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    Question Do I have to connect all fan splitters?

    So im building a pc with 7 fans inside it. 3fans from my liquidcooler and other 4 are just case fans ill be putting in. My question is I need to use a splitter and I have found a splitter that is 1 way to 4 fan splitter and I have 7 fans. So my question is if I buy it twice and I leave 1 cable...
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    Question Corsair 465x fan splitters or hub?

    Okay so I have a question I have a Asus ROG strix Z390e mother board with only 2 fan header and the fron of the case has 3 fans and I want to add an exhaust on the rear , my question is as follows : if I were to power them all would it be better to run “Y” splitters to just branch off to each...
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    [SOLVED] 1 to 4 fan splitter (non molex, non gub)

    I have only been able to find one 4 way fan splitter that didnt run on molex or as a hub, and the seller just canceled that on me. So does anyone know where I can get a 1 to 4 way fan splitter (4 pins pref)? Mobo only has 1 header, and the wires on my fans are too short to all be able to reach...