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    [SOLVED] Desktop PC configuration under 50K (India)

    Approximate Purchase Date: within a month Budget Range: 40K-50K INR System Usage from Most to Least Important: Web Surfing, MS Office, OTTs, playing DOTA2 above the minimum settings (Gaming will become the highest priority after a year or so for which I will upgrade later) Are you buying a...
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    Will I have to swap PSU?

    Hello peeps, I am wondering if I have to swap my 520w PSU when I upgrade my GPU. Currently I am running a Mini ITX game build with: i5 4460 1 7200 HDD 1 SSD 16GB DDR3 RAM GTX 770 Lightning (Phanteks Evolv case) 520W Seasonic PSU I want to swap the 770 for either a gtx 980 or 980 TI. The...