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  1. G

    Question can i plug a AIO Cooler into a RGB hub

    ok im working on a mATX build and unfortunately my motherboard only has three 4-pin headers so to fix this problem I decided to get a fan hub and a rgb hub which got me wondering can i plug my AIO Cooler (which has RGB) in to that RGB hub. and just to clarify im not talking about the pump im...
  2. KombatKatana

    Question Type of 4 pin connector?

    Can anyone time me what kind of 4 pin connector is the really tiny one I have, shown in the attached picture (link)? It's usually used as a RGB connector (12V I believe). I'm trying to find/ make an adapter for it, to make it a standard size connector...
  3. P

    google apps store

    When i try to download a new app on my Samsung tablet 7.5 i get the message unfortunately google playstore has stopped. what can i do to rectify this. i was going totry to uninstall it, but f I did , where would I go to , to reinstall it? or is there another way? Please advise