniel_mc

    [SOLVED] How to connect a power supply with 6 +2 pin in a motherboard with 4 pin?

    Hello, I don't know much about hardware stuff, I have a pc with a MSI H110M PRO-VH PLUS motherboard and a Gigabyte P5500 power supply, the problem is that the power suply has a 6+2 pin connector and the motherboard has 4. Image of the motherboard: https://postimg.cc/MMB6qJf1 Image of the power...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Does having a 3pin AIO pump connected to CPU_OPT get full voltage if the CPU_FAN is 4 pin PWM?

    Hi, I have a 4pin PWM noctua F12 as a radiator fan in the CPU_FAN header and the corsair H60 AIO (3 pin) pump in the CPU_OPT headerm my motherboard is asus z87-pro. My CPU_FAN RPM is controlled by the CPU temps detected on my motherboard (using Fan Xpert). Does the pump AIO receive full voltage...
  5. Biggest_Cheeser

    [SOLVED] 8 pin EPS - 4 + 4 pin EPS - 2x 4 pin ATX

    So, please correct me if I'm wrong, 8 pin EPS is used to deliver >230W and the 4 - pin EPS is for approximately half of this. I know that the 4-pin atx cable is the older power cable, but is a 4-pin EPS = 4-pin ATX? I need an extension cable because those from my PSU don't reach the CPU power...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] How can I connect the rgb from my case fan to my PC? (the 4-pin connectors don't fit)

    So i bought a different case fan so that it had rgb and i dont understand how to connect the rgb cord to the pc.. I have an HP Omen 30l gt13-0014 and i do not have any rgb headers although i do have a cord coming from my lighting control module that says rgb round fan on it that is also 4 pin i...
  7. Rocky6

    [SOLVED] Deepcool GAMMAXX L240T Blue CPU Cooler but i dont have rgb header

    i have h61m-cs mobo, i got the Deepcool GAMMAXX L240T Blue CPU Cooler but i don't have rgb header but i want the fans at least to light up. Will they light up just with 4pin header i have ???
  8. theKickingCyclist

    [SOLVED] First PC Build Fan Attachment Help!

    Hi guys, I'm building my first PC. After the first time it wouldn't power on, so I've taken it apart and trying again. Whilst trying to connect the case fan to the MOBO I'm having this issue. View: https://imgur.com/9Vd8tHi As you can see I have a 4 pin fan attachment on my MOBO, however, I...
  9. stoqn.petrov

    Question ASRock > Fatal1ty B150 Gaming K4 - Can't control my fan speed

    Hello, my problem is that I buy one fan DCXFAN120 (3 pins) for my PC, btw I don't have problem with cooling my PC but I just wanna to add one fan for better airflow, I got Pure Rock - BK009 he is with 4 pins but this new fan DCXFAN120 is 3 pins and is running at 100% all the time I can't...
  10. JoaquinMartinez

    [SOLVED] Will a 4 pin connector work for an r5 3600

    I'm building a new PC and trying to reuse some parts from my previous system. The PSU still works, but it only has a 4 pin CPU connector. I need 65w for the CPU, will the 4pin work?
  11. K

    [SOLVED] Can't get power to new fans

    Hello. I've just acquired a new set of fans consisting of three Corsair LL120 RGB. I've connected them all to the hub and installed the lightning node Pro. I booted up my pc, but with no movement in the fans. I found out I forgot to connect them to power via the 4 pin connectors, which is where...
  12. A

    Question Are there only 3 pin aftermarket coolers

    I'm looking at aftermarket tower type air cooler for Intel 9400F. All the fans I've encountered thus far are having only 3 pins. Do they come in 3 pin only, or I'm not seeing them somehow? (Location: India)
  13. T

    [SOLVED] PSU 4 pin atx cable and mobo has 8 pin

    Hi, I'm making an arcade machine, and I plan on using a AMD A10-5800 both as CPU and GPU, no dedicated graphics card. My PSU is a nox urano SX 500W. This PSU only has a 4pin atx cable and the mobo is 8 pin. I know I can still use it but it's not recommendable. I also have an adapter from 2 molex...
  14. N

    Question GIVE ME A GOOD AND CHEAP FIX PSU FOR GTX 760(dual 6 pin)

    Hey guys i just need proper solution not a suggestion like getting a new psu ..... the problem is i have a 550 w all 30 A no company PSU and it does not have a 4 pin or 6 pin and i want to power my 760. can i use molex to 6pin + 6pin to dual 6pin
  15. xjcarter99x

    Question Mobo 5v ADD RGB and EVGA

    I am looking at the EVGA x299 FTW, x299 Dark, z390 FTW, and z390 Dark. I have a question on 5v ADD RGB support and the headers. I cannot see anything about whether the motherboards have RGB headers, or if they could support sync with a RGB controller with a 3 pin MB sync connector (4 pin slots...